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SU Glovers on what the future holds for Yeovil Town as group takes stewardship of the club

SU Glovers speaks on what the future holds for Yeovil Town as the group takes stewardship of the club after fans were left concerned.

Scott Priestnall, who was made chairman of the National League in 2019, has had a controversial tenure. He stated that the club entered into an exclusive period with a preferred shareholder to make them a majority shareholder in December, when he was trying to sell.

Yeovil fell to the fifth tier in the English Football League after 16 years of playing in it. However, they are currently 20th and looking at the teams below.

There are many questions regarding what stewardship means for club ownership and long-term stability.

Director Matt Uggla claimed that the good times will soon return. While the deal is not yet finalised, he stated that he was positive it would.

Uggla adds that Scott Priestnall, the current owner and chairman of Yeovil, would be leaving the Glovers.

Paul Sackey, an ex-England rugby union international, is also part of the new venture. Other roles will be confirmed.

“I think stewardship is the right word because I think fans own the club realistically, they’re the ones who keep it alive. It’s been here for over 100 years, it’s going to be here long after we’re gone” Uggla told BBC Radio Somerset.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to call us owners. Maybe custodians is the right word.

“We are in charge, as it is, we’re in the building, we’re making all the decisions. There’s a piece of the deal still to be done but we’ve seen all we need to see, we’re certain it’s done. We’ve moved down to the area.

“As far as we’re concerned this is our club and we’re in charge.”

Uggla, who has a background in finance and property, couldn’t confirm whether the agreement would see SU Glovers also possess the stadium Huish Park – which was then sold to South Somerset District Council 2022 together with the surrounding ground.

He adds that the goal was to own the stadium and the football club.

Although the ownership of the ground isn’t known, director Stuart Robins confirmed that he plans to purchase Huish Park.

“We’re very certain that that’s happening,” Uggla said.

“There’s a lot of complexity around how the land has been split up in the past. The transaction will allow us to, in the future, get Huish Park and the stadium back into our ownership.

“We looked at a couple of other clubs and then we came down here. The first day we got here it was a good feeling,” Uggla said.

“We loved the stadium, we loved the people here, we loved meeting Martyn [Starnes, CEO] and Stuart [Robins, club director] and we just couldn’t believe how far it had fallen.”

He adds the priority was to “build the club back up” in the short and long term.

“It’s bare bones at the minute. The fact it hasn’t had a physio, hasn’t got the right strength and conditioning coaches, the stadium’s tired, it needs some work done to it, the playing squad I think we need to add to that,” Uggla continued.

“It’s almost going to be patchwork until the end of this year to make sure that we stay in the division, that I’m very confident under Mark [Cooper] we can.

“This is a passion project. It’s not going to be an overnight thing. We have to make sure were even in this league next year.”

Sackey, a former Wasps and London Irish winger who played for his country in the 2007 Rugby Union World Cup, said: “We’re not here to just make up numbers, we’re here to make sure we’re competing at every level.”

Though Uggla acknowledged trust needed to be rebuilt following some dismal times at the club.

“It’s going to be our actions that prove that we are the real deal,” he said.

“I think fans have a right to know a lot more than they do. As a football fan myself, you always want to know what’s going on, I think fans can have a big input on helping us guide the club in the right direction.

“We have got big plans for the club and we want to be one of the top clubs in this division next year.”

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This is what fans are saying as SU Glovers speak on what the future holds for Yeovil Town as the group takes stewardship of the club…

@CucumberGordon: So it sounds like they’ve acquired YT Holdings’ 75% stake in the club, and negotiated the buyback rights to the stadium into the deal. If all that becomes certain then that’s the very best result I could have hoped for given the current circumstances

@MikeBen55437907: Come on you glovers get back to huish park Saturday and get behind these guys!!!! 👊

@WohnsJallace: Good lord, those two are a breath of fresh air. Feeling cautiously optimistic after that. Welcome lads.

@Andy_Merritt: Positive start but definitely proceeding with caution. We’ve been here before but it’s time to get behind the lads and translate the optimism to the pitch. Big step in the right direction so let’s hope it continues 🤞 #ytfc

@ChappsRyan2000: Well.. Now the cancer is removed. This only means one thing.. Pack that fucking park 💚🤍 #YTFC

@yeovilpostie: Sounds like the club is good hands good times ahead

@stoltz34: New beginnings and exciting times ahead #YTFC 💚

@Mikewattsss321: As they say it’s not about saying the right things it’s about doing the right things and showing it and I’m quietly optimistic under the new ownership. Uggla and Sackey’s greens #YTFC

@ytfctxm: full of positives looking like a bright future for us just need to hopefully see out this season now #ytfc

@DanWilcox11: Fairly impressed with @matt_uggla first interview. Will take a while to win over fans after what we’ve been through. Positive steps though. Hopefully a busier Huish Park Saturday and they’ll show themselves to the fans pre game #YTFC

@TimLanc51323800: Thankyou for giving me the enthusiasm to go back to the ground today, I stopped going because of Priestnall and became very bitter. We’ve had so many ‘bad relationships’ it’s hard to trust again but I would like to think, and yes, I believe you guys will take care of #ytfc

@richfreeth59: Although I’ve never stopped going to watch Yeovil, for the first time in ages I’m really excited. Thank you for giving me hope and enthusiasm again.

@AnnAnnieps: Cannot wait exciting times ahead ⚽️⚽️⚽️💚💚💚

@Gloversgirl: It’ll be good to Huish Park rocking again, it’s been a tough season for us poor souls!

@yeovil87: The only way is ⬆️ #ytfc

@ajtimss: COYG, love whats been going in already 🧤

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