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Wrexham speak after getting criticised over new season ticket prices

Wrexham have chosen to speak out after getting criticised by some of their fanbase over their new season ticket prices for 2022/23.

The Red Dragons are just one of a number of non league sides to have seen a backlash to how much it will cost fans to purchase a season ticket. King’s Lynn Town and Barnet have also caused anger.

Wrexham have raised the price of season tickets in some parts of the ground, with supporters had been given an ‘early bird’ period where they can renew their seats for next term at a frozen price, though that has ended.

Daily Post report that the cost of tickets had risen by as much as £90 since last season and the club responded by saying that this is the first time prices have gone up in nine years and that those who have already renewed will have one more game next season for the same price.

When asked about by North Wales Live about the reasoning behind the price rises, a representative of the club said: “Significant levels of analysis and benchmarking were involved in the process of determining both matchday and season-ticket pricing for next season, with this representing the first pricing increase in nine years, in line with communication from the club in April that prices would no longer remain frozen after the priority window for renewals closed on April 13.

“It is also worth noting that supporters who have taken up the option to renew or purchase a season ticket will enjoy one more game next season than in 2021/22, another factor which was taken into consideration. Our pricing remains competitive and, on a game-by-game basis, equates to just over £16 per game for the most expensive season ticket.

“Even with these price increases, the club is still projecting to lose money, a loss that the club’s owners have committed to meet.”

The club adds that they appreciate the struggles most of their fans are going through with the current financial climate and also said that prices for young supporters were still very reasonably priced.

They said: “We are fully aware of, and sympathetic towards, the current cost of living increases that our supporters – and indeed millions across the country – are facing, with those same increases also naturally affecting many areas of the club.

“As such, we are pleased that so many of our season-ticket holders from 2021/22 were able to take up the option to renew their season tickets at frozen prices. Our new pricing structure still ensures that the next generation of supporters, those under the age of 18 and those under the age of 11, are able to enjoy every home game next season for just £4 per game and £1 per game respectively.”


Wrexham AFC can confirm our match-day and season-ticket pricing for the 2022/23 season, with season tickets going on sale to supporters from Tuesday June 7 at 10am.

Details of our 2022/23 membership packages are also now available, with full information here. Memberships will also be available to purchase from Tuesday June 7 with a range of tailored packages available.

Match-day ticket prices

Our match-day ticket prices for the 2022/23 season will be as per the table below.

Once again, supporters will not be paying any admin fees on top of their ticket price when purchasing through our online ticketing platform with the Club absorbing these costs.

We are encouraging all supporters to choose online purchases over in-person, to help reduce queuing times, and for next season onwards have reduced the price increase on online purchases by 50% over that which has been generally applied for any in-person purchases.

Please note, the reduced online-purchase price will be available through to match days and refers to all online sales.

We would once again encourage all supporters to make use of the print-at-home/eTicket option when purchasing tickets online.

Accessible Tickets

Any wheelchair users or other supporters requiring accessible tickets pay as per the relevant age bracket. Any wheelchair users, supporters requiring accessible seating, and supporters requiring a companion ticket, must contact our Disability Liaison Officer, Kerry Evans on kerry.evans@wrexhamafc.co.uk, to purchase. These tickets cannot be processed in the Club Shop.

Matchday ticket prices for 2022/23 are as follows:


Macron Stand & Wrexham Lager StandLucas Oil Stand
Over 65/Under 21£16£14
Under 18£9£8
Under 11£5£5


Macron Stand & Wrexham Lager StandLucas Oil Stand
Over 65/Under 21£17£15
Under 18£10£9
Under 11£5£5

Season tickets

We are also pleased to confirm that season tickets for the 2022/23 season will go on sale to supporters from Tuesday June 7 at 10am.

All fans who purchase a season ticket for next season will automatically become official Club members, and therefore do not need to purchase a new membership packageseparately.

Season tickets will be available for purchase online for the first 24 hours, and will be then be available in store from 9am on Wednesday June 8. Season ticket cards will be posted out to supporters at a later date.

The pricing for 2022/23 represents a combined saving against match ticket and membership pricing of between £87-£129 dependent on the age bracket, and is structured as per the below table.

