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Gary Neville disgusted at Mel Morris’ excuse for Derby administration

Gary Neville, as well as many a fanbase, have been left disgusted at Mel Morris’ excuse for Derby going into administration.

The Rams chairman has said the impact of Covid and the breakdown of another potential takeover deal made administration unavoidable.

The Championship club released a statement on Friday night, saying that they are set to appoint an administrator, with the EFL also speaking on the matter.

Gary Neville disgusted at Mel Morris’ excuse for Derby administration

They wrote: “With confirmation from Derby County Football Club that they have filed a notice of intention to appoint administrators, the EFL can tonight confirm that the Club will be subject to an insolvency event under the terms of the EFL’s Regulations.

“As a result, the Club faces a 12-point deduction.

“Once the EFL has received formal notification of the application, the deduction will be applied.

“The EFL will in due course engage in discussions with the relevant parties with the aim of achieving a successful outcome for the long-term future for the Club.

“The League is disappointed with the comments made by the Club in respect of COVID lending facilities. The EFL entered into a debt raise to provide its Clubs with access to funds that would support them in dealing with the impact of COVID and, as with any loan, this was subject to a timeframe and eligibility criteria which Derby County was unable to meet.”


Speaking to Sky Sports’ Rob Dorsett , a “devastated” Morris has revealed that the club have been losing “£1.3m-£1.5m every month”.

There was also a breakdown of another takeover, following the failure of two other potential deals in recent months.

There are suggestions that administration may see potential buyers return to the negotiating table with the club now available for a lower price.

The price of administration could also see a 12-point deduction possible for going into administration.

Derby also face the possibility of an additional nine-point penalty after alleged breaches of financial fair play rules.

While neither deduction is automatic, it does mean the club could be punished with a 21-point penalty – meaning relegation to League One is very likely.

Derby will also face a transfer embargo for two years after entering administration.


“I think it is the biggest news tonight that a club like Derby has gone into administration.

“It is devastating. It is another blow and we have got to stop this happening.

“I think when owners come into football clubs there should be an obligation to be able to cover their obligations they sign up to.

“Until they have that in place then we are going to have big trouble and continue to and examples like Derby are going to keep coming forward. We have had Bury, Macclesfield, Derby, Bolon Wanderers and Wigan Athletic.

“All these clubs, it has got to stop – and I know there has been a fan-led review that has been led by (Conservative MP) Tracy Crouch.

“She has put recommendations forward and (outgoing Culture Secretary) Oliver Dowden has said he was going to support those – Nadine Dorries (Dowden’s replacement) has just taken over and we need to hear from her that she will support them.

“To put an independent regulator in place, to change rules in English football to stop this happening.

“Derby are now in a perilous position.

“My hometown club (Bury) was there three or four years ago and it has to stop.

“This desperation to be part of this, the Premier League, it is amazing the Premier League.

“This has been the best start to a Premier League season I have seen, the highest quality I have ever seen.

“The fans back in the stadiums, the stadiums are wonderful.

“But there is a desperation and an urgency that goes beyond what would be sporting…

“You should be disappointed if you go down or don’t go up, but not to the point where you lose your club.

“That’s what is happening, Derby have chased and chased and chased and they have not got the golden ticket.

“And now they may go out of business, that cannot happen to a football club and institution like Derby.”

Fans reacted with Gary Neville disgusted at Mel Morris’ excuse for Derby going into administration…

@evertonfansite1: Derby have been hung out to dry by the EPL too, point off for the financial stuff (which won’t help with attracting investment) now points off for administration, but nothing for the big 6 for trying to ruin English football, I feel for Derby it’s a cracking club.

@S_GillettCole: Rob I speak on behalf of every GENUINE Derby fan, Mel is at fault for all of this and it’s us the fans who are suffering! Sooner he’s gone the better for all!

@BristolOli: Not as devastated as the fan base who live and die for the club and the employees who are about to lose their livelihoods and possibly their homes – He gambled and lost

@DUCKmagstoke: Amazing how covid has hit football clubs in Derby more than anywhere else in the country.

@jmDCFC: “Unavoidable”?!? We were essentially debt free 7 years ago. Only unavoidable because he gambled everything on a big paycheque from promotion. Bottom line is he ploughed in the day before Wembley ‘14. He’s not one of us

@S_Oliver5: So he can happily talk to yourself, but can’t personally communicate with the fans? 🥴🥴

@sorton66: Every club as gone through Covid !!!! As have families who have lost loved ones

@JustinHeaton72: Covid appears to be much worse in derby than the rest of the country

@TangerineRob: Derby fans deserve better. Morris another owner who blames everything and anything except himself.

@oz054: Load of rubbish, Covid wasn’t around from 2014-2017 when the wage bill tripled, when he was blowing £millions on average players for his own vanity. Said in 2019 he’d sell for £1 if in best interests of the club.

@acb5555: I’ve been a season ticket holder for 25yrs. Speaks volumes that he speaks to you instead of me

@SilkyNI: The club that cried wolf! When he sold the club to himself did the alarm bells not start ringing then to sort the crap out? #dontthinkso

@Jenno16: Did you happen to ask him why he’s been invisible to fans for months now? He was all over TalkSport and media everywhere when we got to the play off final! 5 minutes of fame, seems that’s what he wanted out of it!

@Phodge99: Ahh so he can speak…. Not like everyone has been left in the dark for basically the last 2 years. Devastated??? How about run the club correctly and you would not have put the club in this situation

@boromart: Covid? Absolutely nothing to do with Morris terrible chairmanship then? I mean every single other club of the 92 are operating with covid and Derby are the only one to go pop this season

@AgainstLeague3: Also, spare a thought for Wycombe…

@gmkonline: The EFL have fucked Wycombe over royally.

@Dave080980: Don’t be fooled. Mel Morris is walking of with hundreds of millions in the bank. He couldn’t care less about the club. He deserves to lose it all.

@oliverkirk16: Gary Neville just gets it. Bang on with this and bang on with his comments during the Super League saga. More needs to be done to stop this happening but ultimately it’s all down to one man. Mel Morris.

@aaronlane1989: Let’s spare a thought for the real victims in all this. The Barnsley’s, Rotherham’s, Wycombe’s & co that have tried to break even & then been narrowly relegated & lost out on millions ahead of clubs like Derby, Bolton, Forest, Wednesday etc

@RJ_Derby: Sad, sad day to be a Derby fan. Fuck you Mel Morris.

@ElizabethSlatts: Devastated- really? Tell the supporters that. That Board statement was an embarrassment. Mel Morris blaming everyone but himself for his complete and utter mismanagement of our club. This is not to do with Covid – it’s due to years of his arrogance and ineptitude. #dcfc #dcfcfans

@Ewan_Valentine: A founding club of the football league, reduced to this, whilst multi billion £ clubs fuck about trying to form elite leagues. The injustice to real football fans is fucking sickening. This is on Mel Morris and @EFL. A failed businessman (obviously) and a defunct governing body.

@AllanMayfield: NFFC: 1 point from 7 games, manager sacked, worst start to a season for 108 years. Mel Morris: Hold my beer.

@totaldcfc: Mel Morris has owned our football club since September 2015. To put the blame solely on the EFL and the pandemic is abysmal. Front up. Take some responsibility. Six years of ownership. This mess is your mess, Mel.

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