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Darlington keeper feels like he’s ‘been hit by a bus’ after incident at Alfreton

Darlington keeper Tommy Taylor says he feels like he’s ‘been hit by a bus’ after an incident at Alfreton Town over the weekend.

The Quakers had a two goal lead, only to end the game in a 2-2 National League North draw on Saturday afternoon.

They led through Jacob Hazel with just six minutes on the clock, Darlington scored when Ben Liddle set up Hazel and he turned well before scoring his 19th goal of this season.

Darlington them had doubled their lead on the 17th minute with Felix netting from the rebound after Hazel’s shot was initially saved by George Willis.

Alfreton started their comeback with a Matt Rhead header before half time.

Tommy Taylor kept out an effort from Rhead at the beginning of the second period, but Darlington’s goalkeeper was unable stop Yusifu Ceesay equalising with 18 minutes remaining.

But one moment in the game led to Darlo keeper Tommy Taylor writing alongside a video on Twitter: “Intentional or not?…make your mind up 🤦‍♂️ Feel like I’ve been hit by a bus today 🤕🤣 “

He adds in response to a fan asking if a card was handed out: “Nothing from the ref mate 🤦‍♂️

Darlington boss Alun Armstrong has just signed a new long-term contract with the club until the end of the 2024-25 campaign, with a new ground hoped to be completed by then.

“The new stadium will be huge for us,” said Armstrong, as per The Northern Echo at the weekend. “I would love to be the manager here that takes the club into a new stadium and on to the next level, and then has a good go from there.

“At the minute, we seem to be constantly stabilising, and it obviously doesn’t help when you seem to be losing your best player every January. There’s not a lot we can do about it, but it seems to be every January, we lose one or two and we have to replace them.

“We’ve been quite fortunate that we’ve been able to do that every year, and hopefully we can finish strongly this season. Then, in two years’ time, we could be in our own stadium and be able to kick on from there, which would be nice.”

“We’re in a good position,” said Armstrong on the question of progress. “I look at the club now, compared to what it was like when I first came in, and it’s chalk and cheese. We’re only going in one direction. Yes, it might be taking a lot longer than what we all want, but as we keep saying, it’s got to be done sustainably, and that’s what we’re doing.

“We’ve got money to spend, and I want to bring players in, and the club are letting us do that, but we have to be sensible in that as well. We’re all singing from the same hymn sheet at this moment in time. I know fans get frustrated that we’re not moving quick enough, but the club’s the most important thing, and while I’m here, I’ll make sure that it’s run properly.”

“We should have won it from the position we were in,” said Armstrong. “With the experience we have in the team, we should have won.”

Here’s how fans reacted as the Darlington keeper says he feels like he’s ‘been hit by a bus’ after an incident at Alfreton…

@TeamXtremeXXV: Players need to be punished for doing this. Someone is going to end up injured or worse. Kane is known to duck against a jumping opponent often. Not good

@NeilFromNorge: Normally a yellow card.

@Konstanho: We had a player volleyed in the head who was stretchered off and taken to Hospital and free kick awarded against us. And there is this that went unpunished. The officials in this league. Fuck me.

@andyhoj: Awful this gets worse everytime you see it

@balmoral47: Very poor. Potential neck breaker. Sets himself and makes no attempt for the ball. Cowardly. Not nice to see. Any action card wise from the ref?

@StevenBMedia: That’s the problem with most refs coming through. Because they’re looking to progress they started early and haven’t played the game. Anybody with an ounce of experience will know what the forward was doing.

@Wr03Gaz: Care to explain what the forward was doing? From what I could tell, he’s seen the keeper come for a cross. He’s ducked out the way to avoid a fist to the face and thus avoided potential KO/concussion. But it’s his fault right? Or the referees for no protection, right?

@gjtaylor82: I know refs are easy targets but f* me they seem to be even worse this year than I can remember. Either blowing for everything or nothing, zero consistency.

@balmoral47: And if a player gets a bad injury and ref doesn’t penalise the offence it weakens the injured players case for damages if it’s career ending

@J_849: He was up to all sorts against York last season. Lucky that it wasn’t a bad landing…

@chris_vallis: Standard Alfreton play. Why do they need grass…… standard in the air

@murpho78: Typical Alfreton Tommy! Ive watched this clip several times and i’d say 100% intentional and this isn’t surprising as its what they do best!

@LongdenSamuel: Given it’s Matt Rhead, almost definitely intentional. Wouldn’t be his first attempt at injuring an opponent – and more worryingly, won’t be his last

@Marty_Cass: Harry bloody Kane has a lot ta answer for!! Yad get a red for that in rugby without doubt!

@deanorog: Absolute nailed there mate can’t believe no cards were given did you carry on after ?

@AndyMc_25: A prime example of understanding the laws but not the game. It’s dangerous play, deliberate or not. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a very nasty or fatal incident like this before something is done.

@beany190909: Hope your ok mate looks a nasty one

@darlotops4sale: I think you called him a couple of words after this didn’t ya? 😂 hope you’re recovering well for tomorrow

@GordonJJ71: Intentional

@Harry97868379: Lucky you walked away from that Tommy.

@NickJTHaycox: Was it Rhead by any chance? If so, bus indeed.

@kyletoolebox: Unlucky hahah

@Harry97868379: Lucky you walked away from that Tommy.

@NicoYork: Something as blatant as that should be a red, could’ve been much more serious.

@TristanGreenie: Nasty fall that Tommy! 😫

@KrisGies: Damn, no kidding feeling that the next day!

@pipathon: Looks intentional to me. Horrible side to play against, especially at their place. #hoofball

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