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Fans catch Germany’s Joachim Low in ‘gross’ antics during defeat to France

Fans catch Germany’s Joachim Low in what has been described as ‘gross’ antics during their Euro 2020 defeat to France on Tuesday.

Some viewers were quick to point out that the 61 year old was up to his old tricks again as the camera showed to the manager sniffing his fingers once again.

Footage of the World Cup winning head coach Low slipping his hands down his trousers before then raising his hands to his face, something we saw go viral at Euro 2016.

Five years on, and social media think they caught Low doing the same, as pictures emerged of the 61-year-old raising his fingers up to his nose again in the dugout whilst his team were losing.

Mats Hummels’ first-half own goal was enough for the world champions France to come out victorious at the Allianz Arena, though Low’s side did have chances in the second-half in Munich.

Yet Low’s repeat of the infamous footage which did the rounds online five years ago was what got many fans talking on Twitter during and after the game.

One person simply asked: ‘Why does Joachim Low always sniff his fingers?’

A few other users joked at Low’s actions whilst his side were trailing, with one adding: ‘Joachim Low had a few sniffs but no goal yet,’ and another ‘Germans still in with a sniff here. Well Joachim Low is.’

Low likes to have a dig around during matches

In the same game, Paul Pogba claimed Antonio Rudiger “nibbled” him but does not want the defender to be banned over the incident.

The Manchester United midfielder reacted angrily after Rudiger was caught on camera putting his face close to Pogba’s back before reaching his arms around the Frenchman’s chest.

Pogba appeared to suggest to the referee that Rudiger had bitten him after the clash between the two players towards the end of the first half.

UEFA will wait for the referee’s match report before making a decision on whether to open disciplinary proceedings.

“I’m not crying for cards, yellow, red cards because of such actions,” Pogba said.

“He nibbled, I think, a little bit on me. But we have known each other for a long time.

“I told the referee and he takes decisions and he took a decision. It’s over.

“It was a great match for us … and I didn’t want him to be suspended because of such a situation. It was towards the end of the match. We hugged each other and that’s it.”

Prior to the game, another strange incident saw a parachutist come very close to colliding into a stand and the media staff.

Greenpeace has apologised for the injuries caused by a protester whose parachute landing “did not go as planned” before Germany’s game against France.

Uefa said “several people” were treated in hospital after the man connected with overhead camera wires and caused debris to fall on to the pitch and main grandstand.

The Greenpeace spokesperson Benjamin Stephan said “that was never our intention. The paraglider was to fly over the stadium and drop a latex ball with a message of protest on to the field.”

The protester’s parachute had the slogan “KICK OUT OIL!” and “Greenpeace” on it. Stephan said “technical difficulties meant the pilot was forced to land in the stadium. We deeply regret that this put people in danger and apparently injured two persons.”

The protester landed heavily on the pitch and was given medical attention before being escorted away by security. Uefa called the action “reckless and dangerous” and said “law authorities will take the necessary action”.

France’s head coach, Didier Deschamps, was seen ducking out of the way of a large piece of equipment near the dugout.

“Shortly before the start of tonight’s Euro 2020 match between France and Germany in Munich, a protester briefly entered the stadium from the air and tried to land on the pitch,” said Uefa in a statement.

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As mentioned, fans catch Germany’s Joachim Low in ‘gross’ antics during the defeat to France…

@becksthfc: An international tournament hasn’t officially started until Joachim Low is caught on camera sniffing his fingers.

@BenGelblum: Congratulations everyone who had 59 minutes in the Joachim Low shitfingers sniff sweepstakes

@speltcia: Look at Joachim Low, man. Finger in each nostril. Just finger gunned his cake hasn’t he

@ZedS7_: 3 certainties in life. 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Joachim Low havin a cheeky sniff

@sc0ttzilla: Reckon there’s all kinds of shite on Joachim Low’s hard drive

@Jacob_1878: Dirty man Joachim Low deserves everything he gets after sniffin his own winnets

@Proper_Facts: Joachim Low is to become the new face of Cheesey Wotsits

@mitro_docffc: Mr Low getting confused with his contact tracing again

@SivanJohn_: It was very obvious when Didier Deschamps didn’t seem to bother to shake hands with him prior before kick off. Joachim Low had to walk all the way to the 2014 French team dugout.

@Drayden777: give us a sniff fella

@MissAsh_7: He is a very strange man 😂

@LukiWords: He loves the smell of his Mannschaft

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