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Ed Sheeran gatecrashes Kieran McKenna’s interview after Ipswich go top of the Championship

Ed Sheeran gatecrashes Kieran McKenna’s interview after watching Ipswich Town go top of the Championship table after beating Watford.

The famous Ipswich fan told manager Kieran McKenna he was sitting next to unhappy Hornets fan Elton John as the Tractor Boys beat Watford on Tuesday night.

Sam Morsy netted late on as the Tractor Boys took further control in the promotion race, keeping pressure on Leicester who play on Wednesday.

The biggest points tally in Championship history for a promoted side is 88 points by Southampton 2011/12.

Ipswich are on 51 points already and we’re not even halfway through the season, showing just how impressive they been in their first season back in the second tier having been promoted from League One last term.

KM: I thought it was all about character tonight, it fantastic character shown by the group to get you know to get the result, I think character in two main ways where it stood out to me really is one the bravery in the reaction to the first goal, because we make a mistake, we still recovered well, but they score off a rebound then um and the reaction that was fantastic because the buildup was so important today we knew there were going to be man to man everywhere on the pitch apart from the two centre halves and Vaclav Hladky would be one striker pressing and the bravery to recycle the ball um and to to build was going to be so key to get any control against a really really physical team and you know after the mistake I’ve done what you know we done the players done exactly what I thought to do the double dime they were they were braver they kept trying to you know find the right solutions kept trying to find the spare man control the game in that way and and that was fantastic courage really but I wouldn’t expect anything less um and then I think the physical resilience we showed in the second half um physical and of course that’s really tight to the mental because there was a lot of tired bodies out there were coming off of a really difficult game um I didn’t think it was the most high quality game that we’ve been involved in the season by any means but um we dug in really really well and I thought the effort was fantastic and if we had have drew the game if we had have lost it narly I probably would have said the same I could ask anymore I thought they were they were empty and everything out there subs came on to see him and um you know you do that and and you deserve to come out on the right side of a of a hard fought game

Interviewer: Won’t talk too much about the first goal of course but you mention it there I think it’s really important to highlight the positives from the negatives if you like and the character shown and one thing that was very visible was how quick the lads were to get around Vaclav Hladky and then throughout the game look like the guys were sticking to their principles and that’s very important isn’t it

KM: Yeah really important look I shouldn’t even I don’t even have to overemphasize it this because it’s so obvious we’ve scored so many goals from how we play it’s I think there’s so much belief in in the group I think the fans have seen it so clearly for a long period of time yeah um but yeah they scored the first goal and and the response was was excellent and we stuck to the plan and we played some good football actually after that phase it probably settled us because we hadn’t started great to be honest and and that can happen midweek and changes and some boys going again after a tough game I didn’t think we’ started great actually the goal going in probably set settled us a little bit because we we improved on the ball then and we started to create some good chances and um yeah we we really stuck you know stuck to the plan on and off the ball the whole game

Interviewer: The chances were coming after the goal as you say and did you feel like uh in the final third The Lads were creating plenty and again Hy popped up in the right place at the right time

KM: Yeah I thought we looked the threat R it was a difficult game say it was quite unusual they were really man to man Center half stepping all the way out of the line so there wasn’t many it wasn’t easy to connect through the pitch it was easy if you were Brave to recycle it with the center halfs but it was hard to get you know that that that extra spare man higher up the pitch so it was it was a different type of game tactically and the players did really well looking for the solutions and we cared through well at times and um yeah we got in some good position some good moments I think we had the gold dis allowed as well again from the set play which yeah I couldn’t I couldn’t see what it was for at all really um relative to what goes on in the box and and you know the goal was coming I think Omari was a threat down the right hand side we were breaking through finding him and her’s there to finish it off

Interviewer: What did you want to see in the second half and and did you see it

KM: Yeah I I thought it was it was you could see both teams that you know had tough games on Saturday to be honest so it was going to be yeah it was going to be about grit it was going to be about pushing pushing to our limits from a physical point of view and then it was about sticking to the plan and you know trying to control the game on the ball and and keep looking to find the solutions and uh you know I thought we done that really well of course there was big moments on both ends um but I think you know that the effort that the players give and and some of our you know composure on the ball and bravery on the ball I think you deserve to to come out on the right side of the margins then

