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Video surfaces of fans having a pathetic fight after non league pre-season friendly

A video surfaces of fans having a rather pathetic fight after a non league pre-season friendly between Corby Town and Kettering Town.

The footage, which was sent to our Facebook page by a fan and wants to remain anonymous, showed a group of supporters throwing fists with traffic slowing down, watching the scrap playing out.

A message came in with the clip, explains what happened: “There was some banter from both sides all game. This was the scene in the car park after the game. There was only 3 Kettering fans that were answering back to the group of Corby fans and it resulted in this. Not heard of anything more after this.”

The game itself saw the Poppies continue their unbeaten run in their pre-season friendly programme with a hard earned 2-1 victory at Steel Park.

Corby took the lead after just three minutes with an indirect free kick. It was awarded after the referee felt there was a back pass. After the first free kick was charged down, the referee ordered a re-take and Corby netted from eight yards out.

Kettering equalised with thanks to Ty Lewthwaite in the 17th minute, a swift break saw Sam Bennett send Lewthwaite through and his left foot finish meant it was game on.

Kettering went on to win the match, Kelvin Langmead scoring the winner on 63 minutes with his first goal for the club.

Rhys Sharpe’s long throw into the six yard box from the left met the head Kelvin Langmead, who made no mistake in scoring.

Attendance: 607 (Kettering fans and officials estimated at 100).

Corby assistant manager Darren Edey spoke post-match.

Interviewer: Darren, difficult game this afternoon. Bad conditions. 2-1 defeat here at Steel Park against Kettering. But it is only a friendly. You’ve used several trialists this afternoon. What was your opinion on the game?

DE: I thought we started well, but then we didn’t get to grips with their extra man in midfield. We start to want other people to do well. We’ve spoken about this previously, about allowed to take in responsibility and sometimes it’s too easy to tie in. We’re dragging Tristan in from the right hand side to go and set on their deepest line midfielder. And then they’re bopping out to Tristan.

We’re trying to get messages over to drop into their deep line man and just wasn’t happening. We spoke about it at half time. Generally it was just poor, I thought all over. There’s one or two players that came out of it. I thought, okay, but, yeah, as a whole, whether it was because Gaffer’s not here, I don’t think it was.

We were sloppy. I mean, the two goals we gave away, first one, it’s good from their throwing. And then I spoke to Cal at half time. I’d like to see Cal just give a free kick. Know if it’s a booking, it’s a booking. It certainly wouldn’t have been a goal.

And then the second one we’ve not gone before is and the one thing that Gaffer bangs on about all the time is we should not be conceded set pieces. And we’ve conceded from a long throw, along throw into the box, lost the runner, glanced it in, bounced in back stick. It’s criminal.

We’ve not really created a great deal. We’ve not made their keeper work. I pushed Chaz up with 15 to go purely becauseI know he doesn’t want to play up top. But I pushed him up there purely to get minutes in his legs. He’s missed a game or two with holiday, though. It’s just a case of trying to keep him 90 minutes and working.

But it is only a preseason friendly. It is a preseason friendly and we’ll play worse side than them. I thought they kept the ball reasonably well first half. I thought the eight for them was a very good player. But for me, all over the pitch today, too many of our players let their standards that they’ve had the last three, four games drop quite a lot.

And I’d say everyone’s entitled to a bad game. It’s just disappointing when there’s probably three or four, five, six standards go below what they’ve been playing 600 here this afternoon at Steel Park. And, yeah, that’s a worry because they want to turn up and watch you play good football.

Kettering boss Andy Leese also spoke after the game:

Interviewer: Andy, another wet afternoon here in Corby, a 2-1 win. Must be pleased with what you saw. A sterner test than what we’ve had in recent games.But overall your impressions of the game?

AL: Well, yeah, delighted with the rain because every time it rains we win or we draw. Yeah, it was like a league game today, thin it was much as last Saturday. I thought it was really, really competitive. They’re a big strong side, play a certain way andI think we’re going to have to deal with that in the league games, especially in two weeks time.

Especially pleased with the first half, believe it or not. I felt that we had a spell of defending under pressure, 20 minutes. I don’t think we got in their final third for say, 15 minutes in that spell, but we defended under pressure and I keep saying that it’s a great trait to have and something that’s kind of come together really quickly for us as a unit will look really good.

But then second off, thought we played as we can, I thought we controlled the game, I thought we were composed finding our passing range again, passing through the lines and overloading in wide areas and that’s where the goal ultimately came from and I think we could have had maybe another one or two.

So I’m really pleased if you flip that forward to two weeks time, it’s sort of a classic away performance today because it was under pressure, it was a big crowd and it felt like it was a league game so, yeah, I’m really pleased with this today.

Interviewer: The starting eleven, is that something that will be the starter eleven? I mean, I know there’s a couple of trials in there or ones we can’t announce yet, but obviously you’re looking to probably bring in a few more, but is that the sort of lineup you’re looking for?

AL: I know you’d ask that, Paul, because you do, you know what I’m like and I’ll give the same answer I gave to the players. What was written on the board is no clue whatsoever to what will go on in two weeks time, I can assure you.

Obviously there’s a nucleus there that’s evident in it but there’s a couple of areas we need to improve on. There’s a couple of things I needed to see today. Obviously we’ve changed the shape, I think you worked that out, didn’t you? Which we wanted to look at because I felt we had the personnel sort of in the building to do it and that’s what we’ve done.

But yeah, no, it will change inevitably, but that’s assuming that I can get the kind of players in that we need to get in. Ty took his goal well and a good improvisational goal from a deft header, let’s say from Langmead.

Saw us through two one and that must have been pleasing. Yeah, well, I’m really pleased with Ty, so we spent a lot of time working with him in training. We set up a session on Thursday for 45 minutes where him and Sam had the opportunity to be trying to find the back of the net. I said to him both at halftime, bit disappointed they weren’t clinical in the first half because they had opportunities, both of them. But they’re young and they’re learning and they need to get some confidence back from whatever’s gone on previously.

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