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Carlisle have last laugh with update after seeing their kit mocked by Gary Rowett

Carlisle have the last laugh with an update after seeing their kit mocked by Gary Rowett live on Sky Sports’ Soccer Saturday.

The Millwall boss was in the studio last weekend, reporting on one of just two League One fixtures that were on during the international break.

But just three minutes into watching the game on the monitor, he had some difficulty trying to figure out who was who, all because of their kit.

Gary Rowett said: “The only the only surprise is Carlisle’s kit. It’s probably the worst kit I think I’ve ever, ever witnessed.

“It’s got about 15 different colors in it. I’m trying to work out who the actual names are because the kit’s that multicolored, it’s difficult to read, but yeah…

“You’d imagine Stevenage going to put a little bit of pressure on Paul Simpson’s Carlisle. You know, they’ve they’ve Stevenage don’t concede many goals. Carlisle haven’t up to this point scored too many, but it’s early days.”

The game ended up finishing in a 2-2 draw, meaning Stevenage moved to the top of the League One table despite Joe Garner’s late header earning Carlisle a point.

We are delighted to confirm that, due to popular demand, another large kit order has been placed with Umbro.

Following unprecedented demand, and the most popular kit launch since records began, sales from the latest order were extraordinary and despite it being our biggest reorder on record, some sizes sold out quickly again.

Over 6,000 shirts have now been sold, which is already approaching almost double the sales from the whole of last season.

We still have limited availability of small and 4XL home shirts, as well as children’s home shirts and limited away shirts.

Retail manager Stef McLean said: “The response to both kits has been absolutely fantastic.

“The amount of shirts sold has broken all club records, as well as being the biggest order Kitlocker have ever placed, which is brilliant.

“We are now working to create an online pre-order option, which should be available soon. Once the new order of kit is received we will process the pre-orders before the rest of the shirts go on sale in the Blues Store and online.

“From ordering to delivery, the last reorder arrived in nine weeks, so we hope to have the new stock with us by the end of November. We will, of course, update everyone as soon as it arrives.”

We ask fans to wait to take advantage of this system, but if you want order now the Blues Store are accepting pre-orders on shirts.

These can be placed by calling 0330 094 5930 (option 2) or by emailing blues.store@carlisleunited.co.uk – an online pre-order option will be available shortly.

Chief executive Nigel Clibbens said: “The sales to date have been far beyond anything we have ever seen before – by a big margin.

“On the one hand we are delighted fans want them so much but, on the other, we are sorry that every fan who wants one can’t get one just now.

“The second order although far, far bigger than ever before, also by some margin, still proved to be less than we need.

“Forecasting demand for orders has proved very difficult. There are no precedents for the continuing sales we are seeing in all sizes for both home and away.

“The third order we have just placed is the biggest single order for kit in the history of the club.”

This is what fans said as Carlisle have last laugh with their latest update after seeing their kit mocked by Gary Rowett…

@cufc_andy17: Up the fruit salad army 🩷💛🖤

@CabezaJake: 15 colours? It has 3? Rowetts on the Spice

@HunterMartyn: He has no idea, best kit in the league 🟡⚫️🟣

@lizmoore57: Bloody lovely strip ⚫️🩷🟡🦊🔵💙

@quintonblues: Stevenage don’t let in many and Carlisle don’t score many…… 2-2 final score . 👌classic insight Gary

@buzzisbackCUFC: Millwall boss in lack of taste shocker.

@Luguvalium1: As a true Blue, I’m not that keen but I think in years to come, it could be up there with the deckchair kit of the mid-nineties for iconic. Come on you Fruit salad/ bus seat Blues! 💙

@trit0ps: That’s why it keeps selling out as soon as it’s restocked you clampet.

@HParkz10: Great job your not paid to comment on kits then ain’t it gary

@dougrmurphy: You wish Millwall had the marketing genius to come out with a kit like ours

@AniHarish5: Complete contrast to his style of play then

@KitConnorsseur: Gary Rowett, yet again proving that he does not know ball.

@MissKellyDixon: It’s a great kit, the fruit salad shirt 😂

@epouvantail: That’ll be a kit that’s sold out two runs there. Wazzock #cufc

@CUFC70: Keeps selling out for fun – going to break all Carlisle kit sale records. Absolute genius by the people who come up with it.

@KevBirnie: Well the ‘worst kit ever’ has sold out twice in record time. Bellend

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