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Viewers criticise Sky Sports as Mark Wright causes controversy

Viewers have decided to criticise Sky Sports on Friday morning as Mark Wright causes controversy during his first day with the broadcaster.

The happy-go-lucky chap was a youth player for West Ham, Arsenal and Tottenham between 1994 and 2005, before turning out for the likes of Southend, Lewes, Grays, Crawley, Rushden, St Albans, Bishops’ Stortford, Fisher Athletic, Heybridge and Thurrock up until 2011, albeit not a huge number of game time overall, before his TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) life took over.

He then pursued a career in presenting and is still doing work with Heart Radio, but for the 2020/21 season, we have seen him turn out a few times for League Two side Crawley Town once again. A dream to play professional football for many.

Following his release this summer, he spoke about how he’s thankful for the opportunity, would have wanted more game time, however can no longer keep up with the demands of a busy life and wants to make more time for family.

Now he’s linked up rather bizarrely with Sky Sports News HQ, presenting and reporting the Euros across the next two months. Whether this could lead to a permanent stint is anyone’s guess, but early reaction seems that he’s not going down well with fans on social media.

If seeing the former reality TV star on our screens at 7am talking about international football wasn’t weird enough, alongside Mark and Bela Shah was singer Olly Murs, who was giving his verdict as well as picking his England XI.

The male duo, who have played together at Soccer Aid, which will be back later this year at the Etihad Stadium, were also discussing what they would have on music playlists.

All of this led to viewers choosing to criticise and switch Sky Sports off as Mark Wright and Olly Murs causes controversy with the topics of conversation that he was coming out with.

They then decided to go to a segment which fans could only describe as an odd attempt at Saturday Kitchen, randomly making a meal in homage to the Euros… as you do?

@MrJackWylie: The state of Sky sports

@SteveDoidge: My Euros experience can now be complete. I was holding out to hear what Olly Murs thought. Thank you Sky, you’re a life saver.

@benrasmin: First class coverage from Sky again 🙄

@egganelli70: Pulled one out of the hat there @SkySportsNews

@Lefeyette1: And people say sky sports news has become irrelevant 🤦‍♂️ can’t think why?!

@boris1873: Tv hell more like

@JP08895303: Getting the experts in

@BradKemsley: State of this!

@eames_jon: I’ve not watched sky sports news for about 2 years because I thought it was shit back then lol

@WillsfcMitchell: No wonder people have cancelled subscriptions.. having to watch shite like this 24/7

@simon1703: And this is why sky sports news has become irrelevant

@MarleyLovesBeer: Nice to see @MarkWright_ giving Scotland all of 60 seconds coverage this morning on Sky Sports News. Usual English arrogance.

@polish2016: Dreadful!

@alexhill40: what on earth has happened to Sky

@theostam72: Joke channel. You’re finished

@NK_ESQ: Christ almighty. I’m available at 11am if you want another opinion from a bloke off the street

@SentanceMatt: What the fuck is going off 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤣. Deary me

@ThatBladeGuy: Thank god you’ve finally got him on. I’ve had sleepless nights wondering what his starting XI would be #EURO2020

@tomclements1: Is this really what our subscriptions go towards?

@KerbdogWilt87: Mark Wright & Olly Murs, who next? Get Gemma Collins and ask her what she’d have for a half time snack? Sky Sports News is dead

@orientdave: Ffs, got up on my day off to watch Sky Sports News Euro report @ 8, part of the tournament ritual…Mike’s gone, Mark Wright presenting, Ollie Murs talking about upcoming tour, and some chef whipping up a pepper pesto pasta, wtf is happening! #skysports

@boris1873: Who ever gave Mark Wright a job on sky needs a kick in the baws

@adamraby1: Sky sports news … car crash TV this morning

@Josh0logy: Sky Sports News is all over the place. Mark Wright presenting for some reason and he can’t read. David James there and is a complete loose cannon.

@VentionWolves89: I know Sky Sports News was practically finished when Georgie Thompson left, but this is the death knell. Worse than Soccer AM.

@ForeverAYellow: I’ve got nothing against the guy, but christ me this just doesn’t fit, stick to Heart FM Mark, you’re much better there imo

@Jimmyormston1: Just when I thought @SkySportsNews couldn’t get any worse up pops Mark Wright to host good morning euros! Ffs.

@rosstitute73: How the fuck has Mark Wright got this gig man. Fuck me

@JakeProcter: Mark Wright and now Olly Murs. Is this skysports or Heart FM?

@daveshimmin: Someone’s had a shocker on sky sports news, they obviously tried to book Italia 90 England star Mark Wright for their morning euro show, and some clown has booked that Helmet off TOWIE by mistake

*Turn Sky Sports News on.*
*See the intelligence vacuum called Mark Wright hosting a programme.*
*Change channel immediately.*
Why do Sky Sports think they’re being trendy by giving airtime to people like him? Just give us some no-nonsense #EURO2020 coverage.

@MissCinderela: Mark Wright? Loool people are quick to forget his horrendous behaviour on towie

@jonnywilson87: Mark Wright on SSN. Sky have lost the plot.

@Great_Dane_92: Apparently playing for soccer aid makes you an expert 🙃

@Barnesy19752: Wow right on the pulse with regards to insightful Euro discussion……..

@avfc_loxley: Woeful

@Nolanhattrick: @SkySportsNews what garbage. Your new Euro show starts with Mark Wright of all people. A failed footballer famous for who he’s married too. He a proper Essex geezer. And who’s he interview about football? Essex singer Olly Murrs his best friend. A lot of thought gone into this.

@MichaelW_dev: Thank you @SkySportsNews for putting someone called Mark Wright on as a presenter. Made me switch off immediately and not be late to start work! Oh dear #ssn, what have you done

@mrgaztay: Sky Sports News is absolute car crash this morning. Olly Murs and Mark Wright now someone cooking shit. It’s 8am Prime Time and the Euros start tonight. Get it in the bin and go back to basics @SkySportsNews

@paulg_76: WTF is happening with @SkySportsNews going right down hill. Mark Wright and Olly Murs?? Awful

@What_TJD_Said: Mark Wright interviewing Olly Murs. No, not on Heart FM, but on Sky Sports News. Fucking hell.

@23HPork: Mark Wright AND Olly Murs both on Sky Sports News this morning. As much as they’re both not bad people, it does show how downhill the channel in general has gone

@Lee_Sims94: Turned on Sky Sports News on the morning of the Euros to be greeted by Olly Murs and Mark Wright. Remember when Sky used to have decent tournament coverage?

@Hendo1980: Banged SSN on while I have brekkie, sitting through Ollie Murs answering footy predictions being fired at him by Mark Wright while doing keep ups. Feels like I’m watching The Only Way Is Sky Sports News

@DebbieMCFC36: Sports channel my arse

@ScoutXd1: Mark Wright and Olly Murs on SSN, when did it become ITV2

@DaveSpanswick: Just when you think @SkySportsNews has hit rock bottom. Once again they prove us wrong.

@PeterFearns: “A very special guest” What definition of “special” are Sky using here?

@Bagpuss29300189: Cheap and available.

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