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Wales fans give hilariously blunt response as Sky News make awkward blunder in interview

Wales fans give a hilariously blunt X-rated response as Sky News make an awkward blunder in their interview with those who watched the game.

On the pitch, Wales continuing to struggle against Iran, coming very close to scoring but instead struck the ball against a post twice in 20 seconds.

Having initially seemed to have got away with a booking for a rash head-high lunge on Iran’s Mehdi Taremi, goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey got sent off following a VAR check which established that he prevented a clear goalscoring opportunity.

Then it was further heartbreak for Wales, as they concede two goals in the last few minutes of injury time.

They will now need to win against England in their final match if they are to qualify for the next round, in their first World Cup since 1958.

Coming out of the ground, Wales fans showed just how miffed off they were at the defeat, and took to give a hilariously blunt response as Sky News make an awkward blunder in the interview with them…

As could be heard in the clip, the interviewer seems desperate to hear what they had to say, almost holding onto the shoulder trying to make sure he gets a response from the Wales fan.

The interviewer says: Hi guys, you’re live on Sky News, you reaction to the win?

The fan responds: Er, we lost.

The Sky man replied: “Oh sorry, you’re reaction to the loss, my apologies?

The fan said nothing, with another Sky interviewer walking behind and was asked the same question, to which the supporter said “Shit.”

The interviewer quickly says “Apologies for the language.”

There was also miserable scenes back home as a camera got the moment Wales fans watched their side concede, then losing the game.

David Crean, who had travelled from Cardiff with his son Jack: “I’m gutted. We just ran out of puff. We didn’t turn up and just couldn’t keep up with the pace,” he said.

“I just hope England win tonight [against USA]. If not, I don’t really want us to be humiliated by them.”

He added: “It was something completely different. My ear drums have gone.”

Matt James, 33, from Caldicot, Monmouthshire, added: “It was an incredibly hostile atmosphere, like an away game. We would have taken a 0-0 but to lose in injury time like that is gutting.”

“It’s a tough pill to swallow, but we will be ok tomorrow,” said Becky Green, 48, from Llantwit Fardre, Rhondda Cynon Taf.

“After the way we played in the second half against the USA, I thought we were in with a chance. But it wasn’t meant to be.”

Dad Eric, 69, was also pragmatic and said: “We have seen worse things over the years as Wales fans.

“It’s just great to be at a World Cup.”

Pat Nevin (Former Scotland winger on BBC Radio 5 Live):

The first thing you have to say, the passion in this stadium is incredible.

Wales had to throw everyone forward so you do leave yourselves open.

The Iranian team played the right ball at the right time and the finish from the right-back dinked over the goalkeeper is a thing of beauty.

It is harsh but the correct team in terms of quality and chances has won this game.

Iwan Roberts (Former Wales striker on BBC Radio Cymru):

I’m extremely disappointed in how Wales performed. If we’re being honest, we haven’t been good enough in the two games.

The thing for Wales is our fitness levels, not enough of our players are playing 90 minutes regularly. Not enough energy, nobody looked fresh. You can get a couple of players through like that, but not five or six.

We were lucky against the USA. We lost to the better team today, no doubt about it. They were fitter, more confident, more sharp. We can’t complain about that result at all.

Kath Morgan (Former Wales defender on BBC Radio Cymru):

Wales were defending heartily and it’s cruel but there were so many gaps.

Wales haven’t been good enough, either individually or as a team. They haven’t been physical and I think they’ve been out of their depth. They haven’t been able to cope with Iran since the start.

Nathan Blake (Former Wales striker on BBC Radio Wales):

Those players will be devastated because that’s a game we had to win, going up against England was going to be extremely difficult and looking at the players faces they are absolutely dejected.

Kath Morgan (Former Wales defender on BBC Radio Cymru):

We have to be realistic, Wales are not going to beat England. Wales are not fit enough to compete at this level.

But the biggest thing was the standard of passing, it was dreadful. So many times they made the wrong decision, and we were off the pace from the first minute. Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey were guilty of a lot of those mistakes.

Iran were too good, we didn’t test their defences at all. It’s the right result.

Iwan Roberts (Former Wales striker on BBC Radio Cymru):

You’ve got to be honest, they deserve it. They deserve the goal, the win, the three points.

Jess Fishlock (Wales’ most-capped footballer):

Wales have to work through this over the next couple of days and get ready for England, go up against England regardless of their result tonight, go and play against England and show everybody exactly who they are.

I feel like they will be a little bit disappointed they haven’t been able to do that as much as they would have wanted to in this tournament.

James Collins (Former Wales defender on BBC Radio 5 Live):

You could hear the dejection in Gareth Bale’s voice and some of that might have been in his own performance. He will know he hasn’t performed to levels we’re used to.

But we can’t keep relying on Bale to dig us out, do something magic or score a worldie goal.

We’re always talking about magic moments and even if he’s not playing well, it’d be a brave man to take Bale off. I’m sure he’d be honest though and say that wasn’t good enough and it wasn’t what we expect.

You can say the same thing about Aaron Ramsey. Certainly if Wales were going to progress, we would need more from the pair – that might be harsh to expect it from them but we do expect more and unfortunately today they were not at the levels we are used to.

Nathan Blake (Former Wales striker on BBC Radio Wales):

On the day we’re unfortunate, if the red card doesn’t happen the game probably ends 0-0, we’ve got a red card unfortunately for Wayne Hennessey, I feel sorry for him.

I think there is a time you just have to say credit to the opposition, you’ve just watched your players give everything they had and leave it all on the pitch. They are going to have to pick up and go again.

This is what social media users had to say as Wales fans give a hilariously blunt response as Sky News make a very awkward blunder in their interview…

@chrissiepies: Why do they have to apologise for the language, do they think telly watchers have never heard swear words before 🤡🤡

@paulndm: That just about sums up sky reporters, they have no idea about what they report on, especially this guy

@Howie_Davies: Thats my boys. Straight talking to the end. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🤣

@FourAdamThirty: Tbh what the hell does he expect shoving the microphone into their faces after that display from the team.

@EarthGrumpy: Those are my Welsh brothers 😂 that was rather mild to be fair! Pop in to the local workmen’s club here… you’ll definitely hear some spicy language!! 😆 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤💯

@calummcclurkin: Glorious stuff.

@Seanhogan1997: Reaction to the win 🤣🤣

@Thefarmerpiles: 😂 that went well. Twice.

@ChrisWing1990: Absolute gold!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@aaron_b6: Tbf what a fucking pointless question, what was he expecting, ‘oh yeah buzzing mate, sweating my bollocks off, a couple of grand down, dying for a beer and losing to Iran! Carlsberg don’t do shit holidays, but if they did…’

@bulldogbillo: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Brilliant…Don’t you just love the down to earth people.

@MCE_sdpuk: They should have promised them a few hours ‘quality time’ with a local goat herd. Might have loosened their tongues a bit 😂😂😂😂

@carlyjohnson123: Reaction to the win 😫😫 he’s taking the piss hahahhaa

@Salvostonesfc: Rub it in SKY won’t you…

@kcgooner1: What on earth did they expect? 😂😂😂😂😂

@CraigFerriman: Funniest 13 secs of my day so far

@AdzjoMK: Reaction on the win? Ouch! 🤣🤣 prime bants

@lukefuller__: Hahaha what did he think was going to happen

@UTFR93: Fancy that, a fella swearing after having a mic shoved in his face as he walks out of the ground after getting beat. That was so unlikely.

@1884DT: They’ve genuinely done this interview for an excuse to apologise for bad language

@JimibCalverley: In fairness this is superb.

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