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Relegated King’s Lynn Town again spark anger with new season ticket prices

Relegated King’s Lynn Town again spark anger with their new season ticket prices ahead of the 2022/23 National League North campaign.

It’s that time of the year, fans are seeing how much it will cost them to purchase a season ticket, and just like previous season, King’s Lynn have seen their notifications filled with backlash.

An adult season ticket will be £340 and with seat £380. Premier seating will be £395. Concessions will be £300 with seat £340 and student £250, with seat £290. Under-16s will be £40 standing and £150 with seat.

Adult match day tickets will be £17 standing and £19 seat. premier seating is £22. Concessions are £15/17, U16 £5/10.


King’s Lynn Town FC can confirm their pricing for match day tickets for the 2022-2023 season.

The club are very aware of the troubled financial times we are experiencing. We are also conscious of the feelings of fans from the past season. And whilst the season ended with relegation, it should be remembered that this was the highest level at which the club have ever played. We want to be back there. We want your support back at “The Walks”.

With that in mind the new CEO Barrie Pierpoint and club chairman Stephen Cleeve have agreed the following pricing structure:

Season 2022/2023 – Ticket Prices

Season Tickets

Adult: £340 – With Seat £380

Concessions: £300 – With Seat £340

Student: £250 – With Seat £290

Under 16’s: £40 – With Seat £150

Premier Seating: £395

Match day Tickets:

Adult: £17 – With Seat £19

Concessions: £15 – With Seat £17

Under 16’s: £5 – With Seat £10

Premier Seats: £22

These new prices reflect the relegation and give season ticket holders an overall price reduction on last seasons prices.

Those buying Premier Seating season tickets will benefit from priority tickets for cup rounds, 10% off merchandise (except club replica shirts) and a free season ticket for Kings Lynn Ladies FC games.

CEO Barrie Pierpoint said “these prices represent our aim to get more fans at The Walks. We recognise that these are challenging times and our role as a community club is to give the people of King’s Lynn something to smile about.”

The new price structure will include payment plan options for season tickets to help fans with their budgeting.

Match day hospitality packages will be available from £69 pp per match with free car parking for corporate guests.

Season tickets can be purchased on line or at the ticket office which will be open as follows:

Wednesday 9th June: 6.30-8.30pm
Wednesday 15th June: 6.30- 8.30pm
Saturday 18th June: 10-12pm
Saturday 25th June: 10-12pm

We also remind all fans that there is a “Fans meeting” at 6:30pm on Monday 6 June 2022 in the Blues & Gold bar at The Walks Stadium, Tennyson Road. Everyone is welcome.

These are exciting times at the club. Come along to the meeting, come along to the games. Be part of our new community.

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As mentioned, relegated King’s Lynn Town again spark anger with their new season ticket prices…

@HollandVanMarco: Over priced yet again. Simple as that.

@PollyYveG: @StephenCleeve having the ‘Premier Seating’ option is a joke. Me and mum paid £500 each last year for our seats. But turns up anyone who buys a normal ‘seated’ ticket can just walk through to ‘premier’. Tickets are not checked so what’s the benefit of us getting premier? also we had many problems, which you are aware of, of camera people sitting at the end of row causing us to have to climb over seats to our seat. There is absolutely no benefit of premier seating and I wouldn’t advise anyone to bother

@Spoodledude: £50 more for a similar view to the one I get at my league one club.

@alfredbarnard1: Season ticket for Step 4 football. @DerehamTown is £90 (adult) and £50 (concessions) – no extra for seating. OK, 2 tiers lower but still a good standard and a very enjoyable level of football. Plenty of other non-league options are about in the area.

@Gib_72: Talk about out of touch

@thomasg65212423: what I’m still stumped on is the seating. I bring my lad now, he’s 8 and we’ve been sitting, what he likes. it’s £2 extra for me to sit which I don’t mind but £5 extra for him? baffles me

@wababba: dear kings lynn fans: if you miss a single game next season, your season ticket will have been more expensive than individual match tickets. dont buy a season ticket

@MCRShrewsbury: Good luck with them! 🤣🤣🤣

@RedBlueAndy: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…… Outstanding prices for a NLN club

@Cole15Williams: @Jack_Mort10 hahahahah that is extortionate that 🤣🤣🤣

@Gavrisk: That’s why Boston and spalding will always be clear @StephenCleeve another owner that likes to rob fans

@mattypullan: That’s mental pricing, £300 a year at Hull City for me and my daughter. That’s incredible… poor value from a NL club.

@Jack_Mort10: Jesus Christ

@danwhite1987: £380! My championship team’s season tickets are only £20 more and the concession and U16 season tickets are considerably cheaper!

@MattSkene: more than ipswich 😭

@RyanBYorkshire: Bloody hell 😂😂

@directhenri: Daylight robbery

@dbenefer: £40 increase to sit down with a season ticket unless you are under 16 then its £110 increase hope this is wrong ???

@DRFCJM1: Jesus wow that’s expensive

@coreyeaton97: Shambles. Chairman is full of greed

@OneRyanMason: £340 to watch football without even a seat. During a cost of living crisis. Shame on you.

@CheekyGeorge94: Fucking daylight robbery for a Step 6 club

@dannewell190: You do know you got relegated don’t you lads? Jesus Christ 😳 £19 on the gate. Absolute shambles.

@JakeBland44: Not actually taking the piss when I say this is more expensive than the Albion

@joefrancis93: Best part of £400 for Conference North football 😂

@phil_dfc: Top price of £400 for the NLN. These owners really do take the piss here 🤣🤣🤣

@RussWWFC: Shocking prices, costs more than Wycombe season ticket to watch the Conference North and we hiked up our prices under our new owners too.

@linnet1976: I don’t like to moan but……only saves 2 games if you get a season ticket??? Early bird offer would have been good. 2nd season running I won’t be getting one after having one for over 15 years! £17 is ok, but need to get off to a good start…….

@TheDB30: Convinced this club is just a social experiment at this point.

@RhysJBE: Jesus wept! Nearly £400 for a sixth tier club. Steve Cleeve at it again.

@JimmyDRFC: Before you see these prices, it needs reiterating that this is for the sixth tier of English football…

@Steve65715654: Yikes, not even an early bird.

@EoghanLamont: Wow. I’ll never complain at the price of a Rovers ticket again.

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