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talkSPORT pundit gets ridiculed when suggesting Kalvin Phillips’ potential value

talkSPORT pundit Perry Groves gets ridiculed this when suggesting Kalvin Phillips’ potential value with rumours rife right now.

The 25 year old midfielder has come on leaps and bounds flourishing as a footballer since Marcelo Bielsa took over at Leeds United.

Phillips has a key figure in 2019/20 as Leeds United ended a Covid disrupted season as Championship champions to secure their Premier League return.

He has gone on to shone for the Whites in Leeds’ top flight campaign as they sealed a ninth-place finish. Following this, Phillips starred for England, impressing at Euro 2020 as Gareth Southgate‘s side reached the final of the tournament.

Groves, who won the First Division title with Arsenal twice between 1988 and 1991, has spoken about Phillips with talkSPORT. He believes that the midfielder is worth £100m:

“Kalvin Phillips fits Liverpool,” he said.

“He fits Liverpool perfectly, with the energy they play with, the closing down, his athleticism, his passing range.”

Groves and his co-host Jason Cundy then agreed that £100million would be about right for Phillips.

“That’s about the figure now. Whenever you hear a player being sold now, they’re all £100 million,” said Cundy.

“How much is Declan Rice? £100 million. Phillips? £100 million. Jack Grealish? £100 million – and that’s cheap.”

The duo added that a nine-figure deal for Phillips would be seen as a bargain in as short as five years’ time due to the increasing inflation in the transfer market.

The talk started because of the surprising news that Jordan Henderson could potentially be leaving Liverpool this summer after talks of a new contract came to a halt.

Groves reckons Phillips would be an ideal replacement for the Reds captain citing his athleticism and passing range as two of his stand-out attributes.

After Georginio Wijnaldum’s departure on a free transfer, Klopp’s side are already finding it tough to fund someone to fill that void so any chance of them being able to tempt Leeds into selling their star man would be impossible.

Phillips is currently out abroad having a break before getting reading for pre-season training at Thorp Arch.

His agent Kevin Sharp, a former Leeds player himself, recently was quoted saying: “There may be clubs who are actually looking at Kalvin now because the more successful you are – playing for England in big tournaments – naturally breeds interest.

“But Kalvin is happy at Leeds and has no desire to move whatsoever.

“It’s more a case of ‘carry on what you’re doing for club and country’.”

Meanwhile, former England midfielder Danny Murphy reserved special praise for Phillips on, highlighting him as one of his players of the tournament.

“I wanted to just give Kalvin Phillips a quick mention,” Murphy told White & Jordan on talkSPORT.

“To play one season in the Premier League and then build up your international experience while you’re doing that… it’s hard enough adapting just to play in the Premier League.

“I was probably two years at Liverpool before I started even becoming used to and started playing regularly and actually thinking I’m worthy.

“He’s gone into the Premier League comfortable and confident, he’s just adjusted so easily.

“Then he’s got thrust into the international scene, then got put into a huge tournament situation where people were going ‘should he play, should he not?’”

He continued: “He’s just taken it all in his stride: unbelievable. Temperament, fitness, quality.

“And I actually think although Leeds play him in that holding role, I like him a bit further ahead with the insurance with someone behind him.

“He’s technically good enough to make goals and score goals, I think as he progresses in his career.

“I think it could be a bit of a waste just having him in a holding role.”

Legendary manager Jose Mourinho also paid tribute to Phillips after his man-of-the-man display in England’s opening game win against Croatia.

He told talkSPORT: “He’s a player without international experience. He’s not a player that arrives from the Champions League, he doesn’t arrive with 20, 25 caps.

“He is a player that arrived last season from the Championship and of course he played the whole season in the most intense and difficult league in the world.”

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As mentioned, talkSPORT pundit Perry Groves gets ridiculed when suggesting Kalvin Phillips’ potential value at £100m…

@SirLeonP: How much 😂😂😂😂😂

@deanoyoung81: 100m are they being serious or taking the piss.

@GarySmithJnr: I really rate Phillips, but if he is worth £100m, then Grealish is worth £150m+ as far as market value goes. However both are priceless to their clubs. #AVFC

@Kalebreloaded: Anything over £30 is overpriced for him

@SBeurling: And I thought drugs was illegal 😳

@whenNGAbeatBRA: I can only think of four players that have actually cost £100 million and over, yet every half decent English player is suddenly worth a 100 million after one breakout season in the prem.

@LukeMOTv2: I’m a Leeds fan and this is stupidest comment ever

@ryanmacqueen: £100m?! Surely no, someone pulling ma pisser! For a cunt that had one season with Leeds where they finished…. 9th. Away and shite

@c_ellis92: Why would he want to step down? 💁🏻‍♂️

@byellielouise: Fuck off trying to sell every good player outside the ‘top 6’ it’s boring

@domleadbetter1: real value should be around 60-80m, but if he’s worth 100m to leeds then that absolutely makes sense

@YladFM: £100m you must be joking, he’s played in 1 decent tournament and was a good looking player in an average England side. He’s worth £40m max!

@sfc_Kris: £40-50 million imo

@SaucyMatheus: I’m convinced talksport are just bantering us now

@tom_b85: Perry been smoking the good stuff again….

@DTTbeard: Wtf have I just heard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✊

@ShaunPK92: We turned down £27mil in the championship. Since then he was in the team of the year in the promotion season, then he’s had a full season in the prem and then played every game at the euros for England yet you think he’s only gone up £13mil in value? He’s minimum £70mil at least.

@Hibees32: Are they high?! If he’s worth that, how much is McGinn and Grealish worth??

@EvansMFC: Good to see we’ve learned our lesson regarding overpricing English players. I’ll eat humble pie and say he had a good euros but nowhere near £100m

@CBLG7: Talkshit at it again , 100m give over

@mkeddie1502: Pointless discussion Kalvin Philipps will Not leave Leeds… THE END! MOT

@MattyCollins18: £100 million behave yourself 😂

@henzi1: £20m that’s it

@zsutton7: Phillips £100 million? Give your fucking head a wobble Jesus

@Vezzer83: 100 million, Tuen off the lights, English football is fucked with those prices

@biteyourlegs: Why would he downgrade

@johnsonjunior8: Then Mason Mount £200M

@benparse12: Love what he did for England but anyone saying he’s worth 100mil needs rebooting

@joseikofi: Just stop this nonsense! £50m at most for him

@Jimbo1604: 100 million. Give over 🤣🤣

@bigredtay: Talksport are getting worse

@LGK_88: 40-50mil max

@jfortuna42: Kalvin Phillips also fits Leeds perfectly for our style of play in midfield. So lets just say he is staying put thanks

@jacqraiya: HUH WHO 100M what skunk are smoking

@Jason_Kavanagh: 100 million? Jaysus sake football is truly fucked if people like rice and Phillips are being quoted at 100 million pound players. What does that make someone like mbappe or haaland? 2 billion? Absolute nonsense

@DanielClarke9: Fuck me everyone’s going for £100m these days

@paulowen23: Wouldn’t pay 30 for him

@Smithy0391: Phillips is a £30m player, to say he would fetch £100m is insane and one of the craziest shouts I’ve ever heard!

@leefriend21: If he’s 100m Kane’s 500mill

@jbrownz11: Omg am I really seeing this? £100M 😮🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@TMiller1986: 100 million 🤣🤣

@DoorsAddict: Man said it with a straight face. 😭😭😂😂

@JH86: £100M get a grip!


As the talkSPORT pundit gets ridiculed when suggesting Kalvin Phillips’ potential value, what do you make of it? Let us know via our socials!

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