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‘Absolute baller’ David McGoldrick goes viral scoring a rocket as Notts County thrash Alfreton

‘Absolute baller’ David McGoldrick goes viral scoring a rocket as Notts County thrash Alfreton Town 5-0 on Tuesday night.

Macaulay Langstaff netted a first half hat-trick to set the Magpies on their way to victory, before Cedwyn Scott and David McGoldrick rounded off the win in the second half.

McGoldrick found the top right corner from range on the 79th minute, and footage of his strike has emerged on social media… certainly worth a watch!

Interviewer: Your first goal in Notts colours how did that feel?

DM: Yeah good, good to finally get one you know in a few little friendlies especially Telford the other night, hit the bar a few chances just went wide, so yeah it’s good to finally see one go in

Interviewer: Was it starting to frustrate you at all or did you know it would come sooner rather than later?

DM: No I never panic you know I’m 35 years old I know the goals will come we just got to keep getting in there um you know we’ve been scoring in some of the games and I’m never worried about not scoring in a few games you know I know in my I believe in my own quality that I’ll get the chances and I believe in a way the team plays that it suits me perfectly um assisting and being involved in a play and scoring as well

Interviewer: Talk me through the goal

DM: Yeah um ball got played in people Jim came inside a little tussle with the ball got away from it and then it just opened up and yeah just hit it and it couldn’t hit any sweeter and as soon as I hit I knew it was in, see it hit the back of the net

Interviewer: If that hadn’t have gone in I think everyone still would have been talking about the assist for for Macca’s goal tell me a little bit about that um the vision that to pick out there to pick out the gap

DM: Yeah it’s something we work on in training you know um Jim makes great forward runs you know you’ve done a lot today I’m going forward it helps bring space in for other players when he did it today and this year it’s what um you know I feel like I can bring to the team and passes things like that so it was good then it went through it got through and he had the vision to slow Macca through and you know Macca does what Macca does

Interviewer: Do you feel everything’s really starting to to click now you’ve obviously had a full pre-season um we’re almost a week away from the season did you feel as if we’re almost there?

DM: Yeah it’s cooking I’m still learning you know I’m you know every day in training you know I’m learning enough to go for you know he’s probably as many of the boys and many of the players say it tactically you know the way he sets his team about you know come at the age of 35 and I’m I’m really you know enjoying learning of him every day you know I think he said it I’ve got no we go I feel like I’m a humble I want to learn from him I don’t want no special treatment so yeah I’m learning and it’s just clicking you know I’m learning the things he wants me to do he’s learning about my game you know he’s helping me out and as long as I’m helping the team out and contributing then yeah it’s good

Interviewer: The first full 90 in the tank as well how’s the body feeling?

DM: Yeah body feels good you know um it’s been the tough preseason I really enjoyed it you know if you’re a footballer and you don’t enjoy hard work then you know you’re in the wrong game so it’s good a lot of running a lot of football running and yeah I’m feeling good so it’s good to get 90 out because you know season starts and was it 10 days or something

Interviewer: You’ve had a you’ve done a fair few pre-seasons in your career how would this one rank in terms of sort of workload

DM: Yeah up there but you know I think any old school player will tell you about you know when it first started about the runes you used to do then is completely different you know these are more short and sharp football related runs um you know back in the day he’s just going to field and to run laps lap flaps even going to Forest and then relax until until you’re physically sick so yeah it’s good but the more fitter you are the better you’re going to be at a player I’m trying to tell a young lady that and I think the people in more experienced player from the team you see how they look after themselves and the young boys will learn from it

Interviewer: You mentioned this roughly 10 days I believe until the start of the season just how much are you looking forward to it?

DM: Yeah can’t wait uh I can’t wait you know, I think it’s a huge moment for you know the club I know all about and being at a league for these four years and to get back into the to the EFL you know if I’m sure we’ll have great fan base down at Sutton and then the first game you know I think was Lincoln in the cup after that and then obviously the Grimsby home game when I started it I’d be a special occasion so everyone’s looking forward to it you know I think the city all together looking forward to it being back so yeah as a Notts man I’m really looking forward to it

Alfreton XI: Willis, Clackstone , Triallist, Cantrill, Wiley, Trialist, Thewlis, Perritt, Day, Waldock, Salmon

SUBS: Howe, Askew, Oliver, Walker, Trialist, Trialist, Trialist, Trialist, Trialist

Notts XI: Slocombe; Chicksen, Cameron, Bajrami, Brindley, Adebayo-Rowling; Bostock, O’Brien, Austin; McGoldrick, Langstaff

SUBS: Stone (unused), Mahovo, Baldwin (unused), Cisse, Munakandafa, Scott

‘Absolute baller’ David McGoldrick goes viral scoring a rocket as Notts County thrash Alfreton…

@goodolblade: Cheat code, absolute baller our Didz’ ❤️

@MikeC4rter: Until he plays for your club you’ll always under rate him. Technically brilliant 🔥

@WHUFCallum_: Be very surprised if he doesn’t bag 20+ league goals next season. Silly player at that level

@NCFCupthepies: Jim kissing his boots, knows quality when he sees it.

@DavidFletch85: Blades fan here, such an amazing player, I was sad when he left sufc, I knew wherever he went after us, that team would have an amazing player on their hands and this just goes to show!

@JKdcfc: Cannot give that man that much space. What a boy

@dburmanator: Different class 🔥

@theElgrunn: Absolutely fantastic player far too good for L2. The quality will be so much higher this season

@Passingham90: WOW if he can do that in the league 🙈🙈⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️

@richardlee91091: Absolute baller. Such a shame injuries stopped us seeing him at his best for long enough periods. #itfc

@richyfoster: And the League 2 player of the season for 2023/24 goes to……. 🙌

@0114_Harry: More players should make decisions like McGoldrick. Brilliant footballer. In hindsight United should have kept him for the champ last season and we’d have been much more comfortable.

@chinstroker1862: Good god… and the ball over the top for maccas goal. Wow.

@OllieStubbins: What a talent, should still be in the Championship, hope he gets you promoted

@mztty: Bet he gets 20+ for you guys this season. What a player

@mreldoubleu: Absolute baller, I’d have him back at Sheffield United tomorrow, love the bloke.

@123claire123: I know we only had him for one season but god I miss him 🐏

@themasterplan74: Give him a tap in he’ll probably miss, but joking aside this guy is a Rolls Royce of a player and I will always miss him in a blades shirt, glad he’s back home though enjoy him and good luck for your season ahead ⚔️

@woodwardio79: Could easily be playing top end champ. What a player. One of the best outside the prem and now in league 2 😫🐏

@Danbrookfield13: I’d honestly take him back now. You’re going to love the guy. Good luck for the new season. ⚔️

@richard34913519: Sad to see him leave us this off season, but so happy he is with his hometown club. Will defo get 20 this season, won’t be surprised if he got close to 30. Once a ram always a ram

@pompeyhenry: Ridiculous that he is league 2. Stood out in league 1 last year… They should hand you the title now

@Danny_Clayton: You’re in for a treat this season with Didzy in that league. He’ll rip it up.

@DarrenSmithTWIF: Love how his team mates are kissing his boots already….only in pre-season!

@ben_driver86: Genuinely I’d still have McGoldrick in our PL squad this year. One of my favourite ever players. A Cheat code next season.

@dylanctomes: 30 goal a season striker for you and the goals aren’t even the most important part of his game🫣

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