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Brandon Williams under investigation by Norwich over deleted Instagram post

Manchester United loanee Brandon Williams is under investigation by Norwich City over a deleted Instagram post of his at the weekend.

The 21 year old defender spent the season on loan at Carrow Road as he looks to gain more experience, and has gone on to become the Canaries’ first choice left-back.

However, a social media post could now land him in hot water. Norwich, who were already relegated to the Championship, lost 4-0 to West Ham United on Sunday. Hours later, Williams uploaded a picture of himself putting up his middle finger alongside the caption: “What a beautiful day. Easy up Norwich City”.

Williams, who started in the game, also added another post of his dog which included the words: “For the people that followed me, he’s always awake” amid suggestions the player was followed after the game.

The Canaries fanbase recently unveiled a banner calling for the 21-year-old to stay at the club.

Norwich suffer a second relegation in three seasons having failed to stay up under Daniel Farke in the 2019/20 season, struggling early on and have never looked like mounting a survival charge despite a managerial change this term with Dean Smith coming in after being let go by Aston Villa.

Roughly 200 fans protested outside the director’s entrance of the City Stand at Carrow Road to vent their frustration about the club’s ownership and sporting director Stuart Webber’s future.

Norwich haven’t exactly invested like some of their rivals following promotion, depending much on their Championship winning squad but sold star player Emi Buendia for over £30m. So what have they used the money for if it isn’t on much needed transfers to stay in the league? Why haven’t they learned from the first time they were relegated a few years back?

Back in March, Williams refused to get drawn on where he would be playing his games next term, but says there was “no point” in returning to Manchester if he wasn’t going to get any minutes.

The likes of Luke Shaw are ahead of Williams in the pecking order, however it all depended on Erik ten Hag’s arrival and what he wants to do with the squad.

“I’m playing games now and I love it,” Williams told the Mail. “I can’t wait for the weekend so I can get to the stadium. There would be no point in me going back to United and just sitting on the bench. I want to play and feel I’m better equipped for the Premier League after this experience. Whether it’s at United or somewhere else, we’ll deal with that in the summer. But I’ve got a job to do here at Norwich.”

In a statement, Williams’s representatives said: “Following the game against West Ham, Brandon was subject to taunting and abuse whilst driving away from the stadium.

“Immediately thereafter Brandon was followed as he travelled home. Those following him only desisted once they realised Brandon had noticed them following him.

“There is no club investigation into Brandon.

“This conduct by a small number of fans is unacceptable. The vast majority of fans have been overwhelmingly supportive during Brandon’s loan time at Norwich.

“Brandon is grateful to Norwich City for their support and to all the true fans of Norwich who have sent him messages of support at this time.”

Social media users reacted with Brandon Williams under investigation by Norwich over his deleted Instagram post

@UTDCJ_: context: some Norwich fans followed him to his house

@CastCanary: Every fan should rightfully annoyed about this season, it’s been a joke but trying to start on Max Aarons or following Brandon Williams after the game is very weird and will just add to the divide between the club and the supporters #ncfc

@ClaudFCR: To think that we started this season with a feeling of unity, community, togetherness, a manager that felt like he belonged, & players that bought in to that.

@chrillo1976: Stick a shirt on the dog and start him at CB. He will strike more fear in the opposition than any of our current squad !!

@DanFull1983: Those people aren’t real fans the players do not go out there and play poor we are a championship club yes we need more money but with out what delia and Stuart and the board have done we wouldn’t of had the chance to be in the big time

@Ciaan7: Why even do that lol, does he know that clubs will be well aware of shit like this. Surprised if he gets a PL move.

@TwitchyTerryTV: Lol and we’re starting him ahead of Giannoulis. Our club is a mess

@Tillybob5: Our fans are a mess..

@ibbywhu: Pathetic attitude he got roasted by Bowen all game and has a dig at his loan club 🤣

@arber_boy: If this is true these idiots followed the player home then that’s not acceptable at any level. People really need to get a grip

@mattjohnson333: I await the “I was hacked” tweet from Brandon Williams. #ncfc

@TheRug85: Would fans really follow Brandon Williams home? This would involve them waiting in their cars, until he appeared, then following him all the way to Suffolk, to then what, turn round and drive home again? Sorry not buying it. Makes no sense. #ncfc

@m1cr0wav3d: If it’s true that some #NCFC “fans” have followed Brandon Williams home to abuse him, then they need banning from all games forever. Ideally lock them up for a bit too. Makes me feel sick to be associated with it as a football fan. I think I’m done with it all now. Too much.

@RogueBaboon57: Embarrassing all round.

@MrCheapSeats: People need to sort their priorities out. If being disappointed or getting wound up makes you behave like that, football isn’t the sport for you

@samgauntlett123: Was in the jarrold stand few fans giving him grief my opinion been one of our best players and with the heart like he homegrown

@PhillipsVolley: ‘Wankers’ is the proper collective noun here, rather than ‘supporters’

@darrylb1995: No winners from any of this. Embarrassing enough on the pitch. Had enough of everything Norwich city at the minute 😔 #ncfc

@Shaney_ncfc: @branwilliams why did u do it

@jabbaharold: Send him and rest of loans back they done nothing all season other than steal a wage

@TheBenWoodward: I’d say he’s been one of our better players this season

@_NCFCJames: I agree with Brandon Williams – fuck Norwich City.

@TheRug85: Brandon Williams making me feel a lot better about not wasting my time or energy lending my support to this team of wasters today. I do feel bad for defending the useless prick earlier in the season though. #ncfc

@Largey24: If people decided to follow Brandon Williams home after the match today, I’m worried for the safety of around 15 other players who’ve been much worse than him this season #NCFC #getagrip

@AKAKezzy_: Brandon Williams taking a couple fans embarrassing behaviours out on the entire club when our fan base has done nothing but support and appreciate him all season. Really shows the attitude of these united players. No wonder their clubs a mess #ncfc #mufc

@gwelham18: Can’t say I blame him to be honest, this club is a mess 🤷‍♂️

@MB52NCFC: Never liked Brandon Williams anyway

@chrisdeighton: Was followed home by some fans who were giving him shit, don’t blame him for being pissed, should call the police!

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