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‘Wacky, bold, class’ – Bromley let fans vote for third kit designed by supporters

‘Wacky, bold, class’ – Bromley have let fans vote for a third kit which have been designed by supporters for the 2022/23 season.

Like a number of non league sides, there is a kit vote, however on this occasion at Bromley, they gave their fanbase an opportunity to design one and the winner see it come to life.

Whether it’s a concept done digitally or drawn, football shirt creations are significantly on the rise. Some of which are so good that they are approached by clubs. So it’s no wonder Bromley went down this route.

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Earlier in June, the club gave supporters the opportunity to design our third kit for the upcoming season.

All designs were welcome; the brighter, the bolder, the better!

We received 79 different third kit designs and were blown away by the time, thought and care supporters took to creating something special, so we look the part on the pitch for 2022/23.

Club staff went through each design individually before whittling down the amazing range to a Final Six for you to vote and choose your favourite. Supporters’ favourite design will inspire and be incorporated into the print of The Ravens third kit for this season.The winner will be revealed at the official opening of our Jim Brown Club Shop on Monday 11th July,  when we will exclusively unveil our brand-new Kappa Home and Away kits too.

This event is open to all supporters to attend for free. To register for your ticket, please click here.

Not every design could make it to this final stage but each individual who sent a design to us has been thanked and invited (with a guest) to the opening.

So, here are your final six designs to choose from. Take a look and cast your vote by emailing kit@bromleyfc.co.uk with the number of your first (and first only!) choice kit design. Supporters are given one vote each, per their email address. The deadline to cast your vote is Wednesday 6th July. One vote, one kit and let’s see which of these beauties Andy Woodman’s side will wear…

  1. 1) Green and Yellow

2) Pink and Black

3) Orange and Blue

4) Teal Green

5) Navy and Gold

6) Gold, Red and Black

Social media users had their say as Bromley let fans vote for their new third kit designed by supporters…

John Wiltshire: Loving the gold and black… and think the lighting strike will grow (no. 6)

@lukerichards101: That teal green is stunning, will definitely be buying that if it gets chosen!

Donna Hudders: Blue 👍🏻

Danny Brad Cannon: 4 teal green

Steve Denny: No6 for me! The pink one reminds me Dulwich Hamlet

Peter Anderson: some of these are so wacky i couldnt make a choice

Billy Peters:

Joe Hullett: Orange

Alistair Rudkin: Green one

Graeme Martin: Bromley FC The Bowie inspired flash is brilliant. He was a Bromley Boy. Let’s celebrate that. Very media friendly call

Matthew John Baker: Pink and black

Paddyboy Paddyboy: Blue 🤩

harrison13_bromleyfcboy: That pink and black one is nice ⚪️⚫️⚽️🔥💧

facundosganga: The Blue, I like one more similar to Boca Juniors, but I really like the blue

Harry Bird: Teal green for me! Pink is hideous and Is the gold Captain Bromley’s new super hero outfit 🤣

Martin Ramsey: David Bowie for me!

Laith Basmati Rice Al-Ajeel (on the pink and black kit): It has shades of 90s to it, I love it

Georgie Weaver: Big big fan of the teal green

Tony Fletcher: Teal green or the flash. I’m undecided. Definitely not pink, we’re not Dulwich…

Leo Morriss: I like the effort that went into the bowie one. Would love something out of the ordinary

John Wiltshire: Love the gold with the lightning

Will Harvey: That pink and black one is like something ive seen before with some international team

Paul Wildman: Yep, Teal for me too.

Harry Newman: Got to be the pink and black

Ollie Arnold: Loving the bowie one

Eric Sullivan: not being funny, but wtf is that orange one about, not sure how that made it into the final shortlist, too bright, doesn’t work with the crest, yuck

Jason Lee: really into that green and white one for some reason, just something the stands out better than the rest imo, cant see it winning though, the most popular seems to be going towards the teal green, which i can see why

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