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James McClean deletes social media post after backlash before kick off

James McClean deletes a social media post of his after getting backlash from online users before kick off at Wembley on Tuesday.

The Republic of Ireland international caused yet more problems for himself by uploading and picture of himself wearing a Germany shirt with Kroos on the back ahead of the game.

However, he again received countless amount of abuse, some of which he has immediately put on his Instagram stories for all to see.

James McClean

James McClean now deletes social media post after the backlash which followed before kick off.

The criticism should come as no surprise really given that he has been continually the subject of abuse in England for his refusal to wear a poppy, amongst other controversial things.

He previously wrote an open letter citing the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre as his reason not to wear a poppy, which he described as ‘one of the darkest days in Irish history’.

The British Army killed 13 people and injured 15 more on that day after 15,000 protesters poured in the streets of Derry.

He revealed some of the abuse he received earlier this year – when one person said they would “set your house on fire and burn everyone inside it”.

The message from an account read: “don’t make me set your house on fire and burn everyone inside it”.

There were three more abusive messages sent to the footballer at the time, which McClean highlighted.

In response to the abuse, the Stoke footballer called him a ‘wee d***head’ and challenged him to repeat the insults to his face.

The 32-year-old added: “Honestly god I’d happily slap the head of (sic) him.”

It came after McClean’s lengthy post in which he called for discrimination to end.

He wrote: “Does being abused for being Irish and anti-Irish abuse acceptable?

“I have highlighted the abuse publicly on social media recently and the silence from everyone is deafening.”

McCLean was recently keen to share on social media who he was up for in the early EURO 2020 last-16 clash at Wembley.

Taking to Instagram, he simple posted a photo of himself wearing a Germany jersey with Toni Kroos’ name on the back… and off the abusive messages started again. To be fair, he doesn’t exactly help himself does he?

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

As can be seen in the photos, the Championship player writes: “Samples… non englishman wears another nations football top.. yes FOOTBALL, imagine that, such an horrendous crime.

“Don’t seem to like the irish very much it seems, even the poor pope got a sore touch.”

He added: “I brought on myself for wearing a football top, of course football banter warrants vile discrimative messages in return – their logic.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

By Wednesday morning, James McClean was top trend on Twitter after he deletes his social media post because of backlash before kick off, see what fans said below…

@StokeGeorge: James McClean sat in his living room with the wife and kids, head in hands with the Toni Kroos Germany top still on his back. Inject it right into my veins

@Cunners_: James McClean really is a ballbag. Posts a photo wearing a Germany shirt then cries about getting abuse. He’s an attention seeker, nothing else. Apart from a massive prick.

@JohnCon72636524: And the winner of the 2021 award for “The man who does himself no favours” Is the repugnant James McClean. If he hates England so much then he’s a complete hypocrite and should be plying his trade elsewhere

@1872Matthew: James mcclean making a dick of himself again, in other news water is wet.

@mixer1983: I agree with his right not to wear a poppy but jesus christ he’s earned alot of money in England why does he do this shit

@Railwayman1995: James McClean waiting anxiously for the Sweden Ukraine game to finish to see which shirt he’s going to buy next. Cry more m8.

@enclosureloyal: I would, however, also like to also take this opportunity to echo the sentiment, shared by one and all on here, that James McClean is an utter, utter fanny.

@ashleighhh___: Toni Kroos retired after seeing that picture of James McClean

@Callum201996: Hope James McClean is having a shit night

@Mossy__III: James McClean loses yet again

@Danny_Tal: Seeing James McClean in a German shirt pre-match makes tonight so much sweeter. Hahahahaha cheers for making my day you dosser!

@moore_tomas: Another evening where James McClean is wondering why he’s getting abuse 🧐

@shay_rik: Hates England because of imperialism, but will cheer on Germany, no history of imperialism or tyranny there. And I’m Irish ffs. Tit

@CDevane89: From a hereditary Irish man, absolute embarrassment. To support the rivals of a country that gave you your career. I’ve supported you for years with the poppy scenario but James McClean have some of that

@RyanInUlster: If you’re having a bad night just remember James McClean put on a Germany kit to watch England beat them. Get it right up ye papish face

@ScottEllis93: Don’t think I’ve ever disliked anyone as much as I do James McClean

@David_McCallen2: Hahaha how did that go for him?

@mikepink85: Feel sorry for Stoke fans, having to put up with him.

@stokiedi: Macca I love you at stoke but you don’t half make it hard for yourself

@john_hill1878: Tosser

@mally1robbo: Remember then Sunderland manager Martin O’ Neill stating publicly that James was thick as mince. Clearly his behaviour in the years since have reinforced this sentiment.

@MaccaRowe1: Get out my club

@Dannysmith1867: Hope he’s crying

@Conor1990s: Hahahaha get to fuck you stupid prick

@mandyswagsta: This blokes a grade a twat

@Lamelasbadhip: This guy does himself no favours… a few months back he was speaking out about how the abuse affects him and his wife mentally, yet constantly does shit like this inviting the abuse…. No sympathy

@george_dudding: The saddest bloke in the world

@ForeverARed82: And people wonder why he gets lots of abuse what a plank

After 55 years of hurt, England finally came out victorious against Germany in a knockout game with Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane putting them into the quarter-finals thanks to a 2-0 win over their great rivals.

Sterling scored both of England’s goals in the group stage prior to the game, and came up again to send the majority of the 45,000 fans inside Wembley wild.

Thomas Muller had a huge chance to level it up but he then shot wide, luck was really on England’s side here. Kane then put England in full control, shrugging off a difficult campaign so far to head in Jack Grealish’s cross.

Player ratings

England: Pickford (9), Walker (6), Maguire (7), Stones (7), Trippier (7), Phillips (7), Rice (6), Shaw (6), Saka (7), Sterling (9), Kane (7).

Subs: Grealish (8), Henderson (N/A)

Germany: Neuer (6), Ginter (5), Hummels (7), Rudiger (6), Kimmich (6), Kroos (5), Goretzka (7), Gosens (5), Havertz (7), Werner (5), Muller (5).

Subs: Gnabry (5), Can (N/A), Sane (N/A), Musiala (N/A)

Man of the match: Raheem Sterling (England)

England boss Gareth Southgate: “The players were immense, right the way through the team. The energy was incredible in the stadium. For those people, after such a difficult year at home, to have that enjoyment we’ve given them today was very special.

“It didn’t need me to say it but when we got in the dressing room we were talking about Saturday already. Today’s been an immense performance but at a cost emotionally and physically, we need to make sure we recover well.

“It’s a dangerous moment for us. We have the feeling round the country that we only have to turn up to win the thing, but it’s going to be an immense challenge from here on. The players feet are on the ground, they should feel confident from the way they’ve played, but we came here with an intention and we’ve not achieved that yet.”

Germany boss Joachim Low: “The quality is there but at the knockout stage every mistake can be fatal, decisive. What we lack is a little bit of experience in certain situations, and in all the matches we’ve played, we had certain spells when we weren’t effective or clinical enough.

“The players have a good attitude, good personality, they worked hard, they wanted to make it far but there were spells in each of our matches when we couldn’t impose our game. So then it can happen that you are punished and eliminated.

“In these 15 years there were a lot of positive things. We won the World Cup in 2014 as the highlight, then the Confederations Cup with with a young team. There were other spells and moments. There are very strong bonds that have been made and connected.

“Since 2018 we’ve had a few problems, difficult phases and in the end we haven’t made it happen. The disappointment is there and will stay for a while, you don’t forget about it after a couple of days. I will need some time but I’m sure there are a lot of positive things I can take out of the last 15 years.”

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