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Gary Lineker explains ‘sex noises’ heard during FA Cup coverage on BBC One with viewers in hysterics

Gary Lineker explains the rather loud ‘sex noises’ heard during the FA Cup coverage on BBC One with viewers in hysterics.

Supporters across the country tuning into the fixture went straight to social media after hearing strange noises in the build-up to the game on Tuesday night.

In a Twitter post once the game got underway, Lineker couldn’t help but explain what those noises about and why they could be heard.

He said in a tweet with a photo: “Well, we found this taped to the back of the set. As sabotage goes it was quite amusing.”

As the noises started, you could just see on Lineker’s face something was up.

He smirked, which led to laughs, and said: “It’s toasty in the studio.

“It’s a bit naughty as well.

“I think it’s someone’s setting something off on someone’s phone.”

Since then, a YouTuber Daniel Jarvis, named online as Jarvo69 or BMWJarvo, streamed himself during the stunt claiming to be the prankster behind it.

He explained that he had taped a phone to the back of the studio at Molineux, ready to make the noises when it received a call.

Footage begins with the prankster saying to viewers: “Here we are, we have set up a phone with a loud sex noise in the BBC studio at the Wolves vs Liverpool FA Cup replay.”



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Jarvis, who has a YouTube account with over 170,000 subscribers and counting, has quite a past of disrupting sports events on TV.

Some may recall how back in September 2021 he ran onto the pitch at Oval while England played India in the cricket and attempted to bowl a ball.

Then in October 2022, the same guy was issued with a eight-week suspended prison sentence for the stunt and was also given a ban from attending a venue where a sporting fixture was being held for two years and travelling abroad for 12 months.

He’s been convicted on at least 15 occasions for a total of 21 offences including those unrelated to sports.

He denies any intention to disrupt the match and claimed he made his videos for the “people’s pleasure” and had received “positive” feedback on them, well it certainly gets people talking.

“I get loads of people saying they have got mental health and my videos make them happy,” he said at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

He told them he “accidentally” got in contact with the unsuspecting Bairstow at the non-striker’s end of the field, admitting “I can’t remember the man’s name.”

When passing sentence, District Judge Daniel Benjamin said Jarvis’ culpability was “extremely high” and discovered that he had “deliberately set out to disrupt a high-profile sporting event.”

Back to tonight’s FA Cup match and it started with a power cut with play halted and the stadium in a few seconds of darkness.

That affected the floodlights which wiped out the screens for the VAR as Adama Traore crossed the ball in to the penalty area just a minute in. Fair to say it continues to be quite the technological debacle, when you also factor in the VAR chaos that arguably cost Wolves the win at Anfield.

Then just moments after, a superb goal from Harvey Elliott put Liverpool ahead. Ait-Nouri cut into the Liverpool box from the left, shot his effort blocked. Liverpool counter, with Elliott picking up the ball to the right of the centre circle, continue going forward into the Wolves defence took aim, a stunner into the top right from 25 yards!

It ended up being the only goal of the game to send Liverpool through to the Fourth Round, where they will be away to Brighton.

As Gary Lineker explains what was with the ‘sex noises’ heard during the FA Cup coverage on BBC One, there were plenty of viewers in hysterics…

@Maxelaar: I’m dying and someone has to send help!!! This is incredible! They don’t know what’s happening 😭😭😭😭 #bbcone

@sammight_say: No way has someone pulled the classic porn noise prank on match of the day LIVE ON BBC ONE 😂😂😂

@abbey_975: Right so who the fuck is playing sex noises live on air on BBC one 🤣🤣 #BBCONE

@ibeernest_: Bloody hell just turned on to BBC one for the FA Cup game and the sex noises in the background 😂😂😂😂

@JoeyGame: Lmao does anyone else hear the sex noises on BBC one coverage 😂😂

@WilCalvert1: Hahahahahahaha @BBCOne have had a stinker here with the sex noises😂😂😂

@DJonesy1983: @GaryLineker for maintaining his composure and professionalism during the incident. Happened to me at work, I panicked, started shouting ‘for fuck sake’, turned the volume up instead of down, then ended up chucking me phone on the floor and booting it under me desk.

@afcDW: I absolutely love that the plan was this low-tech. I was imagining someone hacking their audio transmitting system, but no, it’s a phone taped to the set.

@TweetingChop: Was hard to tell if it was a prank or we were just listening to normal over the top commentary on a Liverpool game.

@TheUnitedWay26: That’s shithousery at its best 🤣🤣 whoever did that 👏👏👏 fucking brilliant

@MightyMillers20: 🤣🤣🤣 class

@timd77: Am I the only one who shit their pants and thought the Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen was going? Just me…

@FPLessons: There’s no way 😂😂😂 this is unbelievable, the “it’s getting toasty in the studio” killed me looool fair play staying composed there for the most part.

@Lynnie_A_: Well done for keeping going, I was buckled in the house, no way I could have kept a straight face! 👏🤣

@derek_guthrie: The faces of @GaryLineker @PaulInce & Danny Murphy when the phone went off all instantly screamed shit have I switched my phone off.. 👍🏻

@RhysHastings7: Whoever the hero was should never have to pay a TV licence again 😂

@StuartY19: Best Match Of The Day ever, unreal

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