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Jamie O’Hara makes baffling claim about Leeds’ Marcelo Bielsa

Jamie O’Hara makes a baffling claim about Leeds’ Marcelo Bielsa whilst being a pundit on a show for radio station talkSPORT this week.

It’s public knowledge that the Argentine love to keep everyone on the edge of their seat when it comes down to extending his stay at Elland Road.

And that is exactly what is happening now as we wait to see if Marcelo Bielsa will be in charge of Leeds for the upcoming season.

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He is technically out of contract at the West Yorkshire outfit, however, that’s just how he tends to do things right until pre-season.

He’s never let the Whites fanbase down during his three-year stint, however fans will be ever so slightly worried until his future being secured is announced.

Leeds United endured their first season back in the top flight with a time to remember as they finished ninth in the Premier League table.

Bielsa was rightly plauded by many a pundit from those on the BBC, Sky Sports and BT Sport, to the in the radio scene for his work at the Yorkshire club.

This is something Jamie O’Hara believes, though feels the manager should take some time to think about his next move, insisting there are better things out there.

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O’Hara told talkSPORT: “He needs to be at a big club Bielsa, doesn’t he? He needs to be at a club like Barcelona let’s be honest.”

After being about the possibility of Bielsa managing Tottenham one day, O’Hara said: “Spurs are a bigger club than Leeds… it would be a step up. Jose Mourinho’s not going to go and be Leeds manager, is he?

“I’m not saying Leeds aren’t a big club and I’m not saying Bielsa needs to leave, I’m saying he should be at a club like Barcelona. He’s a great manager and Leeds are very lucky to have him.

“I’d love him at Spurs but he’s never going to leave Leeds to go to Spurs. Not enough ambition at Spurs.”

Bielsa was the topic of conversation later on Wednesday’s Drive show with O’Hara repeating his words, on his point that the 66-year-old should be aiming higher than Leeds.

Asked whether the Argentine is too good for Leeds, O’Hara said: “Of course he is! He’s a world-class manager.

“I think he has a sort of love affair with that club, the town and the fans. They all love him and I think he loves them.

“But if someone like Barcelona, Real Madrid or PSG come knocking, I’m sorry, you’re not staying at Leeds United, you’re going.”

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Fans reacted as Jamie O’Hara makes a baffling claim about Leeds’ Marcelo Bielsa, see what they had to say…

@ShaunPK92: He thought Bielsa was overrated before he watched us last season and now he’s saying he needs to be at an elite club 😂 as if anybody would listen to a poor man’s David Bentley.

@WainmanJoe: One minute we need to get in our box this is the premier league he said! Now he wants our manager at his place! Sort your bonce out Jamie

@TDonaghy: Better suited to Celebrity Big Brother Jamie.

@Andymo444: Play lunar-bonkers man, O’Hara, Billericay Dickie every time he talks about managers.

@toDAREis2DEAR: “Not enough ambition at Spurs” the last sentence spoke and is the most sense I’ve ever heard listening to Jamie. Bielsa can stay put they’ll do well this season

@Scotty_Paget: 🤣🤣 Jamie on the wind up again

@stevemaher34: 😂😂😂😂 stop it my side are hurting from all the laughing

@WitlessWolrab: Bielsa chooses his team,its never the other way around

@_LiamHorsley: Jamie been on the gear again

@sonnyathwal1: No offence but who is Jamie O’Hara? He didn’t exactly set the Premier League on fire during his playing career

@ScottyD11111: Jamie Ohara absolutely desperate to be Adrian Durham

@CassGaz: He must be back on sniff

@jldarby: You could write jamie ohara’s football knowledge on the back of a stamp

@jayloww1986: Absolute bollocks!! Granted we’ve been missing from the prem for a long time, but we’re back and back with a bang. Bielsa loves us because we work hard and we fully deserve to have him. Spurs bigger than Leeds??? Fucking give over you weapon!!

@Ferran_Magic: Pretty sure Jamie O’Hara would be better off receiving career tips from Marcelo Bielsa rather than the other way around

@neilwal61680136: They do not know bielsa, he saw Leeds as a future prem club at the time & he sees a club that’s huge that has a potential of a Europe place. He doesn’t look at the money he looks at the potential, that’s his philosophy in football

@Leedsviv: I wouldn’t expect Jamie O Hara to understand the morals and mentality of someone like Bielsa. The things that make Bielsa tick aren’t the same things as O’Hara. He can apologise all he wants but he’s wrong

@NDC182: Cause this tool played for spurs there the best. 😆😆 leeds are a bigger club with more history. Sleepin giant on the up again. #fatwank

@fivecantonas5: Leeds are a far bigger club than Spurs.

@MGPriestley: @Mrjamieohara1 Spurs are bigger than Leeds? 😂😂😂 Leeds last won the league in ‘92, when did Spurs win it again? More league titles, a bigger&better fan base. Spurs are not small, but are a level below Leeds. Football did go on pre 2000.. and 70’s Leeds we’re the best in the land.

@CharlieToulson5: A fantastic coach that thrives being at a club like Leeds. Tried going to bigger clubs and jobs and has failed. Hasn’t actually won anything of note so why does he warrant a job like Barca?

@bielsaball28: Bores the life out of me this fella

@jackslatr: You’d think this bloke did something mentionable at Spurs

@RossKearns7: Even though I hate them Leeds are most definitely bigger than Spurs.

@MarktheWhite81: The ‘big club’ arguments are always irrelevant and incredibly boring. The fact is Bielsa will go wherever he wants where the entire club will support his philosophy. He’s happy at #lufc at the moment. As long as he continues to be intrigued by the process he won’t go anywhere.

@ianward65: What a plank spurs bigger than Leeds . He wasn’t even alive the last time spurs won the title 1960/61 no ambition . #alaw

@CalRoss90: If all the good managers at the clubs outside the 6 left to go to clubs outside England I guarantee Jamie and the rest of talksport would piss and moan that there’s not enough good managers in the EPL.

@micksciara: I am sure Bielsa tunes in every evening to take career advice from Jamie

@b_nidge: Bore off. Spurs are on the decline. Why would he leave Leeds for them?!

@Chrisrio1983: He just doesn’t get it does he

@ozlufc: 😂😂 shows how little he knows about Bielsa

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