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England fans mock Wales and comments made by Sorba Thomas and Kieffer Moore

England fans have took to mock Wales after their defeat by Iran and comments made by players Sorba Thomas and Kieffer Moore.

Wales’ ten-man team was left devastated after Iran scored two goals in the second half to win 2-0. This victory means that their World Cup knockout hopes are now firmly in doubt.

After Wayne Hennessey was given a straight red for running off his line and fouling Mehdi Taremi in the 85th minute, Rouzbeh Cheshmi scored a stunning goal that broke Wales’ resistance.

Iran added their second goal with the final kick of the match when Ramin Rezaeian completed a rapid counter-attack with an impressive finish that saw him beat Danny Ward, the substitute goalkeeper.

Wales wanted to win to increase their chances of reaching the knockout stage. They had drawn 1-1 with USA in their first game. However, they failed to beat Iran and Gareth Bale was unable to inspire more heroics.

Rob Page’s team will need to defeat England in their last Group B match to be in any chance of reaching the 16th round. Iran, who have improved from their 6-2 loss against Gareth Southgate, are hopeful of repeating this feat.

Iran coach Carlos Queiroz told BBC One:

“This is just the beginning, but we need to finish the job.

“A wonderful day for us.

“All respect to my players, today showed they love to play football.

“Our players deserve to be supported. We want to play for the fans.”

Wales captain Gareth Bale told BBC One:

“We are gutted, there is no other way to say it.

“We fought until the last second and we need to go again.

“We are all gutted but we have to pick ourselves up straight away.

“It is going to be difficult for us for sure. We will have to see.

“What can I say? We recover and we have to go again.”

Wales manager Rob Page has had his say after the defeat to Iran, speaking to BBC Radio Wales.

“Our performance before the red card was not acceptable.

“We hoped it would all come together today, but we were nowhere near the levels we’ve set and the standards we’ve set in recent games.

“One or two you can carry, but when there are so many off days there is only one outcome.

“I always take responsibility, that’s my team, the sending off didn’t help of course but at that point we had five forwards on the pitch so couldn’t get a defensive shape.

“But yes I’ll always take responsibility for performances.

“It’s a difficult changing room at the minute but we will be ready [against England], it’s a local derby and a great game to finish on and we’ll be prepared to go.”


It’s comments before the game though that England fans are revisiting, with towering Wales striker Kieffer Moore saying on the 20th of November that he “can’t wait” to knock England out of the World Cup in Qatar.

The 6ft 5ins Bournemouth forward, 30, added: “There will be no mixed loyalties. I can’t remember much [about being capped by England C]. It was Estonia maybe and I think I came on towards the end of the game.”

Moore, despite being born in Torquay, qualifies via his Welsh grandfather from Llanrug in north Wales, and has already scored a Premier League goal this season past England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford as the Cherries beat Everton 3-0 earlier this month, with Moore saying: “It is nice to get one up already.”

He said: “Along with the physical side, not many people you come up against like that side of the game.

“It is a bit of rarity now and something you can pull on.

“You can dominate the person you are up against in a physical and aggressive way. I like to lean against stuff where I think I can have an advantage.

“One player that springs to mind [like that] is Zlatan. You can see his physical prowess, the way he holds himself, his character and the way he plays football.

“I have watched countless videos of virtually every striker worth watching. I like to analyse a lot of other people to see if that can help me and I feel I have learned a whole lot of stuff from those videos.”

However Moore is aware his approach has led to greater scrutiny from match officials which has led to Page urging him to jump for the ball without swinging his arms.

“I have made a real conscious effort of working around it for the last year or so,” said Moore.

“As dumb as it sounds, it’s not so much jumping without your arms but trying to lever yourself in that kind of way and doing different stuff to still have the same impact.”

Meanwhile, Huddersfield and Wales winger Sorba Thomas turned up the heat ahead of the Red Dragons’ Group B clash with neighbours England on Tuesday – saying he would relish knocking out the country of his birth out of the World Cup.

He said: “I’m someone who wants to play in the big games, someone who wants to be a part of those big moments and for us, we don’t fear England, never have. Whether that’s football, rugby whatever…we don’t fear England.

“For us, they have a big match against the USA… why can’t we be the ones to knock them out?”

Thomas – who qualifies for the Principality through his Newport-born mother, but is a known Londoner – made his World Cup bow as a 93rd-minute substitute.


Fellow EFL player Josh Windass saw what Sorba had to say, and himself quote tweeted: “Says the bloke from London 🔥”

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As mentioned, England fans took to mock Wales after their defeat to Iran, and comments made by Sorba Thomas and Kieffer Moore… 

@Chrisscore0: Where’s that keiffer Moore bum that said ‘he was gonna knock out England’ 🤣🤣🤣 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

@robertmark1976: Start packing boys 😂😂😂

@danstephenson95: What about Iran Sorba?

@danielcafc: It’s OnLy IRaN 🤫

@worgqn: 2 bitter English Lower league bums not good enough to make the cut so settled for Wales.

@Mettatron069: Does Kieffer have any Moore to say about knocking England out? 🤣🤣🤣

@Rcurtis24: I reckon Sorba Thomas is currently in the dressing room saying something like ‘I’m not even Welsh anyway, I’m from London’

@abs_rufc: Welsh tears, that’ll do nicely 🥰

@aidanlowther: put the bins out for us, cheers lads! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

@J_CartwrightN0T: Wales have waited 64 years to play in the World Cup to lose to Iran 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@joerobbs: Sorba Thomas looks a little bit silly doesn’t he?

@R_J_M_11: Loooooooollllll the Welsh have been giving it the beans all week saying they dont fear England, and they get humiliated by IRAN 😂😂😂. Enjoy dancing on the tables today lads. This has been absolutely sensational

@nickmadden91: “ it’s only Iran” 😂😂😂😂

@Georgesimonds12: Imagine waiting 64 years for that 😭😭😭

@VillaWatch1: It’s the taking part that counts lads but thanks for giving us a fantastic start to the weekend 🤩🤩

@MrDay14: Kieffer Moore couldn’t even knock Iran out never mind england. Big dosser

@_WestHamReport: Sorba lad, your statement is going to make you look a right tit.

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