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Blackburn fan suffers head injury, West Ham security criticised, police slams ‘morons’

A Blackburn Rovers fan suffers a nasty looking head injury, with West Ham security criticised, but police slams ‘morons’ in the stands.

The 61-year-old supporter who was present at the London Stadium on Wednesday to watch his side knock West Ham out of the Carabao Cup has criticised security at the ground after he was left with a nasty head injury.

The fan – who attended the match with his wife and son – was part of the travelling support who made their way to Stratford on Wednesday for the tie, with Rovers winning 10-9 in a penalty shootout.

However he came away from the ground with a nasty head injury which occurred when he was struck by an object thrown, he claims, by a West Ham supporter from the other side of a narrow divide separating the two sets of fans.

(Pic: Lancashire Telegraph)

“The picture is me in the treatment room when the blood finally stopped flowing.

“I’m feeling a bit groggy,” he told the Lancashire Telegraph. “It is still sore today and I am in pain when I eat. An inch further down and I could have lost an eye. It hasn’t deterred me [from attending future matches] though.

“As a family we got tickets in the Rovers section. The problem was when we arrived we found ourselves right up close to the barrier and the West Ham fans. There were literally just four metres between us.

“The segregation was a real issue. Between us were a line of stewards and they could see what was going on, although I felt a bit sorry for them to be honest as it is difficult to police.

“Soon after West Ham scored their second goal I felt a bang,” he explained. “It felt as if a stone had hit me. I can’t be sure what it was. I didn’t know what had happened at first until someone pointed out the blood.

“I was taken down to the medical centre and the on site medics stitched me up.”

And while he was considered alright to leave the ground via his own means, the supporter was still reeling at the way in which the two sets of supporters had been segregated.

“The distance [between us] at West Ham and the way the stadium is set out was woeful,” he said. “Sooner or later someone is going to get seriously injured.”

Other incidents on the night saw one West Ham fan arrested for entering the field of play, another nicked for throwing a vape, two West Ham and two Blackburn fans arrested for being in possession of illegal substances plus two more visiting fans arrested for racial abuse.

The behaviour of both sets of fans was criticised by police, with troublemakers being branded ‘morons’ by a Met Police officer.

A suspect was identified and arrested on suspicion of assault and of throwing the item. A separate West Ham supporter was also held on suspicion of throwing a vape.

However, Met Police also arrested two Blackburn fans over an alleged racial incident – and a West Ham supporter for going on the pitch. Police said two home and two away fans were also dealt with for possession of drugs.

However, PC Andy Sheldon, who runs the force’s Met Police West Ham Utd FC Twitter account, tweeted: “Again at the end of a game, I’m not tweeting about football but about Morons who think it acceptable to throw items from both sides. Why do some fans think its OK?

“Do you want a stadium where you have to leave ALL items at the turnstiles Including coins, lighters, phones, vapes?”


Twitter users reacted as a Blackburn fan suffers a nasty head injury, with West Ham security criticised, but police slams ‘morons’ in the stands…

@NatThornhill: Just in front of me this happened hope the old boy is ok got hit by a 10p but I’ve a fat head so I was ok 🤣

@Yates1Brian: @WestHam just like to say that your stewards were dreadful last night letting supporters who were throwing coins one of which that hit a couple standing near me, and reduced one of them to be pouring with blood and yes your stewards and police did nothing. @Rovers 10-9 get in

@ChrisMartin_93: Can confirm; one coin hit me very hard in the chest. Luckily I have an protective layer of fat and I got away with it. Joke’s on you, pal; we won on penalties and I’m taking your 10p home…

@phildixon88: Lighters and coins flying across in top tier also – ridiculous they didn’t have bigger segregation considering the empty seats

@Paulg_w: Personally I found the whole stadium and fan experience at the London Stadium uneasy. The level of aggression and security was totally unnecessary and I felt bad for any rovers fans there with family.

@jamiesowerbutts: West Ham fans by the way, chucking coins and objects into the away end causing several old people cuts to the head causing them to pour with blood, absolutely disgusting

@BradWright1998: It’s great having a massive wall in the way so you know what’s gonna hit you. @WestHamHelp


@MarpleLeaf: Terrible stewarding at the stadium and set up for confrontation. Completely avoidable as well.

@SA5G: Worst away day experience in all the years of going to games! Shambles by @metpoliceuk. Zero control and then to be sent out via a dark road towards that section of fans! Clueless

@Chris_Mills_: Does this not also show the wall is not working and makes it more dangerous because, if something is thrown people don’t see it until it’s too late. Should be removed on safety grounds.

@RichardDay12: The whole set up is a joke; People buy the cheapest seats then sit/stand wherever they want, NEVER been checked by a “steward” on entry to block. It was like a fun run around the concourse when penaties end decided last night!

@Tombythethames: Get rid of the wall then at let people shout abuse at each other as has always been the way… hardly a shock this is increasing is it? Fucking numpteys.

@DEPtones: Very depressing. I hope they don’t just get a slap on the wrist. There needs to be serious consequences for this very dangerous behavior and drugs.

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