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Fans left baffled after Barnet pull their team off pitch as incidents mars friendly at Dunstable

Fans were left baffled after Barnet decided pull their team off the pitch as incidents mars the pre-season friendly at Dunstable Town.

Barnet got the opener after 10 minutes with Harry Pritchard scored from close range, before the same goalscorer doubled the away side’s lead almost immediately after.

He then completed a hat-trick on 23 minutes before Kabamba saw his header crash off the crossbar and Callum Stead was on hand to tap it in, making it 4-0 on 32 minutes.

An excellent save from Walker denied the hosts Dunstable a goal back, then Stead played the ball across the face of goal and Kabamba put the ball beyond the keeper, making it 5-0 on 57 minutes.

But no one could have predicted what was about to happen afterwards as the game ended 10 minutes early.

Dunstable tweeted just before half 9 on Tuesday night: “Not sure how to describe what’s happened here!

“Barnet number 8 gives the ref a load of abuse, so the ref suggests to the Barnet bench to sub him off or I’ll send him off

“Barnet then decide to pull their team off, so I guess we win by default? 🤷‍♂️”

Dunstable’s Tolu Ikuyinminu (aka @ik_tolu) tweeted: “weirdest football game ive ever been involved with”

His club then replied: “Certainly one way of putting it? 😂 Hope you’re not too bad after that foul? Bloody dreadful challenge!”

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Fans were left baffled after Barnet pull their team off the pitch as incidents mars the friendly at Dunstable Town…

@AJ_Alidjan: Well that was the strangest end to a game I’ve ever seen, wasn’t even a dirty game (apart from Brunt’s rash challenge)

@9men: This is absolutely disgusting especially in a friendly. And then Barnet had the audacity to walk off.

@kevvyqpr: “The game ends”. An absolute embarrassment for a step 1 team to walk off at Step 5 opposition. Should be made to pay all match costs.

@hyamzy1: Lol. Come on!! a little bit more would be great, what caused the entire team to walk off?

@OnxGolden: Apparently a player had arguments with the ref to either sub him off or he’ll send him off to which the team walked off.

@Jimbokav1971: That’s it Admin. Don’t give nothing away! 😂

@OscarB___: There’s absolutely no defending that sort of challenge, especially in pre season.

@SeanMeally: we’re barnet fc, we’ll play if we want

@DTFCPOD: Your entire team walked off 🤣🤣🤣

@LewisBxrns: Embarrassing can’t even play a full 90 😂😂😂

@callumLtfc: You didn’t complete the 90 mins though did you?

@johno31_safc: Full time 90 is stretching the truth a bit don’t you think?

@amacagent: What a disgrace of a club and your management team are!!! Walking off and throwing your toys out of the pram in a friendly when your own team were the problem

@Nichola89437266: Yes weird ending to the game, had a chat with @ik_tolu, Just glad that awful tackle did not injure him, only done it as Tolu done him on the turn.

@totpogo: We had similar in a PSF, York City v Leeds some years ago, Viduka was warned a few times and then the ref told the bench to take him off before he got a red. I think the ref was suspended as he can’t do that, the consequences of any card carry over into the league.

@MichaelMelbour3: Not acceptable behaviour by any team

@JamesSa17551077: Professional footballers apparently. Embarrassing

@Vex_OG: The fuck is going on here 🤣🤣

@KaneBethell: So instead of a red card, fine and ban at the start of the season… they all get pulled off? Fuck me there’s no justice there. I’d be going in 2 footed from minute 1

@maxweinbergbfc: Weirdest game I’ve been too

@chrisrutt3: Non league football everyone

@Jamie031112811: This may be one of the most Dale Gorman things ever 🤣

@NatVanChudleigh: Dale Gorman and Barnet, everybody.

@DeansBeeArmy: Gorman classic W

@amacagent: Utter disgrace from @BarnetFC 🤡🤡🤡

@barnetfan_1888: I never thought I’d say I wish I’d gone to Dunstable this evening

@bfcplev: Sounds like a Gormo classic

@akamarky_: You know its a horrible tackle when the boot comes off

@james_harpin: SHITHOUSING Bees at it again

@ncarowland: Those game abandoning Bees

@beespod: Awful tackle & glad their player is okay. In some ways, glad this has happened now rather than during the season. It’s part of Brunt’s game that needs to be addressed, hopefully Brennan can do that properly outside the pressure of regular season.

@Diggerthedog1: Barnet scum that tackle, Barnet also cried and walked off the pitch not finishing the game.

@chogger5: What’s gone off here then?

@ChrisTanfield1: From what it looked like Barnet captain was mouthing off to the ref a lot so he went over to have a word with the manager to say calm him down/sub him or he’s gonna get sent off, so the manager called all his players over and walked off down the tunnel 😂

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