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Darlington launch campaign against discrimination as player speaks out on racist abuse

Darlington have decided to launch an important campaign against discrimination as a player of theirs speaks out on racist abuse.

This comes over a month after Scarborough v Darlington ended up being suspended for around 30 minutes with both sets of players taken off the pitch over abusive fans.

The National League North match at the Flamingo Land Stadium was interrupted due to ‘misogynistic’ comments from the crowd and reports of a cup being thrown at the players from the stand. See more on that HERE.

But that isn’t the only match of theirs which has seen behaviour from their fans which has left the club in disgust and disappointment.

And statement has been issued via their official website, with players Adriano Moke and Toni Upton speaking in a video on racist and misogynistic abuse.


Zero-tolerance stance

Darlington FC today launches a campaign against discrimination of any form at its home and away matches.

As a club this season, we have been involved in games which have included racism, homophobia and misogynism, and are therefore under investigation by the authorities.

Any form of discrimination is unacceptable, and as a club, we are determined to stamp it out at both home and away matches.

As everyone knows, we are facing an FA enquiry and a possible heavy fine for the misbehaviour of one of our fans at Scarborough in January. As a club which prides itself at the heart of the community, we find that embarrassing, intolerable and against the values which have earned the club a high level of respect throughout football. All right-minded people will agree with us.

Our strategy is to move to a new ground in the next two or three years, and establish a sustainable home for our club with the support of the local and wider community. All spectators and players should feel safe enough to attend a Darlington game, either at home or away, without hearing, or being subject to, abuse of any sort.

However, discrimination, no matter its nature, is illegal, and Darlington FC will not allow our good name to be tarnished by any individuals or group of individuals. We have established very good relationships with the FA, the National League, local politicians, local and national bodies and organisations, and we don’t want them ruined. We have a zero-tolerance attitude towards abuse, as we have demonstrated by banning fans from our matches.

Darlington skipper Adriano Moke said: “I’m Adriano Moke, captain of Darlington Football Club. Discrimination of any sort of really upsets me, especially when it’s racist abuse that aimed at me.

“It doesn’t do any anybody any favours, especially my friends, my teammates, and my family.

“.So please don’t do it. Let’s kick it out. Thank you.”

Darlington launch campaign against discrimination as player speaks out on racist abuse

Women’s team captain Toni Upton said on misogynistic abuse: “There is no tolerance for misogynistic abuse at Darlington Football Club.

“No one should have to experience any kind of abuse, whether football is your entertainment, passion or livelihood.

“My experience is that those that care about Darlington FC are supportive and proud group, and it hurts to believe that anyone might experience otherwise.

“We shouldn’t accept it as normal when others around us direct any abuse, including sexist or misogynistic comments to others.

“Let’s all stick together to make an inclusive environment that everyone can feel safe to be part of.”

And here are the positions of Kick It Out and Her Game Too  

Kick it out


Her Game Too


Here’s what the Safer Streets campaign says about misogyny in Darlington


If you witness any form of discrimination at a Darlington FC game then please report it to abuse@darlingtonfc.org and we will investigate.

We will not hesitate to ban more fans if they are found, beyond reasonable doubt, to have abused any other person or persons, at a Darlington FC game, either at home or away.

In August 2022, an investigation was launched after a Darlington’s Adriano Moke was allegedly subjected to vile racist abuse by a fan during a clash against Spennymoor.

However, the match turned sour after the former Spennymoor player Adriano Moke was allegedly racially abused by a fan in the stands.

Adriano Moke called the alleged incident “disappointing”, before adding thanks to those who sent their support.

He posted on Twitter: “Thanks everyone for all the well wishes, emotions were high yesterday but what I don’t want to see is more hate between the club’s fans for the actions of one disappointing individual. Let’s put the baiting away. Leave the clubs do the right thing.”

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