Interviewer: Is that Sam is best doing that

KM: Yeah it’s it was a goal probably to typify to the winning the um you know the winning the game really because it’s just it’s just desire it’s just that grit to see the opportunity to go and make something happen win a ball back high he said he scoffed the finish it looked like a good finish to me but um whichever way it goes in yeah it it was goal that probably typified the the the real extra push that we found within ourselves and individually found within themselves and sami’s always a great leader of that

*Ed Sheeran gatecrashes*

Ed: Congratulations

KM: You coming Saturday to see…?

Ed: Yeah! I sat next to Elton today

KM: Oh did ya?

Ed: Yeah, he didn’t like it

KM: Two legends

Ed: Yeah

KM: Your name up on the stands like his as well

Ed: One day, he said he only got his 5 years ago, bit older than me, got a few years to do that, but yeah man, safe travels back

KM: Thank you very much, you want to pop in and give the boys…

Ed says something that is bleeped out

Kieran invites Ed on to say something on the club’s YouTube channel

Ed: What do I say?

KM: Oh come on we’ll get you on

Ed: Town TV, here we are, I apparently, we’re not allowed to to mention winning anything so I’m just going to say we’re going to have a very good season

Interviewer: Good interruption there boss I was only going to ask you one more question I know you don’t like to reflect too much but you’re also quite keen to highlight good days and positive days for the football club you know coming to these grounds that’s a that’s a big win isn’t it and we’re coming to big football grounds that’s good Championship football out there in front of a great away end you know how much how important is it to enjoy these moments of course it is look it’s

KM: Yeah let let’s try and keep living in the moment you know it’s it’s been incredible 2023 so far um and and I think you know we’re really enjoying it the fans are enjoying I thought the supporters were outstanding today I have to say the noise in the way end was terrific you know even when the go the goal went against us was terrific and I thought they they were excellent so yeah look it’s it’s another you know memorable um night hopefully for the supporters and um you know it’s one to enjoy but we we want to keep it going as best we can not saying we’re going to win every week but we want to keep keep representing the club right we want to keep playing the football we want to keep giving you know players want to keep giving everything for the shirt and if we do that we’ve got a chance to make some more memories but um yeah it’s another really good night for us

Fans reacted as Ed Sheeran gatecrashes Kieran McKenna’s interview after Ipswich go top of the Championship…

@Leeds_Untied: Fair play to Ipswich man. Proper buzzing down there at the min

@lawseyitfc: Oh yes 😍 #ITFC

@jimmymcbride1: McKenna & Carrick two of the best young coaches about & fans on here hounded them daily when at Man Utd

@LUFC1992_v2: What a twat. Sorry, I was Thinking Out Loud.

@WillT_19691: Just shows what a good manager McKenna is. 21 games in and our number 17 hasn’t played a single minute of league football but is still fully on board with the project.

@blockyy23: Has he got enough points to attend the derby?

@Keiryoung501: ‘If you want to pop in the boys would love to’ ‘already done it mate’ #itfc

@FredVanDam0: Bonkers how a guy of Ed’s fame and stature looks a little star struck talking to McKenna. Love how KM handles things like a true professional

@mirandasmurmurs: – I have watched this about 20 times

@_kieranbl: Ed sheeran 😂😂😂 What a boy

@suffolk_lad8: Honestly, what a time to be alive

@ade74uk: Love that he will be at the derby .. just casually dropping the fact he was sat next to Elton. #itfc

@ITFCKurty: Ed at the back 🤣 🎵

@SteveR45907587: We are top of the league, say we are top of the league 💙🤍⚽️

@Horty86: I’m sitting here smiling at my phone.. This club 💙 #itfc

@BenNotley: Just massive. Don’t be jealous. #ITFC

@dkburch4168: So good to see 👏💙

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