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Wrexham fan takes issue with Simon Jordan over his ‘criticism towards Ryan Reynolds’

A passionate Wrexham fan takes issue with Simon Jordan over his ‘criticism towards Ryan Reynolds’ on talkSPORT earlier this week.

Simon Jordan disagreed with Ryan Reynolds’ recent statement that Wrexham has the largest international following among all EFL clubs.

Hollywood duo Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had ambitious goals in mind when they acquired the club for £2million in 2020, and subsequently gone on to get the club back into the Football League after 15 years out of it.

They are again looking to get a second-consecutive promotion this season, with the docu-series ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ in it’s third series next month, with the club continuing to grow.

The Welsh outfit have also boosted their revenue stream, with the likes of TikTok, Expedia and United Airlines.

However, ex-Crystal Palace owner Jordan took issue with the claim from Ryan Reynolds that they are more popular than club’s such as Leeds and Leicester.

“They probably do [have the biggest international following] with the nature of an association with a major movie star,“ Jordan said on talkSPORT.

“Let’s see how that plays out if they manage to get promoted out of League Two this season into League One where the costs go up and everything goes up exponentially.

“Let’s see how much appetite they’ve got because we know this is a project that’s being funded by an underpinning TV deal and when it becomes that the TV deal only goes so far, you’ve got to write out proper cheques with due respect to the scale of worth they’ve got, we’ll see how much ambition and how much enthusiasm they’ve got for it.

“Right now, what they’ve done is turned an ailing Welsh football club into something people are talking about.

“The other fella [McElhenney], well he carries his bag but Ryan Reynolds is the audience grabber

“Profile carries you so far, in the end you’ve got to know what you’re doing and you’ve got to be prepared to put your hands in your pockets.”

But now a Wrexham fan has called in to make his feelings known about Simon Jordan’s criticism.

Fan: Simon, I really really would like to know where you get off slagging Ryan Reynolds off every opportunity that you get, that man has done absolute wonders for both the local community and my football club without them we would still be stuck in the National League with no hope and no direction

Simon: Agreed, so which part of my observations yesterday in the framework of a conversation where my where my partner in crime over there [Jim White] is trying to suggest to me that the only reason that the EFL has got a broadcast deal in America is because of Ryan Reynolds do you consider that to be me slagging off

Jim White: No I said they wouldn’t have achieved 40% without them

Simon: But I don’t agree, I don’t agree, that’s not slagging somebody off

Fan: Completely do disagree, you look at the man’s followers on on Twitter X whatever the Deadpool movies the money that they generate and he’s put a face to a football club

Simon: I agree but I’m asking where I’ve slagged of Ryan Reynolds

Fan: Rob McElhenney has learned to speak Welsh they have embraced Welsh culture

Simon: What has that got to do with your central observation that because I’ve pushed back against the narrative that I do not believe is accurate I believe the the wow factor of Ryan Reynolds has been remarkable for your football club and the evidence is in front of people’s eyes but when I’m asked the question do I believe the EFL consisting of 72 or 71 other valuable football clubs with a deal that’s just been done with Sky that’s got a 50% increase in domestic rights and the only reason the only reason potentially for a 40% increase is because of Ryan Reynolds I think anyone with any common sense is going to go well I’m not sure I agree with that characterisation which is what I did

Jim: You’re not fond of praising them Simon, Matthew’s got a point I mean there are Americans who come in with a glitzy Hollywood image of course they do and you’re kind of at the back am I not comfortable saluting what they’re attempting to…

Simon: I fully embrace the idea that the beneficiaries of this moment in time are the Wrexham fans and the opportunity for the Wrexham fans what I don’t like to see is the over sentimentalisation, the over emotional reaction from the media about how they’re going to dominate this and what’s going to happen here and what’s going to happen there and I know from experience that there is a difference like the Salford boys are found with Peter Lim as a billionaire behind them that when it comes to League One, you need big pockets and you need big ambitions, and when they’ve done that and they’ve passed that sniff test and Wrexham are sitting in the Championship with an ownership model that’s as committed as it currently is then I will be the first person to give them all the praise that they’re entitled to and I think that’s fair

This is what Twitter users are saying as a Wrexham fan takes issue with Simon Jordan over his ‘criticism towards Ryan Reynolds’…

@BluenoseV: he failed so he doesn’t want them to succeed…which brings us back to curtain number 1: jealousy

@HelenOa09466663: The failed chairman

@1864wrexhamafc: He’s wrong… we don’t see a penny from the documentary directly. Its what it’s brought with increase in fans and commercial deals

@PureWrexham1864: From what I gather Jordans very jealous. So is quick to compare us to other clubs that haven’t gone as well as ours has. he doesnt even want to entertain the idea of us increasing the numbers very quick to judge after what R&R have done so far, considering the job he did at palace

@w00kiee77: With the “greatest respect” to this plonker, he’s significantly under selling the actual investment other than money that both R&R have put into the club & community, which is the huge difference in their appeal worldwide, not JUST USA (which people get fixated on) so 🖕🏻🖕🏻 to him

@JayBex8391: I mentioned this earlier in the day after listening to it live! The absolute wet cabbage between them ears of Jordan! He’s a sour grape that guy! R&R are a great example of club ownership! Ask Jordan how Crystal Palace did under him.. wouldn’t listen to his shit nonsense again.

@tim_wxm: Can’t wait for us to shut this cunt up

@mallers01: Rob and Ryan have always said they can fund us a championship club. It’s into premier league when they may need financial help. Until then, all is good and positive for the club, fans and surrounding area.

@Jonsonton: I can barely listen to the little jumped up sh*t. Our funding doesn’t come from the documentary but from sponsors as we know. How can both him and Danny Murphy think it’s on Netflix not Disney? As if they haven’t watched it. 😂

@patrickpops: I don’t particularly think he’s wrong in fairness, even if it comes across as petty jealously, questions about funding will be asked if we move up the leagues. He doesn’t understand the dynamic of the owners at all, though.

@sam_jeffs: He has a point to be fair. They were concerned that not going up was gonna cost a million. That’s peanuts compared to what clubs need to go through the leagues. You are gonna move up so will be interesting to see just how far they are willing to go

@RichWXM: It’s the basic facts he’s completely out of touch with though. Like how “the bag carrier” is actually the driving force behind it and how the documentary isn’t on Netflix and even if it was, the money from it isn’t propping the club up

@sandyridge17: Jim White and Jordan were biased against Wrexham over the spat with Andy Holt regarding the reduced ticket prices with Accrington Stanley. I’m not surprised this latest slur.

@wxmbh8: Simon Jordan sounds bitter as fuck

@RichWXM: So much crap spouted from @Sjopinion10 here. If you’re gonna have a shit opinion, at least get your facts right first otherwise you just come across as a disrespectful, jealous fool 👍

@boarder_c: Jordan kept backtracking on his backtracks in this. made no sense and moans about nothing.

@1977champs: @talkSPORT @Sjopinion10 @JimWhite fuck me how jealous is simon of wrexham 🙄 Maybe they want wrexham to sustain its self

@triChronicle: May we please bring this back in 3 years time. So he has to shove it up his ass

@lewisMerrill12: I don’t think Simon Jordan is wrong. The investment as we move up the leagues will need to happen. Efl would have got a new deal regardless, but the spotlight we put on the lower end of it through the doc must have helped in one way or another.

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