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English Premier League

Tottenham’s results in the Premier League

Tottenham is one great team whose heyday has blurred into the early 1990s, when the Premier League was in its infancy. Only now the team is slowly climbing up the ranks of the leaders of modern English soccer, making you forget about the long period of unstable results with fluctuating between the struggle for survival and the zone of the Europa League (UEFA Cup). “Tottenham is historically a cup team. Thanks to Tottenham the real soccer fans got a charge of energy, excitement and joy, which led to an increased interest in sports betting and, of course, sites not affected by gamstop.

Tottenham in the Premier League

A great season finale in the Premier League! The 38th round brought great emotions, and the situation in the table among the teams fighting for the cups changed like in a kaleidoscope. In the end, Liverpool and Chelsea playing in the Champions League, which place in the Champions League secured… Tottenham.

Such an exciting finish to the league season in England has not been seen for years. Although the champion and vice-champion of the country as well as the relegated players were known some time ago, the last round was to bring the decisive decisions in the matter of who will play in the European cups. And here there were many possibilities.

What teams played?

Chelsea, Leicester City and Liverpool were fighting for two places in the Champions League. The Blues had 67 points, while the Foxes and The Reds had 66 points each. Tottenham, Everton and Arsenal were involved in the fight for the Conference League. The first two clubs had 59 points each, while the Canaries had 58. The best of them was to advance.

Theoretically, the easiest task among all the mentioned teams had Liverpool, who took on Crystal Palace. Chelsea played away with Aston Villa, Arsenal faced Brighton, Everton also played away with Man City, and in the most interesting match for the table Leicester competed with Tottenham. And it was in their encounter that the most action happened.

How did the games go?

Jamie Vardy started the shooting in the 18th minute, scoring from a penalty kick and giving then his team the 3rd place in the table. Liverpool was then pushed out of the TOP4, but not for long, because after just over a quarter of an hour The Reds came out on top in a clash with Crystal Palace. The goal was scored by Sadio Mane. The matches were extremely tense and exciting, awakening the excitement in every soccer fan, which is when sports betting and windiggers casino no deposit bonus came to the rescue.

Help from Tottenham

Out of the four at the time was Chelsea, who to top it off just before the break lost a goal at Villa Park. The goal was scored by its former player, Bertrand Traore. At the same time, however, Tottenham came to the Blues’ aid – for the first time on that day – with Harry Kane’s goal that led to a 1-1 draw with Leicester. That hit gave Chelsea a return to fourth place.

Leicester was fifth because they had a worse goal balance than the Londoners (+22 Chelsea to +20 Leicester). Tottenham was scheduled to play in the Conference League.

That was how things stood at half-time of Sunday’s games. Shortly after the resumption of the game, however, everything changed. First, Arsenal took the lead against Brighton, thus jumping into the Conference League at the expense of Tottenham. Moments later, Chelsea lost their second goal against Aston Villa almost simultaneously, and Leicester got back into the lead against the Roosters. Again, a goal from a penalty kick was scored by Vardy.

Chelsea’s situation was hopeless at that time. Thomas Tuchel’s team was fifth, losing 0:2 and to return to TOP4 had to score three goals or… count on another help from Tottenham. And it received it. Roosters in the final 15 minutes turned the fate of the match at the King Power Stadium. First, Hueng Min-Son scored directly from a corner kick after an error by Kasper Schmeichel, and then two goals were scored by Gareth Bale. Tottenham won 4:2 and secured their appearance in the Conference League, while Chelsea gave a place in the Champions League.


In the end, the Blues finished fourth, but even if they had finished the season in 5th place, they would still have had a chance to qualify for the Champions League. For that, they needed to win in this year’s final against Man City. That meeting took place on May 29.

And what happened in the rest of Sunday’s matches? The aforementioned Man City beat Everton by as much as 5-0, and Sergio Agüero scored two goals to bid farewell to England. The Argentine, who is transferring to Barcelona, broke the record for the most goals scored for one team in the Premier League. Liverpool won 2-0, runner-up Manchester United also won, beating Wolverhampton 2-1.


Yes, Tottenham failed to win the Premier League, but the team made a special contribution to the further distribution of other teams in the standings. In addition, this club attracted a huge number of fans who looked forward to every game and, of course, to the victory of their favorite team.

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