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Jamie Carragher labels Everton ‘worst-run club in the country’; update made on manager search

Jamie Carragher labels Everton as the ‘worst-run club in the country’; whilst an update is made on the club’s manager search.

The pundit claims the hierarchy have “demonised the whole fanbase” in recent weeks, especially after Moshiri blamed the fans for going through so many managers in recent years.

Everton sacked manager Frank Lampard after less than a year in charge on Monday, coming after Moshiri attended his first match since October 2021 as the Toffees lost at West Ham – their third consecutive loss in the league.

“Nobody knows a football club better than their own supporters,” Carragher said on Monday Night Football.

“There were no banners against Frank Lampard, they were against Farhad Moshiri and the board. I have said Everton are the worst-run club in the country. That wasn’t a flippant remark as an ex-Liverpool player, I’m saying it as an ex-Everton fan. When I made that comment, Everton got in touch with me and I admired it, being on the front foot to defend your club. But I didn’t think I was wrong then and I’m not wrong now.

“Moshiri doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he’s got a lot of money.

“The same sorts of players are getting brought in, managers are getting changed left, right and centre. Why does every Everton manager fail? Lampard, Champions League winning managers like Benitez and Ancelotti, Silva, Koeman has been around the world. So when a club fails, you have to look at the top. It’s a mess.

“The big problem is also the divide between Moshiri, Bill Kenwright and Denise Barrett-Baxendale – everyone in the city knows it. What is the role of Kenwright and Barrett-Baxendale at the football club? It’s not financial. The owner is not listening to them. He does his own thing. If they are there for expertise they are not getting listened to. So what is the point of them being there?

“I think someone from the Everton board should have been at that game – the statement the club put out was bang out of order,” Carragher said.

“It felt like they demonised the whole fanbase. I’m not saying the threats were lies – who knows? There was nothing reported to the police. But they threw the whole fanbase under the bus and you don’t do that, especially in Liverpool, where you back your own, whether that is family or the football club. Those supporters kept them up last season.

“Supporters are protesting and want the board out of the club – on the back of that statement I don’t see how they can go back to Goodison Park. Lampard may have gone but the banners aren’t going anywhere until those people have left the club. Until there is serious change there, they won’t get the fans back onside.”

As Jamie Carragher labels Everton as the ‘worst-run club in the country’; an update is made on the manager search.

Marcelo Bielsa has rejected interest from Everton, sources have told Football Insider after reportedly being approached by the the club. The Daily Mail say the Argentine is understood to have serious reservations about taking over.

It’s understood that Bielsa has turned down Everton, in a major blow to their managerial pursuit, and it comes after claims Brentford have also rejected an Everton approach for Thomas Frank.

Daily Mail’s report goes on to say: “Key figures within the Everton hierarchy remain admirers of their previous manager Sam Allardyce, who has held initial talks with the club over replacing Lampard.

“There is a feeling at Goodison that Allardyce’s experience in guiding relegation threatened teams to safety offers the club with a strong chance of avoiding the drop.

“Sean Dyche is out of work, but there is a reluctance from the Everton board to move for the ex-Burnley boss.”

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Monday Night Club, Chris Sutton said: “They had to do something, didn’t they? The club is so toxic. Something had to change.

“I do think he’s unfortunate in many respects in what he took over. I thought he did brilliantly last season to keep them up, they haven’t kicked on and there are mitigating circumstances, but the question is: should he have been getting more of this current squad? I think there is an argument to say he certainly should have been.”

Speaking on Sky Sports, Gary Neville said Everton’s players “are a shambles” and some of the mistakes they made in the defeat at West Ham were “criminal”.

Rory Smith, chief soccer correspondent of the New York Times, speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, said: “There doesn’t appear to be any consistent thoughts, no overarching vision, there’s no plan.

“His [Moshiri’s] appointments are slightly, not odd, but they don’t add up. He gives them power but then he’s got a director of football. The recruitment is a mess.

“If you look at the money they’ve spent, and it has been plenty since Moshiri took over, they’ve made some good signings but they’ve made plenty that just don’t make sense.”

Pat Nevin agrees that Moshiri’s managerial appointments are an issue, saying: “If you start looking a little bit further back, since 2016, at the managers they’ve had in, who has really been a success? You could maybe say Carlo Ancelotti, but there is something darker in there and it isn’t working at Everton at a deeper level.”

Dominic King of the Daily Mail, said Everton’s approach to managers, which has seen no boss last two seasons since the takeover, was “a crackpot way of doing things”, while Sutton said: “Everton are making it up as they go along.”

Neville added that he struggled to understand why a club went from Sam Allardyce to Carlo Ancelotti to Rafael Benitez, highlighting the different playing styles of each.

“They are absolutely all over the place when it comes to the identity of the football club,” said Neville. “They have no identity. They have moved from one spectrum to the other, they have no consistency.”


