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Gareth Southgate warns James Maddison after he was spotted in casino on night he was ‘too unwell’ to play

After checking out the story on James Maddison, fans took to slam The Sun, others gave their thoughts to what Gareth Southgate had to say on it…

@sam1968x: He was too ill to play football but ok to go to the casino . Not the brightest idea and hope he learns from this.

@bobbyp57: Do you have to run around for 90 minutes in a casino now ? Very odd thing to tweet.

@gems_endgame: It’s more about society as a whole, their first thought on seeing Maddison was to take a photo to sell to a rag for cash. Maddison can do what he wants, nobody should care – but this is the British press, build em up and knock them down again.

@LiV_erPool1: Does being too ill to play football mean you can’t go and sit in a casino? ? Doubt Gareth is arsed tbh he will probably say he spoke to him to stop people questioning it and making it a thing.

@TheAndrewGains: Yes I wholeheartedly agree! Just because he plays football he shouldn’t be allowed to have a life. He should have to stay in his house and only leave it to train and play.
How dare he go out and enjoy himself! How dare he have a life! Who the hell does he think he is!

@ShillcockColin: He’s done nothing wrong AT ALL

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