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Jesse Marsch launches furious rant on ‘b*******’ reports and hits out at English media

Jesse Marsch launches a furious rant on ‘b*******’ reports about players turning on him and hits out at the English media.

The Whites advanced to the fourth round of the competition with a 5-2 win in their replay against the Welsh side from a league below.

In recent weeks however, Marsch came under fire in recent weeks given Leeds’ poor run of results having not won a match since November before the cup win on Wednesday.

However, the American manager has now hit back at reports suggesting his players have turned against him and criticised the English media.

Speaking exclusively to talkSPORT, he said: “There was some report out yesterday or something, honestly some b******* about the fact that the players are against me.

“We are totally unified. This is the one thing about England, just report what is out there instead of worrying about getting information from the inside and all this b*******.

“Even our players were p*****. The point is, we’re working really hard.

“We believe in ourselves, we believe in what we’re doing and we’re trying everyday now to get better and to be the team that we want to become, and today was important for us.”

The Leeds win over Cardiff their first in the tournament in six years, Wilfried Gnonto as well Patrick Bamford scoring braces.

The Yorkshire outfit will need to now turn their attention to the Premier League.

They are currently 14th in the table but only two points above the zone of relegation.

Since November, they have not tasted victory in Premier League. They have had two draws and two losses since their return from World Cup break.

In an apparent sign of unity between the under-fire manager, and the club hierarchy, Angus Kinnear, Leeds chief executive, hugged Marsch before his post-match press conference began.

Marsch stated that his entire team is “united” and “together”, Leeds currently sitting at two points above the zone of relegation ahead of the Super Sunday visit to Brentford at Elland Road.

“I know it’s hard for everybody to be patient and I come into the spotlight if we’re not getting results,” said Marsch.

“I want to try and find a way for our fans, for our club, for everyone to keep their belief in this team because I see them [the players] every day, I see their work ethic. I see their commitment to each other.

“Even this report that comes out, the ‘BS’ that some of the players are against me, is just awful, just awful. We are united, we are together, we are doing everything we can as a group.

“We are all harbouring the responsibility, especially me. And we believe in ourselves and we know we are going to get better.

“I know I’ve taken a lot of criticism and in some cases rightly so, but I’ve felt internally we are moving in the right direction.”

Leeds’ next five fixtures

Brentford (H) – Sunday January 22nd, 2pm
Accrington/Boreham Wood (A) – Saturday January 28th, 3pm
Nottingham Forest (A) – Sunday February 5th, 2pm 
Manchester United (H) – Sunday February 12th, 2pm
Everton (A) – Saturday February 18th, 3pm

Simon Jordan insisted that Jesse Marsch is ‘rattled’ and needs to ‘grow up’ after his x-rated talkSPORT rant.

“I’m not sure where he thinks he’s come from because I’ve lived in America and some of the most divisive press is in America,” Jordan told talkSPORT.

“I don’t know why he has to pigeon hole it to be English press because it’s just as bad in America.

“He’s rattled and I don’t think he has the chops to do the job. I think Leeds are one manager and a change of ownership away from really kicking on again and I think that change of ownership will happen at the end of the season, if they stay in the Premier League.”

“I think he is only there because they have American influence in that boardroom as a result of the American investment, otherwise he probably wouldn’t have been in the conversation,” Jordan adds.

“I think he’s OK, I don’t think he’s a great manager. In every dressing room, in every football club there will be people that are against him so for him to turn around and say ‘oh no everyone’s for me’ is a load of old rubbish.

“You’ve got to be able to handle the press and going full out like that shows more about him than it does the things he’s complaining about.

“It’s the territory, you’re a Premier League football manager in the most spotlighted league in world football. Grow up, push your chest out, get your team winning and the conversation will reduce.”

Fans reacted as Jesse Marsch launches furious rant on ‘b*******’ reports and hits out at English media…

@Liam_bwfc: The guy is fulfilling his role. Keep Leeds in the Prem. That’s a 38 game job. He only fails if they go down and they ain’t qualifying for Europe without investment.

@Griffo3926: Jesse Marsch and Jeremy Kyle separated at birth!

@Jodiest74046187: Really like jessi hope can trun this around good luck 💙💛

@JulesSurface: Gotta love the man’s passion 👏

@wilsenningsen: I’m liking this fella

@Gill_W_: “Unified from day 1” yet he himself said at an American coaches convention that they rebelled against him after 6 months. To be a good liar Jesse you need a good memory 🙄

@mickdavfc: Whether you catch the games or not, don’t miss this guy’s semi-unhinged post match interviews. Always value for money.

@Jnleeds10: You wouldn’t get bored of punching him would you the most painful man I’ve ever seen.

@bradlc94: He’s never sounded more like Ted Lasso than this clip here

@Pabsyyyyyy: 😂😂😂😂 absolute parody him like would fucking hate him to be wor manager.

@JoeH1985: Leeds getting rid of Bielsa for this Div is as bad as us ditching Robson for Souness.

@_tomcoull: I actually quite like Jesse Marsch

@TJMOTT33: Love that he said “BS”

@MannyBLFC: He’s so American it’s hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 I respect him as a coach though, his style of football is great and while it can be risky, it can also be very rewarding. If he can help them find some consistency and sign some better defenders, Leeds will do well with him at the helm.

@Captain_Kirk_16: I would run through a wall for this guy!!

@MatthewBusta: My future USNMT coach 😤😤😤

@USMNTvsHaters: English media making stuff up again? 😂😂😂

@Cgarry1022: Jesse Marsch wouldn’t lose the locker room for the #usmnt… just saying…

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