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Scarborough v Darlington suspended for 30 minutes with players taken off over abusive fans

Scarborough v Darlington ended up being suspended for around 30 minutes with both sets of players taken off the pitch over abusive fans.

Monday’s National League North match at the Flamingo Land Stadium was interrupted due to ‘misogynistic’ comments from the crowd and reports of a cup being thrown at the players from the stand.

These were allegedly directed at assistant referee Emily Carney, who was running down the line, during both halves of the game, in front of the 820 Darlington fans.

During the first half, Carney interrupted play to speak to the match referee, Dean Watson, with player resuming but at half time, a message was played out over the tannoy on two occasions, report the Northern Echo.

It asked “supporters of both sides” to refrain from using misogynistic and abusive language, with Carney going over the officiate on the other side of the pitch, so instead was in front of Scarborough fanbase.

However, nine minutes in the second half, after Jacob Hazel netted to make it 3-0 to Darlington, Carney had another conversation with Watson, with the game coming to a halt yet again.

Both Darlington and Scarborough players were taken off the pitch, for 30 minutes, this led to some confusion, before the rest of the game (which kicked off at 1pm) continued and finished at 3:40pm.

Darlington won’t speak on the incidents at this stage, but are instead to investigate the incidents.

A statement released via Darlington’s social media channels said: “During the first half of the game at Scarborough, the female assistant was subject to alleged misogynistic remarks from one or two Darlington fans.

“Darlington FC wholeheartedly condemns such conduct, and so if you witnessed these incidents and can help identify the culprits, then please Email ray.simpson@darlingtonfc.org in the strictest confidence.

Scarborough tweeted: “We would like to emphasise that discriminatory language of any nature will not be tolerated. Please respect the match officials, players and fellow fans.”

The game ended up with the Quakers winning 5-2 to go back to the top of the table, revenge for their Boxing Day defeat at the hands of Scarborough, to make it the County Durham outfit’s seventh away win in a row.

Scarborough couldn’t cope with Darlo, with Kaine Felix, Jacob Hazel and Mark Beck all getting on the scoresheet.

Beck and Hazel both found the net, getting two apiece, and Jack Lambert scored the goal of the match with a 30 yard free kick that flew into the top left hand corner of the net.

Scarborough got one back after Coulson ran through and beat Taylor, then Coulson netted another from the spot.

This is what Twitter users said as Scarborough v Darlington gets suspended for 30 minutes with players taken off over abusive fans…

@F1_Bees: I would like to emphasise THAT ITS A GAME OF FOOTBALL AND ITS A SUPPOSED DERBY get on with it ffs. How can we not throw abuse it’s football we’re not discriminating anyone

@AndrewBluck1: At least the fans are getting entertainment from the sea gulls. Maybe National league need to employ officials that can handle a game if football absolute joke of officials Fact

@MichaelBarrass1: Both fan owned clubs cannot afford fines put a couple of police where lines person is and arrest anyone using foul language

@p_h_2: would help if the 2nd goal wasn’t 3 yards offside

@cookemonster72: Everybody seemingly blaming others instead of taking responsibility for own actions. Pathetic

@DDuck796: Typical of inbred fans, good on the officials for standing up to this as it’s 2023 and can’t believe sexism is still a thing in sport

@AndrewBluck1: Bloody joke of a referee useless

@Markodarlo: Looks like the lines person who reported an incident from the Darlo fans 10 minutes into the 1st half has now reported an incident 10 mins into the 2nd half whilst in front of the Scarborough fans. Yes, the lines person has changed sides at half time.

@jg10605: get it abandoned

@LucaHutchinson4: Have Scarborough called time out because Hazel is torturing them

@bigdaver84: The only thing the officials do know as they haven’t a clue how to officiate a game of football

Founded in May 2021, HerGameToo is a voluntary organisation ran by female football fans; who are committed to growing the campaign with the aim of fostering an ethos in football in which women are welcomed and respected equally. Alongside working full-time in their day jobs, the team dedicate their hours around this to support the progression of HerGameToo.

Here at HerGameToo, we see the value in everyone. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change and we are driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Non-Profit Organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress.


– Create awareness

– Educate

– Research

– Develop a strong sense of community

– Create regular content to champion women in football (players, staff AND fans)

– Create strong relationships with clubs

– Create strong relationships with club trusts and communities

– Have a presence at football grounds and sports bars to build a more welcoming environment for young girls and women

– Continue to campaign against sexism in football

– Continue to campaign against online abuse

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