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6 Best Schools in the UK With Football Programs

There is no secret that football culture is incredibly strong in the UK. In fact, football is the country’s pride and glory. It’s more than just a sport. So there is no wonder that the UK is home to some of the world’s best football clubs, the most dedicated fan bases, and, of course, the greatest football-related college courses.

Every football player knows that UK schools have some of the best football programs in the world. These programs prepare professional players, coaches, managers, and other specialists who build successful careers in this field. On top of that, they also offer excellent facilities and generous sports scholarships, which makes studying in any of these schools a dream come true for many aspiring athletes.

If you are also looking for a school that can help you jump-start a career in football, read on! In the list below, we’ve gathered the top six schools in the UK with the best football programs.

  1. Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester is known to football fans as the home of Manchester United–the oldest and most successful club in the country. No wonder this city is also home to one of the best schools that offer football-related programs. 

The Manchester Metropolitan University offers a wide range of degree programs for football players, coaches, and managers, and it’s known for many star alums, not only in football but in many other fields. Studying in this school is difficult, especially if you plan to join a football team. Luckily, students can now easily find a reliable paper writing service and buy essays online to balance out sports and studies and keep up with an intense curriculum.

  1. University of Liverpool

Liverpool is a city that lives and breathes football. It’s home to some of the UK’s most competitive football teams and one of the country’s best schools with football-related programs. The University of Liverpool has strong sports clubs and fitness classes for players. Among its alums, there are former professional players and famous managers, like Steve Coppell. And it is also a pioneer in terms of offering MBA football-related courses.

  1. Wolverhampton University

This is yet another school in the UK with high-quality football programs. Wolverhampton University offers BA and MA degrees in different areas of sports, including sports coaching, business management, etc. The city’s professional football team scouts new talents from this school, so if you want to be a player, it will be a good pick. Lastly, this university is also known for its WLV Sports Scholarship Scheme, which helps young athletes receive top-quality education with ease.

  1. DeMont Fort University, Leicester

This university is probably the most versatile option on this list. DeMont Fort University in Leicester is known for offering all kinds of sports-related programs, including those for athletes, coaches, managers, and even lawyers. Also, this school boasts excellent facilities, lots of great training workshops, competitive sports teams, and much more.

  1. Cardiff Metropolitan University

For football players who dream about a professional career, Cardiff Metropolitan University is definitely one of the best options. The school is known for producing genuine diamonds in the world of professional sports. The school has one of the most credible football programs in South Wales, which operates under the FAW (the Football Association of Wales). And the school is also known for its great football team trained by pro coaches who are also a part of Cardiff Met FC in the JD Welsh Premier League.

  1. University of South Wales

Finally, the last school on this list is the University of South Wales (USW). This university is a good choice for young athletes who want to be a part of the professional football world. The programs offered here are world-class and aimed at preparing qualified sports scientists, coaches, managers, etc. Yet, the most impressive thing about this school is that it offers its graduates excellent job opportunities not only in Europe but also in America.

The Bottom Line

If you want to enter the world of professional football, UK schools might be your best bet. And the schools from this guide are among the best ones out there. Getting into them and keeping up with an intense curriculum might be hard. Yet, the effort you put into it will definitely pay off. So don’t hesitate and pursue your dream!

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