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‘Hero’ truck driver shows England game on M62 after exploding Carling lorry causes chaos

A ‘hero’ truck driver shows the England v Germany game for all to watch on the M62 after an exploding Carling lorry causes chaos.

The alcohol branded lorry caught fire right before the Euro 2020 ties was about to start, but a fellow driver came up with a clever solution to get the match on.

Lucky for this unnamed driver, he had a TV in his cab so really, he could have sat with a smug look on his face while other motorists tried to get it on their phones or put up with listening to it on the radio.

There were huge queues along the M62 in West Yorkshire and all traffic was held on the M62 westbound between junction 22 for Rishworth Moor and junction 21 for Milnrow.

There was a delay of ‘up to 95 minutes’ and over 9 miles of congestion before the M62 was closed shut overnight. At one point traffic was queueing as far back as Ainley Top, near Huddersfield.

The chaos on the roads meant many football fans eager to get home and in front of the TV were stuck in traffic.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Not today, please no! I need to be back and in front of the tele for 5pm. Stuck in queues, not moving, on the M62. Come on, show some mercy!”

Highways England knew just how important it was to get things moving again and tweeted a statement at 3:30pm saying: “The incident over in the #Rochdale area is going to take a considerable amount of time to resolve due to the complexity of the incident.

“We are working as hard as we can on the Yorkshire side of the hills to release trapped traffic and get people home for the football.”

Thankfully, the person driving the Carling-branded lorry managed to get away without being injured from the incident.

One Twitter user, @HonigUK, told PA that they could ‘feel the heat of the blaze on the opposite carriageway in the middle lane’, despite having their car windows rolled up. Others described the incident as ‘scary’.

The lorry driver that set the TV up wasn’t the only one to do so either as another tweet from Rich Williams – a presenter for Virgin Radio – tweeted to say he watched the match in the back of a stranger’s van.

He wrote: “Well, I wasn’t planing on watching England vs Germany on a laptop out the back of a stranger’s van… but a six hour motorway closure calls for improvisation.

“Thanks to Sherri, the lovely fella who saved the day on the M62. #EURO2020”

Twitter users reacted as a ‘hero’ truck driver shows the England game on the M62 after an exploding Carling lorry causes chaos…

@DMason86: Drove past this coming home and kept thinking about feeling sorry for everyone in that as football was starting soon!

@mikecooke321: If Carling did truck fires

@BadgerKub: The consequences of drinking shite beer

@skyblue1967: Surprised there’s enough alcohol in it to burn tbh

@DavoGW: About as English as it is possible to get

@ScottGR: I guess that proves the old saying that “I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire” is irrelevant.. Even that much piss couldn’t put this one out?

@LeeroyFuzz7: Thank god! Anything to stop that horse piss reaching the shops!

@km32q: If Carlsberg did traffic jams…

@RamblingRefRob: Would have been nice to watch the game not stuck on the #m62 because of your lorry fire. @carling

@ptw123: Got home in time to see last 2 minutes of injury time ;( 5.5 hours to travel 49 miles

@Johnthesecod: It’s your fault I missed the game and the work altogether because of Lorry caught fire.

@mwl462: “When possible, make a brew-turn”

@JordyAthey: Can’t right it boss let us go early get home for game cumin from Huddersfield and there’s a carling lorry set on fire on m62 fuckkkk offff

@TheSemp: Missed it thanks to your exploding truck on the M62…..maybe use trucks that don’t explode?

@mikeyshelley: I, like many others watched it on the M62 – On an iPad on the step of a lorry. Massive thanks to the geezer who set it up for us! He also made me a coffee and provided us all with cold drinks. Legend! Glad your driver is ok #Carling – that’s the main thing.

@dyasark68: Stuck on m62 for the last 2 hours thanks to an @carling lorry fire, fire been put out hour and half ago, if I don’t make the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 game I hope they send me free beer 🤬🤬

@75Pauld: Probably sat on the m62 where one of ur trucks is on fire.

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