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Gareth Bale and that ‘Wales, golf, Madrid’ flag – was it out of order?

Gareth Bale was criticised over in Spain for celebrating Wales advancing through to Euro 2020 by holding a flag which read ‘WALES, GOLF, MADRID. IN THAT ORDER’, and it certainly produced a debate on social media who had reasons for and against the controversial banner…

@mateomadrista: I wake up and the first thing I see is Wales team with that flag. I have supported Bale in almost everything till now, even his last week’s statement. But this has now crossed the line. Get the fuck out of my club you piece of shit!

@newportstu: Cry me a river, Real. Worst supporters in club football, the world over. All the stick they’ve given Bale over the years and they can’t take a bit of banter back ✊?

@Kentworthy: Career suicide or clever play to force the move he seems to want?

@Orient_Ed: You really think he cares? By the way Real Madrid have treated him, I’m sure he would be thrilled of not having to wear the shirt. I would be.

@realftmadrid: don’t act like bale doesn’t know the consequences of holding that flag. if his intention was an attack towards the spanish media he could have done it without mentioning the club. he really didn’t helpt himself with any of this

@markgoldbridge: Gareth Bale dancing with a flag that says “Wales, Golf, Madrid, in that order” is superb. That club and their fans have had that coming for years

@JamesCRoberts94: Love how rattled Madrid fans and press are by this ?

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