Prices include an under-11 season-ticket for just £23 – the equivalent of just £1 per game – and an under-18 season ticket for just £100, which represents an up to 60% saving against individual match ticket and membership purchases. (Please note, an under-11 season ticket must be purchased with either an under-21, over-65 or adult ticket).

Accessible Tickets

As with match-day ticket prices, wheelchair users and supporters requiring accessible season tickets pay as per the relevant age bracket.

Any wheelchair users, supporters requiring accessible seating, and supporters requiring a companion ticket, must contact our Disability Liaison Officer, Kerry Evans, on kerry.evans@wrexhamafc.co.uk to purchase. These tickets cannot be processed in the Club Shop.

Macron Stand & Wrexham Lager StandLucas Oil Stand
Over 65/Under 21£289£255
Under 18£100£100
Under 11£23£23

Season-ticket renewals

Supporters in the Bamford Suite, Exec Room and Centenary Club will be contacted regarding their season-ticket renewal process and pricing structure. Due to limited capacity all hospitality areas are for renewals only at this time.

Those who hold a 2021/22 season ticket and are yet to renew can do so at the above prices, with their seats reserved for up to 15 days up to Thursday June 23.

Supporters who have already taken up the option to renew are also able to move seats within the same stand at no added cost.

Those wishing to move to a different stand may do so, subject to availability, but will be required to pay the difference should the cost of their new seat be higher.

Fans gave their reaction as Wrexham speak after getting criticised over their new season ticket prices…

@tomj1998_: £374 in the Cold Road, ouch

@tonywrexham: Behind the goal gone from £248 to £340 😳

@m_w890: Increasing the cost of an over 65 ticket by over £70 from last season during a cost of living crisis is pretty fucking poor no matter how its dressed up.

@craigyjones17: Yes definitely agree. Just to put into context, Rotherham have just released their new prices for the Championship and new over 65 and under 21 applicants cost just £1 more at £290 for the best seats. They’ll be playing Watford and Burnley. We’ll be playing Wealdstone and Barnet.

@AdamGrif1: Wow some pretty steep rises there, not good 👎🏼

@matttehh_; I would expect these sort of prices if we went up. Quite harsh considering money is really tight for households especially in Wrexham these days.

@barlow1981: Wow champagne prices watching lemonade football. Bad decision this. See attendance down at least 1000. Its non league ffs

@RichardLowe84: Absolutely no chance I’m going for a ST. Ended up going to about 10 games this season, and I’d probably have bought one at £250. Tone deaf. And another thing, if you are going to hike up the prices, introduce a direct debit/standing order scheme. I’ve mentioned it before and some people say you can just save up for it – but that doesn’t factor in increases. £350 over 12 months, at around £30pm, is much more appealing than £350 in one go.

@Mattrj: These are horrendous given the quality of football…. wow. 5th tier….. hoofball. You can get a season ticket at man city for these prices

@Louisejones283: Bit of a kick in the teeth this 😬🤦🏼‍♀️

@SWXM01: Very steep for non league. Even the frozen current season ticket holders prices are when you look at other clubs in higher league prices. If we do go up, would it increase more 😬 let’s not price fans out, lads

@SkipabitBrother: Well, I couldn’t afford to renew at short notice when the price was frozen after redundancy and now it’s completely unaffordable so I’m afraid I’m out. Appears that telling the story of a working class town doesn’t extend to actually making making it affordable.

@Wrexhamisdname: Um? You’re joking?

@Ryankirky15: I mean considering the times were in with money and you go and shaft prices up like that…shocker

@nickjwelsh: Pushing your luck with them rises, dress it up as much as you want we are still non league with no guarantee we will go up next year. Poor 👎

@aled174: Massive own goal this. A small increase because of the extra game would be acceptable, but charging more than some championship clubs!

@Shonie75: I think those price increases are ridiculous and unwarranted given the clubs recently acquired revenue streams, we’re told by the clubs owners that they want to imbed the club in the community yet you’re pricing many in the community out! Have a word for Christ sake.

@o_ddifri: Not a good look, lots of our supporters are being hammered by % increases of fuel, power and food not seen since 1990. Do we really need this level increase for season tickets.

@wrexhamfanmul: Utterly scandalous price point for non league. I’d go as far as embarrassing after falling short at the end.

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