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Fans slam The Sun’s vile story with Everton player furious at club’s handling of alleged paedo

Fans have took to slam The Sun’s vile story with an Everton player left furious at his own club’s handling of the alleged paedo.

On Monday it was officially revealed that a Premier League footballer was arrested over alleged child sex offences.

The offender, who has not been named for legal reasons, was detained by Greater Manchester Police on Friday and is said to strenuously deny the allegations.

The Goodison Park outfit – which confirmed it had suspended the player – is understood to have arranged the temporary accommodation and is providing 24/7 support, according to reports.

The player is said to have returned to Merseyside after the allegations surfaced.

A source told the Daily Mail: “I’m told from a reliable source that he is in a safe house that Everton got him and he is being supported 24/7.”

A leading supermarket chain in the player’s own country – where he is a household name – announced on Tuesday his name was being removed from promotional materials.

However, he hasn’t been charged with any offences and is currently on police bail pending further inquiries with officers said to have looked in and around his UK home and seized potential evidence earlier this month.

The wife of the suspected international footballer has left the marital home for her hometown, MailOnline reveal.

She is believed to have been staying at another luxury home of theirs for several weeks before his arrest.

A source close to player said she was being comforted by members of her family and was spotted walking near the house with her father on Monday evening soon after news of the scandal broke.

It is believed that the star and his wife had travelled to the property after the end of the football season, as they normally do each summer.

He is said to have not been seen at the marital home, which he normally shares with his wife and is worth nearly £2million, for at least two weeks.

Fans slam The Sun’s vile story with Everton player furious at club’s handling of alleged paedo

Everton released a statement confirming they had suspended the player, but did not name him.

Greater Manchester Police said on Monday: “Officers arrested a man on Friday, July 16 2021 on suspicion of child sex offences. He is on police bail pending further enquiries.”

A spokesman for Everton said: “We can confirm we have suspended a first-team player pending a police investigation.

“The club will continue to support the authorities with their inquiries and will not be making any further statement at this time.”

Meanwhile, Premier League player Fabian Delph has been left furious with club’s handling of the alleged paedo who now moves into a safe house.

As the team flew out to Orlando for the preseason Florida Cup, the 31-year-old Delph has been the subject of repeated online abuse.

Widely believed at the time to be an Everton player, Delph’s absence from the trip was a precautionary measure taken after he came into contact with someone who has since tested positive for Covid.

Nevertheless, the circumstances of his situation resulted in the former Leeds, Aston Villa, Man City player being subject to repeated speculation that he had in fact been suspended.

The Athletic have reported that Delph is furious with how Everton have dealt with the situation, greatly unhappy with the club’s failure to adequately clarify the situation and has made his feelings clear.

He took to Instagram in an attempt to quell any further speculation.

His first post on the site for almost three months, Delph uploaded a photo of himself in preseason training with the caption: “Working hard in pre-season”.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Fabian Delph (@fabian_delph)

Bradley Johnson has also had his say, being confused at how the name can’t be revealed yet so much more is allowed.

The footballer, currently playing for Blackburn Rovers, simply wrote: “If you’re not going to disclose the name of who’s been arrested, you shouldn’t be disclosing the age of them either!

“And make ppl start the guessing game.

“It only leads to one thing, online trolling!

“It’s not fair or right that Fab an he’s family have to go through this. 🤬🤬”

As mentioned, fans slam The Sun’s vile story with Everton player Fabian Delph left furious at club’s handling of alleged paedo…

@TimboBagginses: As far as I’m aware, Delph wasn’t really being accused by anyone. This is the Sun’s way of pinning it on Gylfi publicly without actually publishing his name. In the process dragging both through the mud. This is seriously shameful behaviour.

@jpsilcocks: To be fair, both players were being widely named and accused on social media yesterday. Delph’s name was trending at one point. Don’t agree with The Sun, but Delph must’ve been in an awful position – being accused purely on the basis of sharing his age/club with the arrested man.

