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VIDEO: Ross Barkley escorted to cash machine by police after ‘row with taxi driver over spilt chips’

Chelsea and England player Ross Barkley was escorted to a cashpoint by police officers to pay for spilling chips in a row with a taxi driver.

The midfielder got mocked by passsers-by who are said to have taunted Barkley after the millionaire player allegedly refused to settle the fare.

Police were called to the incident in Liverpool recently and tried to calm down the situation between the 25-year-old and the cab driver.

An eye-witness told the Mirror: “It was just after 11pm on Sunday night [29th Sept] and I was having a cigarette outside Hannah’s bar.

“I saw a taxi pull up and there was a row between the driver and the passenger who was Ross Barkley.

“It looked like Barkley had spilled his chips on the floor in the back of the cab.

“He was refusing to pick them up and then refusing to pay. He appeared to be very drunk and was unsteady on his feet.

“The driver must have called the police because two police cars pulled up.

“Barkley kept saying ‘I’m not paying. I have no cash, I’m not paying’.

“But eventually the officers then escorted him to a cashpoint down Hardman Street.

“He withdrew some money came back and handed it to the officers – they then gave it to the taxi driver and he just drove off.

“The chips had still not been picked up.”

A small group watched the incident unfold outside Hannah’s Bar and Restaurant with some could be heard in mocking him.

One joked: “The Chelsea player can’t pay the taxi.”

Another said: “This is better than Corrie!”

Somebody else commented: “The bum can’t pay his fare.”

Barkley’s footballing abilities were mocked by another: “Look at the mess on the floor that’s a disgrace that” and “he’s a sh*t footballer anyway.”

One person who was watching what was happened offered to pay the fare himself to resolve the issue.

Merseyside Police has said according to reports that they had no reports of any incident involving Barkley.

Manager Frank Lampard said on the incident: “He hasn’t committed a crime – other than eating chips in the back of a cab – a bit out of order for the cabbie.

“But on a serious note, what he has done from my point of view is been naive to be out on that evening in the build-up to a Champions League game. He’s admitted that and is very aware of that.

“On a professional level, those are things that shouldn’t happen.

“But from my point of view I like Ross, I’ve had absolutely no problem with him. He trains hard, wants to do well. He’s admitted he made a mistake and I’ll take that at face value and we’ll move on.”


After watching the videos, fans continued to take the mickey out of him – see what they wrote and made of the situation by clicking on the next page.


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