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Brighton’s Aaron Connolly caught on explicit leaked video

Brighton’s Aaron Connolly has been caught on an explicit leaked video, having sexual activity with a women whilst at a house.

Reports have emerged on Saturday night, claiming that the 21 year old striker was seen on a film which was shot earlier this month.

Now he could be in trouble with his current club, who are looking into what happened and are set to launch an investigation into the matter.

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A source said: “It’s shocking. Connolly invited the girl to the house where he’s been staying and had sex with her.

“It appears their sex session was filmed and a video was made.

“And it also seems he’s breached Covid lockdown rules by allowing this woman into the house.

“He could well be in trouble with the club over this.”

It is understood Connolly was single at the time of what took place, and because allegedly breached the rules, the Seagulls are taking the allegations seriously and stress they have always made employees very aware of what they must and must not do during the pandemic.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

A club spokesperson said: “We are aware of the allegations made and take them extremely seriously.

“The matter will be fully investigated internally and dealt with in the appropriate manner.

“The club has repeatedly made clear to all players and staff, the need to comply with the lockdown rules; and made clear to players the added need to comply with additional measures to keep them and their families safe.

“At this stage we will be making no further comment.”

Brighton boss Graham Potter revealed on Friday that the player had suffered a cracked rib.

“Aaron Connolly has got a cracked rib, but he is making good progress,” said Brighton manager Potter, speaking at Friday’s pre-match press conference.

“But he will probably not be back until after the international break. It is sore at the moment and there is not much we can do at the moment.”

He has made 39 appearances for the Seagulls, scoring five goals, but his side are firmly in a relegation battle, sitting 17th in the Premier League table, taking 26 points from 27 games played and level on points with Fulham who are in the drop zone.

Connolly, who earns £1million a year, has also played for Ireland five times also.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has reiterated it is adamant players “set a good example” over Covid protocols.

He wrote to it’s member clubs in January underlining the “critical importance” of adhering to rules.

He added: “It’s very disappointing if you see anyone in football, not just players, breaching government guidelines.”

It comes just two months after troublemaker left-back Benjamin Mendy got himself in hot water once again with his club Man City.

The 26 year old footballer flouted rules when thought it was the right decision in flying a girl in from Greece for a four-day romp.

Manchester City revealed that they were disappointed in Mendy after he also hosted a new year party for mates outside his bubble.

Benjamin Mendy flew out Claudia Marino from Athens to his home for a four-day romp

That wasn’t his first rule break either as last summer he gained the affection of Claudia Marino on social media then flew her from Athens to his £5million home based in Cheshire from the 29th of June.

Benjamin Mendy also requested for a modelling agent to send girls from London to visit him in Cheshire. Mendy declared he wanted a “big bum Latina” in one message, however there is no suggestion the agent sent any girls.

The Government had ordered UK arrivals from June 6 to self-isolate for 14 days or face a fine.

When the 22 year old female sent him a screenshot of the strict measures alongside a sad emoji, Mendy replied: “U stay in my house.

“It’s ok they don’t gonna check.”

Claudia admitted she had been up for having some fun and said they romped.

She added: “I’m not naive and I know what footballers are like but I thought it would be an experience.

“He was single so I wasn’t hurting anybody.

“We had some drinks and had a laugh. One day he took me to Leeds where he saw his dentist.”

Claudia then got the plane back on the 2nd of July and got a message from Mendy telling her to delete an Instagram video showing her inside his house.

Mendy has already apologised for his new year do and now it looks likely he might have to do it again.

Fans reacted as Brighton’s Aaron Connolly is allegedly caught on an explicit leaked video…

@mase192: Ha ha ha….. clearly he misinterpreted the request of “hitting the back of the net”…..

@Alexxk03: Judging by the quality of his finishing on the pitch I doubt that film would be worth watching

@nicsbha: Investigate his awful finishing instead

@AnnieTheDog7: So that’s what caused the back spasm and the cracked rib then….

@MattSeagulls360: He’s a bit of a handful, worry about his future

@AJWood16 : You can’t help but think someone needs to be putting an arm round Aaron Connolly, he’s clearly a young man who doesn’t know how to act under the spotlight. He’s had a tough season on and off the field, and this situation isn’t going to help things.. #bhafc

@OllieMover: Aaron Connolly starting an OnlyFans?

@MJSowerby: Tbh I was hoping one of our sexy Potterball goals would appear on PornHub not Aaron Connolly 😂

@LaurenLaing94: About time he scored! 😒

@HampshireBHAFC: Wonder if he finished or shanked it over her face from a yard out

@PhilipCobby: Unfortunately will be sold at some point and maybe continue his career at a lesser level #BHAFC

@TrevorHowson: It’s a real shame he has scored more off the pitch than on it for #Bhafc Now makes sense why he deleted his social media accounts last month…… What a plonker!

@EdwardJHeather: He’s so average but this is funny hahaha best thing the fellas done since wolves at home

@OllieMover: Over rated & over paid.

@BigUpBissouma: Hahaha he doesn’t help himself does he?

@bhafc__ben: At least are players are finishing somewhere.

@ModerSZN: Rumoured had it he still didnt finish 😂 #bhafc

@tomhebbo: Aaron Connolly scoring off the pitch rather than on it

@Callumbaker_9: My strikerr 🥶

@archi3_442: No wonder he has a cracked rib 💀

@PatrickTutty1: Fair play Aaron son 🤙😂

@Anthony_1990_: Aaron Connolly actually scoring is quite the story tbf. #bhafc

@LEEBHAFC: BREAKING NEWS : Aaron Connolly is ruled out for the rest of the season after injuring his Johnson. After a heavy session ‘ romping ‘ its rumoured Connolly missed the hole and ended up deep in the bed side table #bhafc

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