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Wigan at risk of points deduction as the club issue a statement

Wigan Athletic are at serious risk of being handed a points deduction as the Championship club issue a statement at midnight.

The Latics stated that they are working to address the issue and “will ensure wage payments will be made promptly going forward”, while the English Football League was “aware” of the current situation.

Wigan reported earlier this week losses of £7.7m in the financial year that ended the 30th of June 2022.

Phoenix 2021 Limited purchased the club from administrators in March 2021.

Wigan currently sit bottom of the second tier table, with 32 points from 35 games played. They head to to face league leaders Burnley this Saturday.

Alan Nixon said via Patreon: “Wigan Athletic are trying to avoid an automatic three-point penalty after failing to pay their players on time.

“Championship strugglers Latics disappointed their staff by missing the salary run for the FOURTH time this season.

“However, the money is due to be paid this week although that could still mean EFL action as have a suspended sentence above their heads after past offences.

“It is a major worry for Bahraini supremo Talal Al Hammad who was ordered to deposit over a month’s money into an account in advance to pay the wages.

“The EFL let off Wigan when they were late three times before.

“The sympathy of the players is also being tested by the latest delay.

“Al Hammad was not available to comment while the EFL deflected all inquiries to the club.”


Wigan Athletic confirm delay in wage payments after liquidity issues

EFL aware of current situation and the Club has taken steps to rectify situation moving forward

Club emphasises financial strength of ownership group who are committed to the Club.

Wigan Athletic can confirm that there has been a delay in meeting wage obligations.

Whilst responding to media speculation is not typical of the Club’s standard approach, we would like to assure stakeholders that this is a temporary matter which is promptly being resolved.

The Club has been disrupted by recent liquidity issues and this continues to be the case, hence the current situation. The Club wants to emphasise that the financial strength of our ownership group remains robust and they are committed to supporting the Club.

The EFL is aware of the current situation and the Club will continue to work closely with them to ensure that all outstanding wage amounts are paid. The Club has already taken steps to rectify the situation and will ensure that wage payments are made promptly going forward.

It is hoped that this statement does, at the very least, clarify the current funding situation, rather than question the financial strength of the Club.

Wigan Athletic understands the sensitivity of this matter and would like to thank staff, players and fans for their patience. The focus is now firmly on Saturday’s Championship fixture with Burnley and the remainder of the Championship season.

The Club will make no further comment until it feels necessary.

This is what fans said with Wigan at risk of a points deduction as the club issue a statement…

@GallenLeung: Seriously this is a joke now. How many times we heard we will make sure it won’t happen going forward? How can it be happened for that many times in few months?

@MarkTouhey1: For those in doubt, a liquidity issue means not having the funds to cover your costs, so what’s the real reason? Get ready for the next fire sale – Whatmough, Lang, Thelo, Hughes, Kerr, etc. #wafc

@DanWAFC03: Take me back to June 30th 2020 😓

@AdamONeillio: Absolutely disgraceful from the club this. Had a fans forum little over 48 hours ago where it could have been mentioned then.

@jakenich1999: 3 point deduction… nice one fellas

@GaryPendlebury3: Is this just a copy and paste exercise as this same statement has been put out 3 times?? First time we can understand but 3 times??

@nbennett415: I mean not just the statement but being put out at 00:12. Embarrassing

@RoversFor: What about all those biscuits your superior fan base filmed themselves stealing in Aldi vs Blackburn, throwing packets of biscuits round singing “we’re Wigan Athletic we do what we want” Surely they could be donated to help feed the players ? Could happen to a nicer club

@BWFCJOEandSAM: Despite rivalry I really hope this is resolved. Don’t follow your hashtag but it has found its way on my timeline. The timing of this release (12:15am) is shameful. EFL should hang their head in shame for repeatedly allowing poor takeovers of clubs. Best of luck for the season

@instalatics: Presumably this midnight statement was to see if the funds arrived before then. They didn’t. Notice it talks about the “financial strength of ownership group” — it’s all well and good if Mr Al Jasmi’s minted, but we’re f-ucked if he doesn’t want to continue funding us #wafc

@SpiritofEverton: “Let’s release it after midnight so no one sees it.”

@alan_maloney4: A liquidity crisis occurs when a company can no longer finance its current liabilities from its available cash. For example, it is no longer able to pay its bills on time and therefore defaults on payments. In order to avoid insolvency, it must be able to obtain cash.

@basher5000: If I had the money I could pay those players in 5 minutes , simply not acceptable please look for new owners before it’s too late .

@MattyMelling1: I’m sure he’s a lovely chap. But is ability to run a football club at this level clearly isn’t there. Thanks for the memories but it’s time to go 🫤

@MWalker1869: It’s a joke this now! The first time, could understand if it was a mistake but 4 times? Have they not learned? That’s going to be us down now because players won’t want to play. I believe this is why Leam got sacked, because players didn’t play as they weren’t getting paid. #wafc

@Latics_WN6: Scandalous. We have been lied to and the ownership group have not even got the balls to communicate with us. 4 times in 8 months late payments, season ticket delays… I have always backed this ownership group but this is indefensible. SELL THE CLUB.

@RobG57794390: Putting this out 12:02am is proper snide, was you hoping nobody would see it? Fans forum less than 72 hours ago everything was ok. Did we fail to mention something? Facing an imminent points deduction and failing to pay wages for a 4th time is a pretty big thing to forget.

@faz42: 4 times in the last year, no problems last year so what’s changed. This is an absolute farce. Not the time for I told you so but I look forward to some apologys fron those that sent me dogs abuse last time.

@the__dart: This is not good news, I hope Wigan staff get paid soon. From the outside looking in it seems Wigan keep having financial issues, I hope a solution is found to put the club on more solid financial footings. Highlights that football needs to be more financially sustainable

@petewhite7: It’s a shame this is happening again. As supporters all we can do is support our club & our town to support our club also. If we want success then I’m afraid to say we won’t get it if bodies don’t come through turnstiles. Come on tic fans and the town get through those turnstiles

@Chrisajackson75: 4 times in a season and even worse this time coming straight after a fans forum taking about transparency and getting behind the club! Worrying what could happen to our club! #wafc

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