Sky Bet – Tue 24 Jan – 12pm
Marcelo Bielsa – 5/4
Sean Dyche – 7/4
Duncan Ferguson – 6/1
Marcelino García Toral – 6/1
Wayne Rooney – 10/1
Thomas Frank – 14/1

Fans reacted as Jamie Carragher labels Everton as the ‘worst-run club in the country…

@Pandamonium1881: I do hate these sweeping generalizations and the fact that anything or anyone associated with the @SkySportsPL @premierleague is the best/worst. Jamie – take a look at Southend or Scunthorpe for starters Premier League, Premier League, Premier League 😴

@T145Alex: Scunthorpe United might say different and a fair few others

@mattdannatt: Fans of Scunthorpe, Crawley and Southend (among others) would like a word…

@m_w890: Not even close to true. Have a look at Scunthorpe, Southend etc all fighting for their clubs lives. Football exists beneath the Premier league 👍

@hilssinger: They really aren’t. League clubs are on the edge of going out of business, wages paid late, administration. Speak to Southend United, Scunthorpe United and Wigan Athletic. Football does exist outside of the premier league…..

@jmpschooley: How to tell us that you know nothing of the trials and tribulations in football outside of the privileged Premier League, without explicitly telling us. Everton fans should consider themselves lucky compared to what clubs further down the pyramid are going through.

@justinbcfc92: @Carra23 I ask you please just spend 2 minutes reading up on what’s going on at Birmingham right now and you’d change your opinion, we don’t even know who our owners are at all!! We are being run into the ground by faceless owners

@jameswhyte81: @Carra23 there is more to life than the premier league. @SUFCRootsHall will take that award, hands down. Struggling to stay in the prem is better than struggling to stay alive. Heart bleeds for them

@JB_Allen: Southend, Scunthorpe, just to list to. All that goes through your minds as pundits and Prem players is forgetting the clubs that really matter to the pyramid, its not just about the Premier League, Everton have money, Everton can pay their bills, their staff.

@ade_rawden: Quite ridiculous statement when you have clubs with winding up orders.. Premier League bubble syndrome…

Sorry Carra It’s NOT Everton
But My Club Scunthorpe United
Football not just the premier league
It’s all Football Clubs

@chogger5: Yeah of course they are step outside the Premier League bubble for a second and take a look around what about Scunthorpe or Southend two clubs on the brink of going out of existence but yeah Everton are the worst 🙄

@connor_mcandrew: Oldham drop 4 leagues in last 30 years, Bury cease to exist Macclesfield out of the efl. This countries only the premier league tho forgot

@bwfc714: By ‘Country’ you obviously mean Premier League because I don’t recall Everton not paying players for 5 months or having to call off games because they couldn’t field a team. So many clubs across the actual country have been or are being run far worse than Everton. #bwfc

@russellrshall: Not even close! Take a peek down into the EFL Jamie. Worse run premier league team yes quite possibly but still far better run than several EFL teams and former EFL teams like Scunthorpe

@1985Pete: “Premier league” don’t talk like you know what’s happening in the other leagues in England

@kingofchezo_WBA: Why don’t you an analysis on worse run clubs outside the top flight than Everton??You wouldn’t know would you! Take a look, look into it, do some research outside the greed league! I can think of at least 20 clubs who are worse run by far

@JohnAsk79249348: Give your head a wobble. Try being a Derby County fan last season, or a Scunthorpe fan this. Although I do see the flaw in my response as I, like yourself, have forgotten that football does not exist outside of the Premier League.

@tomcafc: There’s more football in this country than just the premier league

@AlecHitchSUFC: Nowhere near. What about Southend & Scunthorpe? It’s not all about the Prem.

@Jake_Hatfield95: Football exists below the premier league Jamie. Try Scunthorpe Utd or Southend as an example, least Everton will still exist as a club in 2 months time.

@JDLeadbetter81: Jamie I’m not being rude but you really should expand your knowledge to the lower leagues – Southend are run horrendously and the likes of Scunthorpe are also competing for this unwanted title. Everton aren’t even in the same postcode….

@benlowe22: Is this the Everton that have spent millions upon millions on players every season and have a new stadium on the way? Asking as a Birmingham fan with owners nobody has ever seen and a stadium that is literally crumbling away along with any hope us fans have of decent ownership

@SG_EFC: @Everton quick enough to reach out to Carragher when he calls out the board and owner, but the club itself not interested to communicate with its own fans.. 💩

@MBirkett1979: I do feel for Everton fans, but not even close to what’s going on at Birmingham. Everton has a great new stadium to play in soon. We don’t even know if the bottom tiers of two of our stands will ever be rebuilt. As for the owners, it be nice if we knew who they were for a start.

@SimonHevigan: If you think that have a look into West Brom Birmingham and several teams in league 1 and 2

@bradsburnerygm: Jamie, I know it’s not your responsibility, but if you read up on Birmingham city for 5 minutes you’d realise you’re wrong. Big protests coming up, if you would like to shine some light on it, it would be appreciated 😘

@danwba_: What an awful top 6 fan comment, you’re so cemented to the premier league only. The likes of West Brom, Birmingham City, Cardiff, Scunthorpe, Southend are so much worse off than Premier League Everton.

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