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Footage emerges of 15-man brawl including England fans outside Essex bar after World Cup match

Footage emerges of a 15-man brawl including England fans and punters outside an Essex based bar after a World Cup match earlier this week.

Shortly after England’s first match of the World Cup, a brawl broke out near a bar in Billericay. A large number of people were fighting on the pavement in footage taken outside French Martini. Although they apologised to customers, the owners said that the fight was not connected to the football match.

The incident took place just after 3pm Monday, November 21st, outside the Western Street bar in the town, and now a new video shows a large crowd having it out on pavement with punches and other objects being thrown, and people being forced to the ground.

Essex Police confirmed that officers were dispatched to the scene after reports of disturbances at 3.15pm. However, the crowd had dispersed by the time officers arrived. The force has not received any reports of injuries.

French Martini’s owners expressed their dismay at the brawl but noted that it was a dispute between two punters. Tensions were high around the time England’s match against Iran, where the Lions won 6-2, was closing in.

A spokesperson told the Southend Echo: “We a hugely disappointed with the incident.

“It was not football related, it was an on-going feud between punters, nothing to do with football.

“It was an on-going feud between two people in the place and if we had known that was the situation, we would have got one of them to have removed themselves. But we were not aware.

“No one wants to see an incident like this, but it wasn’t anything to do with the football.

“It escalated extremely quickly, and just ruined the day.

“We are gutted.

“The atmosphere before that was insane, we had spent a lot of money setting up for the England game, with projectors put in.

“We wanted to make it an event for everyone, and the minority ruined that.

“We couldn’t have done anything more to have stop it, it just got out of hand extremely quickly.

“However, we will still be showing the rest of England’s World Cup games, and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy it.”

French Martini said they are still going ahead showing the upcoming England matches, but reiterated behaviour like that is not acceptable.

This is what social media users said as footage emerges of a 15-man brawl including England fans outside an Essex bar after the Three Lions’ first World Cup match…

@hollywood_niall: Few beers on a Monday lunchtime.

@Jayhammer_66: Always a good scrap the world cup in Billericay 🤣🤣

@LWestrap: Frenc Martini – says it all…

@sassywed11: Standard night out

@andretrenton2: Fair play to his pal saved him from a hospital visit

@Rodders1970: Hahaha only in Billers!

@TommyTellam: Billers boys can’t scrap

@crabb_jim: Of course this is Football Hooligains at it’s best.

Stephanie Marchant: If you were one of the morons involved in the fight outside French Martini on Monday after the England game then you should be ashamed, embarrassed & you should be arrested as well as being barred from every pub in BIllericay for life. You are an absolute disgrace & your parents must be really proud of you!!!!!

Toni Calabritto: How embarrassing 🙄

Ann Tilley: Did they watch a different game to rest of us pretty sure we won yesterday 😂😂

Paul Atradis: Billericay, says it all really. It’s just Basildon but with money.

Vicky-louise Harwood: Ahhh this is why I love being British 🤣🤣💪🏼💪🏼

Rebecca Jayne Kelly: About time everyone grows up 😒

Chris Langdon: Ah yes, the beautiful game.

Olly Valentine: Half a shandy later and this ….

Sarah Johnson: And this is why countries want to ban the British from football tournaments 🙈🙈 ffs

Matt Cooke: Football fans can’t handle the all day sesh

Janice Galley: Bloody silly little boys gotta laugh at them…….fools…..

Lee Hill: And this is way I think football is a waste of time coz ppl like this starting fights

Kenzo Jonzo Hipgrave: I bet there all m8s aswell 💩💩💩💩💩

Kerry Bywaters: Grown men supposedly, pathetic

Val Jarvis: Wtf is wrong with these stupid idiots ruining it for everyone.!!!

Paul Coale: Another reason I can’t stand the game, all the retards that follow the game! You don’t get this with any other sport!

Paul Littlechild: stay classy Billericay lol

Kim Baker: Bloody idiots!

Karen Osbourne: Bunch of morons. Haven’t got a brain cell between them!

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