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Tottenham’s Richarlison posts image with apology to Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli after antics

Tottenham’s Richarlison posts an image with an apology to Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli after the Spurs player’s antics on Sunday.

Richarlison’s side were outclassed by their local rivals, defeated at home in this fixture for the first-time since 2014.

The Brazilian forward became agitated and refused Martinelli’s offer to shake his hand.

However, Richarlison has since apologised and asked Martinelli to hug him, posting via his Instagram story.

Tottenham star Richarlison has issued an apology to Gabriel Martinelli with the 't-shirt of union'

The Brazilian international shared an edited image on Instagram of the two players wearing the shirt.

The message on the top said: ‘T-shirt of union. If you fight, you must wear it. Apologize. Hug it out. Say “I love you”.’

During the game, Martinelli walked to the corner flag during the match and saw his national counterpart on the touch-line. Martinelli offered his hand in respect to Richarlison, but Richarlison stood unmoved, leading to cheers for the fans watching on.

Richarlison, who was interviewed after the match, said that he did it because he believed that the Gunners’ wideman was ‘diving quite a bit’.

He said: ‘I’d like to apologise to Martinelli, I told him he was diving a lot, so I didn’t shake his hand. Also with Gabriel Magalhaes I told him they were stopping play all the time, I just said, ‘let’s play’.

The Brazilian forward also cause controversy for how he acted towards Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale at the final whistle.

Things got heated after the England shot-stopper taunted Tottenham supporters at full time, kissing his badge and celebrating passionately near the South Stand.

He was then confronted by Richarlison – who appeared to push Ramsdale in the face – before the keeper ended up next to the goal and was kicked by a Tottenham supporter. 

Speaking on the incident, Richarlison said: ‘What I really didn’t like was their goalkeeper. He was celebrating in front of our fans, that’s a disrespect to our fans. 

‘He should have celebrated with their fans,’ he added, despite his own history of diving accusations and showboating while winning. 

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan has told talkSPORT he disagrees with Richarlison’s claim Aaron Ramsdale was ‘disrespectful’.

Morgan believes the Brazilian’s take on the situation couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Oh please, do me a favour,” he said on talkSPORT Breakfast this week.

“Ramsdale was Man of the Match in my opinion, he had a fantastic game. What a goalkeeper he’s turned out to be.

“Tottenham fans were clearly giving him absolute hell the entire game, as you would expect in a north London derby.

“And at the end, rather than hurl back all the foul mouthed abuse he had to sustain for 90 minutes, he turns round and kisses the badge and smiles at them.

“On the general scale of declarations of war, an Arsenal player kissing the badge when they’ve just hammered Tottenham at their own backyard is probably not in the top 1000 things he could’ve done wrong.

“But look, I remember Teddy Sheringham and what he used to do to Arsenal fans. I remember Adebayor sprinting the entire length of a field to celebrate in front of us.

“So let’s get real about how offensive it was about Ramsdale, it was a bit of fun with a bunch of fans that had been giving him hell.”

Morgan goes on to say Richarlison has to take some blame for Ramsdale getting kicked by the supporter following their clash.

“Richarlison, however, in my opinion absolutely crossed the line,” Morgan adds. “I think he basically assaulted Ramsdale and should be banned for at least three games.

“And I think the fan who then did what he did was carried by what he saw with Richarlison.

“I think players have responsibility, if they’re going to start getting violent, it’s not entirely surprising some hooligan idiot in the crowd got involved too.

“So I think Richarlison was completely out of order.”

This is what fans said as Tottenham’s Richarlison posts an image with an apology to Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli after his antics…

@Craig_Gooner4: Imagine getting pumped in the derby and one of your players posts this 😂

@jamesmallows: Richarlison needs to wind his neck in. Ramsdale had been having banter with the Spurs fans the whole second half as he and other keepers do at every ground across the league. It’s nothing new. What changed here, was he took it upon himself to incite violence by attacking Rambo. Richarlison had been out of control throughout the whole game as can be seen by the footage of his actions with Tomiyasu and Martinelli while warming up. And then further poor sportsmanship when he came on. Unfortunately, he’s just a nasty little boy with a chip on his shoulder

@amasamsam: He knows Richarlson is gonna take the piss , still did it anyways .. 😂.. big ups Martinelli

@Drunken_Gunner: Richarlison thinks he is becoming a Bad Boi/daddy by doing such unproved stuff, that too with his own team mates (Both Martinelli and Gabriel). Absolute Clown behaviour, no better club for him than Spurs.

@arsenal51348896: Tells you how much of a child he is!

@kk180_: Imagine if one of your subs fist bumped a rival player at 2-0 down ?

@robson1896: Exactly what you want from your player in a derby. Too many friendships of opposing players being shown on the pitch whether it’s before, during or after the game. Can’t stand the bloke but he’s certainly someone you’d want on your side when it comes down to rivalry.

@RedReveal: This is actually embarrassing from Martinelli during a derby. Richarlison did the right thing.

@Farda_Alphonso: What did he want Richarlison to do? Spud him and give him a hug in

@SiCooperCoach: I actually rate this from Richarlison. No time to be friends in the middle of a football derby match

@TheLawless: Richarlison knows what it means to be in a derby, none of this fist bumping, hugging and shaking hands business.

@CT1401___: Been here 6 months n already gets it more than most of our fans. Lol

@TheMonicleee: Richarlison becoming my most disliked player in the league, he’s overtaken pound shop Bruno IMO

@tidum89: Martinelli did that on purpose and it rattled @richarlison97 what a sore loser

@bobbyfressh: Can’t believe people didn’t see Martinelli trolling 😂😂.

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