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England fans cause a stir singing controversial chant after being warned by police

England fans cause a stir singing controversial chant after being warned by police about it in whilst out in Germany for the Euros.

Ahead of England’s first game against Serbia, enhanced security measures have been put in place, with authorities classing the match as a ‘high risk’ fixture due to the potential presence of approximately 500 “hooligan fans” who could look to disrupt the proceedings both inside and outside the stadium.

British officers are to be deployed in the German city to support local authorities in ensuring the safety and security of the event but police have warned England fans about singing the ‘offensive’ chant that ridicules German casualties from World War Two.

The chant, hears them sing “German bombers in the air” and “…the RAF from England shot them down”.

Speaking to LBC, German police chiefs responsible for policing the game promised to take action against supporters who sing the chant.

“The Gelsenkirchen police are looking forward to all peaceful English football fans, whom we warmly welcome as guests. In the event of defamatory fan chants, riots or threats to security, the police will intervene consistently and check whether criminal conduct has occurred,” a spokesman said.

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Chief Constable Mark Roberts – the national football policing lead – about the prospect of this issue arising: “Obviously, as with everyone, be a good guest and enjoy yourself.

Interviewer: “Inevitably. There will always be some who take things too far. And we’ve seen instances, haven’t we in the past of English fans singing inappropriate things about the war. For example, when they’re playing a German club side or internationally, is that something that concerns you right now. And what would your message be to those that attempted to do something like that?”

Mark Roberts: “I just think it’s pretty dull and boring. To be honest, the Germans are fairly even handed about it. There is a limit, though, you know, as with public order legislation in this country, we see a lot of controversy about things that people say. Is it an offence? Is it not? We can’t give black and white rules on it. It is context specific. We saw in Munich the last time England played there. The Germans were tolerant to a point. But when people overstepped the mark, they were arrested and dealt with.”

According to The Telegraph, chief of police Peter Both said: “That’s what I would say to them: Don’t be a d***. If they sing a song like this, I can’t change it.

“It’s not punishable in Germany. I hope that all the other peaceful and law-abiding fans say to them: ‘Stop it.’

“I know, and all people in Germany know, there is a long-lasting sporting rivalry between England and Germany. But it’s important for me to say it’s only a sporting one.

“Our countries have been, and remain, allies for over seven decades.”

Also, any supporter seen performing a Nazi salute would be arrested.

“If we talk about showing the Hitler salute, it’s absolutely unbearable and intolerable. We have to tell them it’s punishable and criminal in Germany.”

In May, British police and the Foreign Office said those engaging in WW2 chants will be made to go to the ATMs and hand over a fine of up to a month’s wages by local authorities.

Ex-Salford boss, currently at Radcliffe, Anthony Johnson, spoke on footage of the chant by England fans in Germany, saying: “I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than hang about with that lot!”

This is how Twitter users reacted as England fans cause a stir with the controversial chant after being warned by police…

@Dan23_92: Euros starts with fans of the nations involved so far all having a great time and mixing well together. England meanwhile…… What a bunch of stupid cunts.

@tom_breedon: It’s like some weird parallel where the England national team try to select the best footballers in the country to take to tournaments, and the absolute worst football supporters in the country go over with them to balance it out.

@Mick_Birchall: Seriously get some new material lads. Aside from the fact the war finished 80 years ago, it’s absolutely shite. Lower league type songs for a lower league fanbase tho I suppose 🚮

@Hutch579: The national team seems to attract a special clientele that think by doing this they are more patriotic than the rest.

@DaveWil50631937: RAF would be embarrassed being associated with this lot.

@ianrobbo2704: For all those wrapped in cotton wool it’s only a song, no harm done, or do you want to go back to the 70’s 0r 80’s England supporting where everywhere would be damaged and broken bodies with stab wounds,I know which one I prefer.

@winkveron: How many of these lot will be wearing a poppy and acting all solemn in November, when the country remembers the horrors of war. Can’t have it both ways. Absolutely braindead.

@utdmnk: Of course it’s the England fans ruining the good mood and resorting to this. While other fans embrace each others’ cultures and mix and party together, some England fans choose to bring up a war that ended a long time ago and has nothing to do with today. Poor class.

@JeffCarnage: Germany are some of the best hosts for the major tournaments. Friendly & welcoming people, who love their football. Nice places to visit, eat and drink, and an easy place to get to and around. They don’t deserve this utter bullshit.

@jamesaknight: The problem with England is we have nothing to be proud about involving anything that happened in our lifetimes. We are a nation in terminal decline populated by entitled idiots like this who haven’t quite worked that out yet.

@_callumstone: Every other country’s fans immerse in the culture and mix with other fans. England sing songs about the war that finished 79 years ago and then wonder why everyone hates them and trouble starts. Couldn’t think of anything being in the mix of them. So embarrassing.

@supersilverfox: I’m too old to do beers and full on tournament stuff now. As veteran of many tournaments following England, I can tell you I’d plan to find the less central area of a big city to get beers etc pre match, far away from that mob as possible. Next stage, brawling and flying chairs.

@LiamSroka: Could the FA make a statement to distance themselves from this song/chant in particular? Similar to what Manchester Utd and Liverpool have done around tragedy chanting, war shouldn’t be celebrated. Pathetic

@Marc_YNWA: Every single tournament they embarrass the nation

@BenDPB: And people wonder why many countries hate the English.

@DB_247: Football chants are much better than they used to be, but I dunno why they persist with this. We can’t sing about winning much, so we bang on about the war that was 75 years ago. Weird

@cfcjoe1888_: everything about england fans and english fan culture is just shite, from clubs to the national team. shit generic chants, forced limbs and silent stadiums

@Scousepirlo3: Obsessed with war , respect ur hosts u weird cunts

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