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Peter Schmeichel reveals UEFA made a threat to Denmark after Christian Eriksen collapsed

Peter Schmeichel reveals that UEFA shockingly made a threat to Denmark after Christian Eriksen collapsed in the Euro 2020 game vs Finland.

The former Manchester United and Denmark goalkeeper has revealed why his country’s national team ended up having to finish their game on Saturday.

Despite the collapse of Eriksen on the pitch leaving his team-mates and spectators in the ground in tears and complete shock, the game ended up finishing that same night to the surprise of many.

Man Utd hero Peter Schmeichel 'not happy' with fan protest at Old Trafford  - Daily Star

Peter Schmeichel reveals UEFA made a threat to Denmark after Christian Eriksen collapsed

However, Schmeichel says it wasn’t really up to the players to keep on going, as he told Good Morning Britain that he is aware of UEFA threatening Denmark.

Schmeichel says the Danes harshly faced being handed a 3-0 defeat if they forfeited the match, though there were also options to reschedule.

When asked if it was the players’ decision for the game to be restarted after Eriksen had been taken to hospital, Schmeichel said: “Well that’s an interesting debate.

“I actually saw an official quote from UEFA yesterday saying that they were following the advice of the player, the players insisted on playing – I know that not to be the truth.

“Or, it’s how you see the truth. They were left with three options, one was to play immediately and get the last 50 minutes played.

“The next one was to come in yesterday at 12 noon and finish the 50 minutes and the third option was to forfeit the game, 3-0.

“So work it out for yourself. Is it the players’ wish to play? Did they have any choice really? I don’t think they had.

“As you can hear from yesterday’s press conference, the coach, he seriously regrets putting the players back on to the pitch.”

Still, it didn’t put the team in an easy position, and instead they went ahead and played on, losing 1-0 to Finland.

Denmark’s team doctor Morten Boesen later confirmed Eriksen was stable having suffered a cardiac arrest and that “he was gone” prior to being resuscitated.

At a press conference on Sunday, Hjulmand said: “I know it is very difficult but looking back, I think it was the wrong decision to make the decision with the players in this scenario.

“Players who are in a shocked condition, players who don’t really know yet whether they have lost their best friend.

“They have to decide between these two things. I don’t think we should have played, but I know it’s difficult.

“We should have just got on the bus and gone home and let’s see what the next days would have brought, but that is just my feelings now.

“I think it is a very tough decision and a tough message that the players tried to make a decision.

“I know it’s difficult, but I have a sense that the players thought it was wrong to make this decision.”

Denmark director of football Peter Moller added: “Nobody should blame the players. I felt no pressure from UEFA but I think this is a topic that afterwards, I am not sure it was the right decision to play the game.

“When you look at the players today, when you see how emotionally they are affected by the situation, we have to think about what we will do in the future.

“We all love football, but football is not the most important thing in the world. The most important thing is the people you love, family and the people close to you.

“The day after, when we sit here, I totally agree with Kasper that I don’t think the right decision was to play the game.”

Denmark are due to face Belgium on Thursday in their second group game.

“I get the feelings from the players that maybe the time is too short to try to play football again, but maybe we can use it as a force to get together and try to go out and do our best in the next match,” said Hjulmand.

Professor Sanjay Sharma, a cardiologist at St George’s University Hospital in London and medical director for the London Marathon, said it was unlikely Eriksen would be able to continue with his playing career.

“If we assume he’s had a virus, then that will certainly have caused inflammation and left a scar in the heart,” professor Sharma told GMB.

“If something like that was capable of causing a sudden cardiac death a couple of days ago, then there’s a chance that any remaining scar could possibly do that in the future.

“So one thing they will do is implant something called a cardioverter-defibrillator that watches his heart day and night and that will be able to deliver a shock in the future.

“But whether he competes again is dependable on lots of factors, his own psyche, his discussions with his wife and children and also the legislation in various countries.

“For example, in Italy where he competes he certainly would not be able to play football again.”

