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Jesse Lingard reveals he wants to make major career change following tell-all interview

Jesse Lingard reveals he wants to make a major career change following his tell-all interview on Steven Bartlett’s Diary Of A CEO podcast.

The footballer says he is aiming to become an actor once he is done playing — despite admitting he is “really bad with lines”.

“I need to take drama classes — I’ve not done that yet. I just love films. I’ve always been a big film lover. And to be involved in a film or a series would be amazing.

“I need to really home in on the drama side of things — I’m really bad with lines to be honest.”

Jesse, also a businessman, told the Diary of a CEO podcast: “I think I’ll start in comedy first.”

The ex-Man Utd player, who is now at Nottingham Forest, has opened up on his struggles with depression while also telling of how he turned to alcohol when his performances on the pitch dropped.

The 30-year-old, born in Warrington in 1992, spoke openly about mostly brought up by his Grandfather, as his mother struggled with depression.

When questioned by Dragons Den’s Steven Bartlett, he admitted he believed that he himself had been the root cause of his mother’s depression.

He said: “She’d be in bed all day. I’d go in and ask for money for ice cream and she’d still be in bed.”

“She could drop me off at school at 8 o’clock and sleep until 3 o’clock when she picks me up. That’s how bad it was. We were really going through it.”

This played a huge part of his life with his mum Kirsty being admitted to hospital for treatment in 2019, leaving Lingard to care for his younger siblings.

This put more pressures ion his personal life, which it affecting his performances and enjoyment for football, with some Manchester United supporters turning on him.

“I was drinking before bed, having night caps. I look back now and think, what am I doing that for? What I needed was something to try and take the pain away and put me ease, and try and forgot what was going on. But it just makes in ten times worse.”

Lingard has since joined fellow Premier League side Nottingham Forest following a public falling-out with interim Man Utd boss Ralf Rangnick, who publicly claimed that Lingard had asked for time off, after a proposed loan to Newcastle fell through. It was a claim that Lingard denies.

“I went on Twitter straight away, no I didn’t ask for two days off. They asked me if I wanted the days off.”

Asked if he had lost respect for United over time, Lingard said: “Probably, yeah. (There was) no balance, no structure, people doing what they want. It was like a free for all.

“They are so behind with everything. You see (Manchester) City’s facilities, Tottenham’s facilities. People are miles ahead. Even on the social side of things. I went to them in 2017 about YouTube and said let’s do content.

“I just want them to get up to date on the new things that are happening. You’ve got to stay relevant. Catch up a bit.

“You see what City are doing, fresh training ground, best facilities, no one talking back in the press about the team.”

This is what fans said as Jesse Lingard reveals he wants to make major career change following his tell-all interview…

@MellyMaestro: I’ve always thought he seems like a decent enough guy, tbh. Gets a strange amount of hate levelled specifically at his personality.

@TylerJelley: The bloke has been a breath of fresh air at Forest. He’s proper invested in it, yet everyone still insists he chose us for the money. Currently injured he sits beside the dugout and is kicking every ball.

@richard70342526: A sobering reminder of why one shouldn’t hurl abuse at players at matches. Sadly, that isn’t going to stop anytime soon…

@jamiegrubb21: Lingard has always come across as one of the premier leagues biggest irritants in recent years, but he’s still a young man, facing tough challenges in life, definitely got used as a scapegoat at Utd as well.

@IbroxChat: Should be taken into account by ‘supporters’ during their weekly trip to football stadiums to take out their own personal life frustrations on football players trying to do their job. But it won’t be.

@Rod_Studd: No one knows what’s going on in someone else’s life or in someone else’s head….

@sneddon0430: See for fans abusing our players maybe watch this to see how it actually impacts players mentality.

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