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Fans joke as Crewe Alexandra decide to rename their stadium

Fans couldn’t help but joke on Thursday afternoon as League One club Crewe Alexandra decide to rename their stadium for 2021/22 onwards.

Now like many teams, we often see them opt for a stadium sponsor, and it’s very rare that fans call them under their new name… unless you’re Jeff Stelling of course.

It ain’t all bad though, stadium sponsors come in handy, giving clubs extra income, and you can’t really complain about that now can you? Especially after the pandemic and no fans being allowed in through the turnstiles lately.


Crewe Alexandra is delighted to announce a new partnership that will see its home of 115 years renamed Mornflake Stadium.

Mornflake, millers of ‘Mighty Oat’ breakfast cereals enjoyed worldwide, has been the principal partner of the Football Club since 2005 when the famous firm’s logo first took pride of place on home and away shirts.

Since then, the relationship between the Gresty Road neighbours has grown ever stronger as both continue to serve the local community in a wide variety of ways.

This new agreement represents the biggest single partnership in the Football Club’s history and will initially run until the end of the 2023/24 season.

Chairman Charles Grant said: “We are so lucky to have Mornflake supporting our Football Club in the unwavering way that they do.

“The difference they have made to Crewe Alexandra over the last two decades is enormous and extremely valued, and we are very proud to rename our home ‘Mornflake Stadium’.

“This takes our strong relationship to yet another level, and we are excited to know we will be continuing to work together over the coming seasons.”

James Beckett, Head of Commercial at Crewe Alexandra, added: “For Mornflake to extend their support amid what are challenging times for the football world is remarkable and very much appreciated.

“They have steadfastly backed the Football Club and played a substantial role in our recent successes. Hopefully, we can now look forward to celebrating more good times at Mornflake Stadium over the coming years.”

Mornflake is one of Crewe’s largest employers and has operated a mill on Gresty Road since the war years, when it played a vital role in feeding the nation wholesome British oats.

Generations of millers have supported Crewe Alexandra as the Mornflake brand grew across the globe. The family-run firm entered into a new four-year shirt sponsorship deal, and also sponsored the back of the Crewe shirt, in what was a superb show of support just last year.

John Lea, Managing Director at Mornflake, said: “We are delighted to sponsor the Mornflake Stadium.

“It gives us great pride to enhance our long partnership with Crewe Alexandra, and we look forward together to what I’m confident will be an exciting future for this community owned and supported club.”


Rather amusingly, they also have some funny named stands, with all four sponsored according to Wikipedia, so prepare for a laugh…

The Air Products Stand seats 6,809 spectators and also has a directors area and media seating, and houses the club’s offices, team changing rooms, hospitality facilities, ticket office and club shop.
The Rhino Safety Stand, also known as the Gresty Road End, accommodates 982 spectators and 4 disabled spectators. A bar for home supporters is situated to the north of this stand.
The Blue Bell Family Stand, also known as the Railway End, accommodates 682 spectators.
The Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Van Stand, formerly the Pop Side, accommodates 1,680 away spectators, and also houses the ground’s matchday video filming facilities.

Some fans joke as Crewe Alexandra decide to rename their stadium, others however had something else to say on it…

@MarkBirtles: Great that it brings in revenue but it is, and always will be Gresty Road to me.

@jesusismynann: thought having one of the stands being called “ice cream van stand” was bad enough

@JamesDodd5: If it brings in more pennies then good, no one will call it that apart from sky sports news on sat. Will always be Gresty Road

@brandoncpalin: Upsetting this is, only one way to cheer me up @crewealexfc release the away shirt

@mojofitz: Just as I never called Gresty Road the Alexandra Stadium, I won’t be calling it the Mornflake Stadium either. But I hope I can go to more than 2 games next season.

@CAFC_Callan: I guess extra revenue is nice, but I’m sure that no one in the right mind will call it that. Always Gresty Road for me

@SmokeyTimRobbo: Porridge Bowl?

@duncanburrow: To fans it will always be gresty rd, but this is a commercial deal, they will be paying for the privilege so let’s congratulate the club on moving forwards commercially, if it means we can pay better and attract better players and improve facilities then why not.

@AndyPGriffiths: Great news. Mornflakes have supported the club through good and bad. Nice to see the relationship develop further. The more local support the better. Whitby Morrison, too, been good club/business partners.

@eddieog83: The ‘Hall o’ Oats’

@TheFMU: The Cornflake Colosseum

@BBPSBook: Oh dear oh dear: Mornflake, or Alexandra, or whomever next sponsors/names our ground, it will always be Gresty Road, Crewe? M x

@SoManyJoels: Crowdfunder to fill the corners and call it the Mornflake bowl

@ianjohn4: At least it’s not the Sports Direct Arena #grestyroad

@preece_andy: Brings in extra revenue so all good I’d say

@LegsSteve: Is it pure?

@AlexisCAFC: Good deal, however I doubt I’ll be calling it the Mornflake Stadium. Gresty Road forever and always x

@shaunwoof: brilliant news bit of extra income! those moaning saying it’ll always be gresty road are just moaning at nothing it’s not been gresty road for years it’s just what we know it as, i’ll still say gresty road

@Conderian75: Fill the corners of the ground in & call it the Cereal Bowl.

@andyhyde86: Will always be Gresty Road

@euancafc: Let’s be fair, nobody called it the Alexandra Stadium anyway

@JoeCosbyCrewe: Appreciate the need to expand commercially, but don’t like this at all.

@crewealex7:Excellent – helping #CreweAlex to stay “Cereal” Over Achievers 🔴⚪

@Dan__CAFC: Awful, it is and always will be Gresty Road

@_TEB_: Not sure why folk are moaning, it’s cash in the bank and you as ever can continue to call it what you want!

Fans continue to joke and react as Crewe Alexandra decide to rename their stadium…

@ethanclarke_01: Oh deary me

@MatthewRJackson: Is today April 1st?

@redd4n97: The more-flake stadium

@Callum_Binner22: Gresty Road. Nothing Else.

@FourKingAwesome: Off to the Mornflake Stadium…sounds strange but at least it’s a local company that has had ties to the club for a long time now and not a gambling company or whatnot! (It’ll always be Gresty Road tbh, don’t think I’ve ever called it ‘the Alexandra Stadium’ either.)

@JMitchell__: The Ice Cream Van stand now this 😭

@1985Pete: While im not a fan of stadium renames, and I am not a fan of “mornflake stadium”, we get enough stick for “ice cream van stand” as it is but this can only be good for the club and another positive investment to the club. Will always be “Gresty road”

@hobson9999: Seriously? 🤦‍♂️

@DaveMagenta: Let’s show some real respect for an incredibly loyal, and local, sponsor. You can stuff your airlines and betting sharks. Call it Gresty Road if you want, no problem; but don’t deny Mornflake the publicity, and don’t deny the Alex the money. COYR.

@Our_m4tt: Been the clubs short spondortfor well over a decade now. A local business that have backed the club through thick and thin – Sometimes, a stadium sponsorship deal isn’t always a bad thing.

@Inchaii: Great to see a local company, and one of the oldest private businesses in the UK, sponsor our stadium.

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