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#dontbuythesun trends as newspaper gets outed for ‘shocking’ Raheem Sterling headlines

#dontbuythesun trends on Twitter as the controversial newspaper gets outed for their ‘shocking’ past Raheem Sterling headlines.

The Manchester City player, well where do we start, he’s a mixed bag when it comes to how he is viewed by the media and fans especially prior the tournament.

His performances in the Premier League had many questioning why Gareth Southgate was picking him to start every game at the Euros.

And it’s fair to say everyone is now eating their words now that he is proving doubters wrong by three goals in the Euros so far, taking the 26-year-old’s total to 15 goals in 21 appearances for his national team since his disappointing showings at the 2018 World Cup.

While fans and pundits have been throwing some shade at Sterling recently, and you can understand why in some ways, one media outlet have constantly tried to shame him… The Sun.

The hashtag #dontbuythesun was trending on Twitter as England woke up following terling’s blistering performance against Germany last night.

He described England’s 2-0 Euro 2020 win against Germany as “a special moment” and credited an “all-round great team performance.”

Despite The Sun being one of only a few papers to splash the star on their front page, no sooner had the paper hit the shelves had people pointed to the hypocrisy of the coverage.

Journalist Paul Johnson said it was “shameful” that they would laud the attacking midfielder after printing front pages just as “obscene Raheem” following previous tournament knock-outs.

Chris Rand also questioned their decision to “idolise” Sterling after chastising him so vehemently in the past.

He wrote: “The Sun’s front page tomorrow is devoted to idolising Raheem Sterling. A quick Google search reminds us how they’ve obsessively tried to bring him down over the years.”

One noteworthy headline came from 2018, when The Sun accused Sterling of “shooting himself in the foot” with a gun tattoo. Funny how that’s the same foot he used to get England one up on Germany.

They appeared to pin the body art to a story about two teenagers who had been fatally stabbed, saying he was “glamorising” the use of weapons.

Poet and journalist Musa Okwonga tweeted at the time, “The Sun and the Daily Mail seem to take it almost in turns [to] go after Raheem Sterling, apparently for no reason other than he is black and successful,” while Gary Lineker spent the day rebuffing Piers Morgan’s apparent outrage over the tattoo.

As mentioned, #dontbuythesun trends as the newspaper gets outed for their old but ‘shocking’ Raheem Sterling headlines…

@MJKurmoo: Never forget @thesunhates Raheem Sterling unless he happens to score against Germany #dontbuythesun

@ETimsNet: Shameless

@Burmanski: They’ve changed their tune.

@TribalScan: The audacity

@neilbarkerleeds: Don’t buy, read, retweet or engage with the s*n.

@TD11_: Does this rag and those behind it have any shame?

@fut_fg: Haha you’ve changed your tune. Will throw a party the day you are liquidated ☺️

@shaun_vids: remember when raheem sterling bought a house & the sun were like look at this flash bastard showing off how much money he has. then he took a flight on a budget airline and the sun were like look at this cheap bastard hoarding all his money

@Snorkyno4: They’ve got a bloody nerve.

@samsarmy: “Raheem Sterling selfishly steals goal from heroic talisman Harry Kane” -The Sun, probably

@StephenBrownWF: DON’T. BUY. THE. S*N. EVER.

@jojo_kittycat: This is exactly what I thinking last night. We won’t forget that the scum has vilified him.

@supercillious20: I want @TheSun’s front page tomorrow to be two words. We’re sorry. Along with those adorable photos of him celebrating his goal with his son. Start. There. #RaheemSterling #SaySorryToRaheem #BeKind

@PSYCH0_SIS: Why any football fan or any decent human being would buy The Sun is beyond me…. Never forget #hillsborough #dontbuythesun

@HeathAl63170745: It really is that simple, don’t buy the shite rag.

@vic_h_7: #dontbuythesun is trending yet again, and yet again I’m wondering how the hell it’s still going. Scumbags.

@uglygame: The Sun never changes. Sterling is the hero today, but they won’t hesitate to scapegoat him or other black players if England flop in the quarters.

@Funwithflares: After all the abuse The Sun has given Raheem Sterling over the years, they don’t deserve to celebrate his success #dontbuythesun

@cath1957: Gutter press.

@SmartCircleComm: I give it two weeks after the end of the tournament when the tabloid reverts to type.

@ikc83: Just another reason I stopped reading this piece of shit newspaper years ago!

@SmudgeEFC1985: Bless them, Its hard for them balancing their hate of successful black men, and the hate for Germany and desperation to equate football to a continuation of the war.

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