@Mikeyg2019: Paper has no shame! Shut the shithole down

@BaffledC: Another superb reason to hate the @TheSun. Imagine working for a paper as awful as this.

@witton_warrior: The day this shit cunt of a rag goes under won’t be a day too soon.

@FOREVERLEEDSMOT: Hope they’ve got a few quid in their ‘we’ve fucked up again’ fund. #ShiteRag

@Dannylowe85: This whole building and outlet need burning to ground. Why would you dare run a story as sensitive as this without concrete proof. Something needs to be done seriously

@AntrimNerby: Fuck The Sun. I hope he sues the cunts! #dontbuythesun

@CNinety2: Surely we can all just agree by now that @TheSun just needs to fuck off now

@JordanFredders: How an earth can you pass that off as a headline when the whole country knows it was never about him. Fucking scum

@StanilandJoshua: The Sun need axing big time, what a bunch of cunts

@_luke1878_: Don’t expect anything different from that ‘newspaper’

@FunstarAndy: Oh good Lord….. that is vile…. Why? Just, why do that to the fella? The only real “shock for Delph” is that the Sun splashed it across the front page.

@CoppellRob: I hope Delph sues this shite rag for everything and finishes them.

@SP0RTSEDlTS: one of the worst things about this is that delph has been described as ‘ace’

@Trev112: Until I just saw this, I had no idea he’d been falsely named. Have seen the other players name mentioned plenty though.

@Jordanstone_15: What the actual fuck is this

@kentishvillan: I feel a court case coming on

@fivestarjane: I hope he sues them into oblivion. 🤬

@simon_hand: This truly shows the depth of disgust this rag regularly dig too, I’ve only ever seen Siggurdson as the person this relates to and the only thing Delph is guilty of is being the same age as the suspected nonse #buyacoffee

@DCLsHandbag: He hasnt thats the point. The other named player is the same age and the only released details so far is age. In a nutshell the s*n have named the accused without actually naming him.

@Nedd_Stewart: There are genuinely no depths this rag won’t stoop to. I pray for the day it goes bust.

@cjohno1001: Delph should sue them disgraceful even printing this with his name linked . People will interpret this wrong

@pgdh1878: Again, shows how many thick people are still around to buy this rag. Aimed purely at that audience

@GlasgowRKSpurs: Amazes me any football fan still buys it

@HLTCO: Only just seen this; I would say it’s incredible that they’ve not thought of the damage that will do to Delph but it’s them and as we all know, they couldn’t care less. I can’t wait for the day they go under.

@james_corbett: So, Fabian Delph is ‘absolutely furious’ with the position he has been put in by an Everton club statement about another player being arrested. Unless you live in a world where you think everything is about yourself, how could you possibly construe this is about you?

@Formbyblue: Fabian Delph is cut from the same cloth as Morgan Schneiderlin. Bang average footballer, likes an easy pay day whilst contributing virtually nothing. Absolute parasite. get rid.

@TheToffeeBlues: I think Delph was probably hoping for “deffo not Fabian Delph” at the end of Everton’s statement the other day

@BT_1878: Fabian Delph fuming with the club about wrongly being accused of noncing, fair enough I would be too, but I think his attention needs to be on the Daily Mail who gave out the age of the player rather than the club. If he’s that angry he can shut the door on his way out.

@jonellis121: What do you expect from that Rag.. The sooner it goes under the better….. Shame on anyone that buys it…

@andysteelehull: I’m surprised they haven’t named 49 Everton players that have been falsely accused. Who the f*** is still buying this?

@JoshFryer8: @TheSun shocking!!!

@JamesPr86901914: That newspaper wants putting out of circulation

@mickmcfc1: Nothing to do with Delph!!That fooking rag of a paper have no morals whatsoever 😡

@biscuit_1895: #dontbuythesun

@andymurray8472: Yet another slur by this disgusting paper! #dontbuythesun

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