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Dorking’s Marc White ‘tells the EFL to get to f***’ as he amuses viewers on UndrTheCosh

Dorking’s Marc White ‘tells the EFL to get to f***’ as he amuses viewers when making an appearance on UndrTheCosh this week.

The club’s owner, chairman and manager was interviewed on the latest episode, sharing his and the clubs unbelievable story from park football to being one division away from League Two.

In it, he talks about Coach Badge Conundrums, FA charges, touch line bans, net fishing and bad cobbler, and it’s definitely worth a watch.

When asked about coaching badges, White – whose side sit 21st in the National League with 6 points from 8 games played – said: “I ain’t got fuck all. And do you know what I got told? And I think this is true, I got told that to be in the EFL, you have to have a badge to be a manager.

“So people keep saying, Marc, you know, if you get promoted, you ain’t got a badge. I will start a nationwide campaign to tell the EFL to get to f*** if I’m getting a badge.

“What are you talking about? I need something to be something. Like a fucking bus driver. I appreciate that. You need to be able to drive a bus. No one’s safety at fucking risk.

“Yeah, just let me fucking be the manager. I’ve not got the badge.

“I can’t even stand the people that run the courses.”

When asked “What if you get promoted again’, he replied: Like you’ve done all this work, you’ve got to this point. Yeah, I’m going to get the laws changed. I’m going get to rules changed.”

“It’s a fucking stupid I don’t understand why you need one. What’s the logic? And why you’d need a fucking badge? It’s ridiculous.

“And they’re all fucking shit. I don’t know. What is it? Level One is literally like crossing the fucking road. It’s not for me.

“Listen, I mean, look, I respect anyone that does badges and stuff like that. I want to better him, I truly do. But I back myself. And I don’t need a fucking badge to back myself.”

Marc White also reveals how an ingenious way of how he got around stadium bans dished out by the Football Association.

White once poked a rival fan in the eye following a verbal exchange – but not before removing his glasses as a show of respect.

He said he often finds himself clashing with officials on a regular basis, dubbing himself a “referee advisory service” by not holding back criticising referees.

He was recently given with an eight-game stadium ban having been sent off 16 minutes into a game against York City.

But the manager admits he has found a way of secretly get around that.

White told Under The Cosh: “You’re not allowed anywhere near the ground on a matchday so you have to watch it from the hotel or the player’s bus. A lot of managers go in disguises, that’s a well-known thing.”

When asked if he’s ever done that, White said: “A lot of people I know have – it’s an easy thing to do. But I’ve behaved this time around, taken it like a man. If you get caught you’d just get f***ed even more.

“The FA are transitioning from traffic wardens to a gestapo or something. Everything’s about suspensions, bans and fines.”

He added: “I think if you’re going to do it, be a mascot. Because everyone’s scared of the f***ers aren’t they?

“People told me for the last game ‘Marc go and sit in the corner dressed as the Dorking cockerel, no one will go near you.’”

As mentioned, Dorking’s Marc White ‘tells the EFL to get to f***’ as he amuses viewers on UndrTheCosh…

@JimDeeIslington: Top man. Bang on he is about badges. Had a fella say to me last season “I’m UEFA B, what are you?”. I said “I’m 5-0 up mate”. You know what you know.

@BillyCove10: I did a Dale Carnegie Leadership course 20 years ago, best thing I’ve done. It’s transferable to football & has helped me out massively to this day. I know some “UEFA B” coaches that can’t hold a room, so the badge becomes irrelevant as they’re unable to get their points across.

@northmcrath: So true, the fact the L1 is all digital with no actual coaching is ridiculous. Luckily I found my old L1 handbook to pass over to my new coach but I’d advise new coaches to watch at least 5 experienced others to build a bank of session activities.

@AdamSimmo73: Half the ex pro’s are running around with PFA tutored Pro Licenses just for turning up so I make him right. System is a shambles!

@AshleyRidley16: Absolutely love him I am getting my badges but he has shown what u can do with out them and actually interestingly I was told by someone not to have the attuide to change rules but it shows the fa sometimes and the efl are out of date and rules are there to be challenged 👀⚽️

@Hemms10: Speaks a lot of sense ! Having badges doesn’t make you a better coach than someone who doesn’t!

@Gouldyy27: Well said 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

@_Wrighty7: “I ain’t got fuck all” 🤣🤣🤣

@BigShaw1: Couldn’t be more bang on if he tried

@TheJoeJackson: Couldn’t agree more! A way for the FA to make more money and that’s it 🤷‍♀️ if you can manage you can manage it’s that’s simple!

Completely formed the wrong opinion of him
What he’s done, what he’s sacrificed
The money and the effort into making dorking a success
Fair play, an absolute diamond geezer

@JackMcGov: A real bloke talking real things. Refreshing to see someone with this kind of personality in the game making a different noise. Fair play.

@cosmicfray10: I enjoyed this lol.. I love how he does things on his own terms!

@scottycordz: This guy is an absolute hero 😂🫶⚽

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