Kasper Schmeichel revealed what he told Christian Eriksen’s tearful partner as she thought the worst.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Peter said: “That would be the worst two hours in my time in football. We had absolutely no information but we could see it was very, very serious.

“You look at the reaction of the players and it happened not very far from all the wives of the players and, of course, Christian’s wife would have seen that.

“She came onto the pitch and you could see from the reaction of the players; I saw my son Kasper run over to her, and I spoke to him last night.

“He said that Christian is breathing. She actually thought that he’d passed away, and just to confirm that (he was breathing) he went back to be absolutely sure that he wasn’t saying anything that was out of order.

“By then Christian was talking to the doctor and we could see there was a little bit of calm there, but until it was confirmed it was really terrible to watch it all and to understand why a fit, 29-year-old player at this level and how it can happen like that.

“And having a son there, straight away you relate that to yourself.”

As Peter Schmeichel reveals UEFA made a threat to Denmark after former Premier League player Christian Eriksen collapsed, fans gave their reaction…

Should it have been rescheduled? Was the threat a harsh one? Let us know via our socials!

@afcxman: Disgraceful organization, not surprised tho

@adamhembrow1: Something needs to be put in place to stop this sort of thing happening again. It’s not as straight forward as ‘just play on’ hopefully UFEA will create a new system in place.

@KaiDonaldCFC: wtf if this true it’s so disgusting.

@failsworthmcsc: Stay classy Uefa

@FoxInTh40632319: People will say rules are rules, but at what point do we start treating players like humans

@kearneyjay: Fuckin hell. If that’s true. #fuckUefa

@Luke41010101: Wow really anyone still thinking that super League was a bad idea after how corrupt UEFA our 🤨 all they care about is money 💰

@BFCDanny_: UEFA don’t give two hoots about the players health and well-being. Classic examples such as the attempted Dortmund bus bombing, made them play the same night just goes to prove my point

@SxrgioSZN: someone’s life should be worth more than a rule tbh, they should know that themselves

@DanMezzala: Disgusting from @UEFA

@Iam_Ram2128: UEFA don’t give a damn about players’ welfare. Couldn’t stomach the way they all acted like saints during the ESL fiasco.

@DozaAFC: Fuck UEFA

@BermudaBat: @UEFA should be ashamed of themselves, if this is correct..

@MauriceODrisco: If this is true then it shows UEFA don’t give a damn about players or fans. That all they care about is their own bureaucracy and of course money. This should be followed up.

@callumLtfc: @UEFA are a disgusting organisation so I’m not surprised the slightest.

@DominicCraig93: Absolute disgrace

@Statto_74: UEFA are self/money obsessed scumbags. What Eriksen’s teammates suffered is likely to have PTSD like effects, they might not show immediately but it’s likely to have a profound effect on them.

@Smelly_Beagle: And if ever you thought UEFA was not just about money. They don’t give a shit about the fans not the players.

@TheScore01: UEFA don’t care about players. They don’t care about fans. They only care about money. Fans & players are just commodities to them. To them, Christian Eriksen’s life means nothing. He’s just a commodity. An object. Disgraceful.

@meekcfc: Disgraceful from top to bottom. From the filming of his distressed girlfriend to giving the players no choice but to play when they were not in the emotional state to do so. Denmark have been failed.

@Official_T4O: Why the choosing we had to do in the battle between the UEFA and Super League was always about the lesser evil

@MissAsh_7: Uefa are disgusting, treating players like Puppets, making threats to keep them in line. So much for it was the players decision. The players need protection from those clowns.

@JChatfield94: UEFA are disgusting. The whole sport needs fundamental reform, led by fans.

@VitesseChels: Denmark should just have withdrawn with these kind of ridiculous threats. Like always, @UEFA chose money over football & humans.

@aritrabvb: Nothing can be more shameful if this is true.

@courtneymufc: fuck the uefa

@mxddylfc: i know there’s no protocol for what to do when a player suffers a cardiac arrest mid-game .. but woah, UEFA handled this in the worst way possible, and i thought that even before this was revealed so there are major issues here

@alfchels: Fuck UEFA man. Disgusting.

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