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Ex-Celtic, Reading, Rushden, Oxford player reveals cancer diagnosis age 49 and launches appeal

Ex-Celtic, Reading, Rushden, Oxford player Stuart Gray reveals a recent cancer diagnosis at the age of 49 and launches an appeal.

Stuart, who is the son of Leeds legend Eddie Gray, tells his story, with his former clubs also putting this the their fans to raise awareness.

As of writing this (on Thursday the 14th of September), a total amount of £24,616 has been raised, and if you want to donate something, you can by clicking HERE or on the button below.



Welcome to my page and thank you for visiting!

My name is Stuart Gray. I’m a 49-year-old father of five from Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

I was recently diagnosed with stage four Cholangiocarcinoma, which is a very rare and highly aggressive form of cancer that forms in the bile ducts. Sadly, by the time this cancer begins to show symptoms, it is usually too advanced for surgery, which is currently the only potential cure.

To make my condition even more complex, I was also recently diagnosed with PSC (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis), which is a chronic liver disease in which the bile ducts inside and outside the liver become inflamed and scarred, and eventually narrowed or blocked. This disease has no known cure and was most likely a contributing factor in the development of my cancer.

The severity of my illness means that doctors estimate my life expectancy from time of diagnosis (June 2023) is somewhere in the region of 6 to 18 months. However, treatments are available for the Cholangiocarcinoma that can prolong life expectancy, and in some rare cases even cure this terrible disease, and I am determined to do everything I can to fight it with everything I have.

Some of these treatments, such as the standard GemCis chemotherapy, are widely available on the NHS. However, some of the newer and more experimental treatments, that could have the most significant and life changing impact, have not yet been approved for NHS use. Therefore, they are less readily available, and come at a significant cost.

At time of writing, Durvalumab, an immunotherapy drug which activates the immune system to fight against cancer cells, is in the process of being approved by the NHS for widescale use. There are also various other immunotherapy drugs that are being tested and will hopefully soon be available for use in the fight against cancer.

Unfortunately, time is not on my side, and to wait for approval of these various experimental treatments, and then for the treatments to be administered by the NHS, will likely take years.

Accessing these drugs and treatments privately is costly and can be difficult. Amongst other things, the process could involve;

– Biopsys (liquid and/or tissue) and molecular testing to gauge which drugs may work best for myself and my condition

– Regular consultant phone calls, reviews and meetings

– CT, MRI scans and X-rays

– Invasive procedures including the fitting of stents to relieve pain

– Train travel to London, or perhaps air travel to see consultants overseas

– Accommodation costs

– Accessing the drugs themselves and having them administered

– Alternative wellbeing therapies

My family and I will be posting regular updates along the way and will be partaking in various fundraising efforts to help pay for any treatment that may be needed in the coming months and, God willing, years.

Any help or support you can offer during this process would be appreciated more than you will ever know.

Whilst the kind donations made here will be helping me to fund my ongoing treatment, I also want to make sure I am doing my bit in the wider fight against cancer, and specifically Cholangiocarcinoma. As such, a percentage of the proceeds made here will be donated to the AMMF Cholangiocarcinoma charity. If/when treatment is no longer needed, for whatever reason, all of the surplus funds will also go to the AMMF.

Thanks, Stuart

To read more about Cholangiocarcinoma, and to support the incredible AMMF charity, which is currently the UK’s only Cholangiocarcinoma charity, visit ammf.org.uk

National cancer charities that offer support and information about bile duct cancer…

AMMF: The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity

Information and support for anyone affected by cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer).

Macmillan Cancer Support

Information and support for anyone affected by cancer.

Cancer Research UK

Information and support for anyone affected by cancer.


Practical, emotional and social support for anyone affected by cancer.

Marie Curie

Care and support for anyone affected by a terminal illness.

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