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Wrexham fans get excited with potential huge cash injection as Ryan Reynolds makes £1bn revelation

Wrexham fans get excited with a potential huge cash injection as their co-owner Ryan Reynolds makes a £1bn revelation on social media.

After selling Mint Mobile wireless company to T-Mobile, Ryan Reynolds has just become wealthier, receiving a large pay day.

Reynolds, sold the company for $1.35billion (£1.12bn) and this has left fans of the National League leaders excited about what the future holds for the team.

Reynolds, who took over Wrexham’s ownership in 2021 with Rob McElhenney, has been involved in the club’s affairs since then and are in a title battle with Notts County to win a place back in the EFL.

Although it is not known how much Reynolds will receive, it will be a significant contribution to Wrexham’s future with ambitions on reaching the Premier League one day.

Reynolds is also looking at purchasing the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League, which could provide a significant boost to his bid.

Wrexham fans however are already getting carried away with tweets from them involving high-profile transfer possibilities that might take place after the news.

Wrexham’s first goal is to get to the Football League, and then establish themselves as a club within that.

Wrexham is just one point ahead of second place but are favourites to climb out the fifth-tier.

The £2m purchase of the club has allowed the club to take off in ways no one could have predicted.

Reynolds is also wanting to see more of the ‘Welcome To Wrexham’ series on Disney Plus produced. Reynolds has joined forces with a Toronto real estate group to try and buy the Senators and get into the NHL.

The franchise has been valued at $900m and they face stiff competition from rival groups to purchase it.

Though, Gary Bettman, the NHL commissioner is eager to see Reynolds join the league and believes that Reynolds’ popularity will only help boost league numbers.

Ryan Reynolds recently made an ambitious Premier League promise to Wrexham fans.

Reynolds’ and McElhenney’s Hollywood fame helps the club, makes them attractive to brands for sponsorship opportunities which other teams at this level of English football wouldn’t usually get.

“That’s what you see from Premier League clubs, Championship League clubs,” Reynolds said. “We want to walk the walk, even as a fifth-tier club. We say this all the time, but we want to be in the Premier League, as crazy as that sounds to some people. If it is theoretically possible to go from the fifth tier in professional football all the way to the Premier League, why wouldn’t we do that? Why wouldn’t we use our last drop of blood to get there?”

“We’re in it for the ride. This is a multidecade project,” Reynolds added.

“I genuinely get choked up thinking about that right now because it says everything to me,” Reynolds said reflecting on the time his side lost in the playoffs last season to Grimsby. “It speaks to the hope that they had, it speaks to the trust that they’ve placed in us — to take care of this incredibly cherished club that is an institution in this town and something that has been a big part of their lives for over 150 years.”

“Two years ago, I didn’t have this kind of passion for the sport, and in some ways, I see it as a plague,” he said. “In other ways, I see it as the greatest introduction that’s ever been made to me, at least from a sports perspective. It’s wild. I wish it didn’t dominate as many of my thoughts and deeds as it does these days, but you don’t make anything great without enthusiasm, they say.”

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As mentioned, Wrexham fans get excited with a potential huge cash injection as Ryan Reynolds makes a £1bn revelation…

@P4ul_C4rtwright: Imagine how much we can afford to pay the officials until the end of the season now, @NottsCountyZone! #WxmAFC

@EvanBlalock5: Haaland to Wrexham!

@typoretweeter: Looks like @Wrexham_AFC will be in the market for some big name free agents! @RMcElhenney

@WrexhamSocal: This is one way to fund the Racecourse renovations…😉👍🏻.

@killingfloorman: Expect to see @Wrexham_AFC sign @neymarjr and @kmbappe next week. @VancityReynolds @RMcElhenney

@timetrexs: Just made a mint! Whataguy. @Wrexham_AFC some new signings incoming for promotion.

@Tomlfc22: Gotta be Wrexham money 💯

@Kate011085: My god Wrexham now have a billionaire owner 🤯 that’s amazing business from @VancityReynolds wow!

@RyanAlanScott: Well, @VancityReynolds just, at the very least, doubled his net worth selling @Mintmobile – maybe a bit of a spending spree at @Wrexham_AFC this summer after promotion to League 2?

@bradleege: I’m hoping this is part of the plan to fund @Wrexham_AFC summer transfer budget.

@DavMicRot: Sure, a couple hundred million here & couple hundred million there makes @VancityReynolds a successful businessman, but the real prize is in 10 (or less) years when he hold up the @premierleague trophy for @Wrexham_AFC (which would then be worth billions)

@EndaToole: Guess Wrexham will be buying Messi now!

@RoynC10: Lionel Messi is out of contract in June this year. @Wrexham_AFC may have a chance to offer a big contract to sign him with the money from this Mint Mobile deal? Congrats 🥳

@SimonRMay1982: Brilliant. Imagine what kind of players you can bring in now @Wrexham_AFC with the proceeds!

@CoachLSK: Time to invest in the club @Wrexham_AFC @RyanReynolds

@fearlessidzine: Wrex💲am 💰💰💰💰

@jan_orzeg_wydra: get that money to Wrexham_AFC 😍😍🙏

@RoyKyffin: Don’t tell the Notts County fans, it will only upset them @fearlessidzine @RobRyanRed @TomiCaws @bootlegger1974 @welshy1000

@EdJQuigley: oh that’s the money @RMcElhenney was talking about in the doc

@DavidBell_Amrop: Wrexham are going to benefit from this, I can feel it!!

@MapMove: Just about enough for @Wrexham_AFC to get @ErlingHaaland next season 😎

@KDRFC90: Oh shit Wrexham coming for that Premier League

@big_thisis: It’s all going to Wrexham

@Daddykewel: @VancityReynolds now you have money to sign @TeamMessi for @Wrexham_AFC #SignMessi

@DiaMariesbeat: I can only hope @VancityReynolds puts the money he earns from @TMobile’s purchase of Mint Mobile into Wrexham FC.

@Welshmen: Cool, now @VancityReynolds has more money to pump into @Wrexham_AFC

@Gus_Gould: Does this mean @Wrexham_AFC can buy Mbappe now?

@CatBeckster: Maybe you can get a couple of great defenders for @Wrexham_AFC with the proceeds?

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