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Hamburg police shoot man with axe ahead of Euros match between Netherlands and Poland

Hamburg police shoot a man with an axe ahead of Euros match between Netherlands and Poland on Sunday afternoon.

Hamburg Police confirm they shot a person who threatened them with a pickaxe and an “incendiary device” around where Netherlands fans had been gathering.

The incident took place in the St Pauli district of Hamburg with it said that the man came out of a bar with the weapon before starting to wield it at officers.

Witnesses claim they heard four loud bangs as several riot police officers moved in on the sidelines of a fan parade, known as the ‘Fan Walk’ near a Euro 2024 fan park.

A statement from the Hamburg Police read: “At St Pauli there is currently a major police operation. According to initial findings, a person threatened police officers with a pickaxe and an incendiary device. The police then used their firearms. The attacker was injured and is currently receiving medical treatment.”

Police shot the suspect, who who tried to attack officers on site with a gold-coloured weapon. According to Bild, he had a Molotov cocktail in his bag with police worried he had intended to set it off in the middle of the crowd of supporters.

Police used pepper spray, then shot the man on the leg, one officer fired a warning shot to stop the attacker, with several shots then fired until the man finally dropped to ground.

As seen in the clip above, the man shouts at cops whilst attempted to get over a metal barrier as officers drew their guns. He held the golden pickaxe on his right hand and an Molotov cocktail on his left.

The man then runs back, the crowd of people flee the area scared for their safety.

Chief Constable Mark Roberts, head of the UK Football Policing Unit, said to Sky Sports News: “Nothing suggests there is any British involvement.

“It’s some way away in Hamburg from where we are but it’s a reminder that there’s a lot of things going on in the world that’s not necessarily linked to football. People need to be aware of their surroundings and take care.”

This is how Twitter users reacted as Hamburg police shoot a man with an axe ahead of the Euros match between Netherlands and Poland…

@connor_mh: People out in Germany making memories for life, watching their nations in a major tournament enjoying themselves and then there’s people like this… grim 🤮 what a world we live in atm 🤷🏼‍♂️

@derbyrob35: Good one nutter down well done

@weststandstag: This is the ONLY way to deal with these kind of scumbags who threaten our people … well done German police 👏🏻 👏🏻

@cissystrutter: That old geezer just chilling on the bench unbothered

@Lea_EFC: Kudos to the German police. That’s how to deal with a threat to the public.

@Spacemanc: Rucksack on his back too so could have been anything. Had to be stopped with so many people in the vicinity.

@wst1975: And that is how you deal with it 👏👏👏👏

@freelander1974: And that’s how you do it well done to the German Police

@DarranD87: No messing about there. Good job

@Brightonfan: Fantastic work by the German police right there!

@PenguinBelfast: Well done German police 👏👏

@G_______G_____5: That’s two since the tournament started on Friday

@problem_we: This is how you deal with axe wielding lunatics

@pavelkennedy: Looking forward to flying there tomorrow

@LFromBrighton: God bless the police officers who are keeping all the football fans safe. It’s crazy to think that there are people in the streets going around with axes..! Be safe @England #euro2024

@charlieeady3: They kept threatening the copper with the axe. The copper rightly done his job, nothing wrong

@UTDStone: Keeping fans safe. Hats off to the German police 🇩🇪

@RMLLCC: German police are absolutely sound and a lot of countries could learn a lot off them for policing big events. This chap was dealt with obviously posed a threat.

@dpmort67: Certainly don’t fuck around

@crew_winchester: Absolute class from German police dealing with the situation quickly

@TBowdery27: What on earth

@Michael1989622: That’s the way it should be , no ifs no buts just pull trigger and take them out when they on rampage targeting innocent people like that

@RachelW86529886: Good, hoping it’s fatal! It’s all you need when millions from all over Europe have come to watch their team play! Fair play to the cops,… do they fancy a job in 🇬🇧???

@IronMan7WHU: With news of axe & knife wielding fucks on the streets of Germany, i hope every England fans & every other fans out there stays safe!! 🙏

@CornHoleDavis: You’re basically asking for this, crazy world we live in #EURo2024

@tiltonarmy40: Better to safe than sorry

@BerwickDaz: Best way no fucking about shoot game over 👊👏

@Markafc87: That’s how you deal with them

@paulcarabott: That guys just sitting there casually having his coffee 😱

@deminimismusic: Bloody hell!

@RFC_AFCA: Yeah, German police won’t be fucking around. This sort of thing was always going to be a major concern.

@Skybluemonkey1: Cannot even enjoy a football tournament these days without the risk of being stabbed or getting axed….

@NeilOakley16: That’s the way 👏👏

@ricardomoorinho: Job well done!!! 👏

@Blake82350032: Great job Germany police 👍🏻 we need that here in England

@1882UTC: Beats the pepper spray n tazer.. Well done 🇩🇪 police. 👍

@les469: Job done! Well done. Zero tolerance. Ethan O’Connor

@EthanMin96: As if he was ever going to win that fight 😂

@Gissa64: No messing take him out 👏👏👏

@SamSimp5354: Play silly games, you win silly prizes.

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