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Viewers surprised as Jamie Redknapp leaves Sky Sports studio pundits feeling awkward

Viewers have been left surprised on Thursday night as Jamie Redknapp leaves the Sky Sports studio pundits feeling rather awkward.

The bizarre moment – which saw him randomly burst into song – came after Crystal Palace picked up a goalless draw with Arsenal.

Kelly Cates was presenting for this Premier League clash live from the Emirates Stadium alongside former footballer Redknapp and ex-Arsenal Women’s star Alex Scott.

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Now as usual, you’ll know that the presenters for the televised matches often give a nod to what other programmes are being shown say on Sky Atlantic for example.

Kelly Cates revealed that Bad Boys was available to watch on Sky Cinema, and of course it was a lightbulb moment for Redknapp who thought he was being funny in signing the song.

Redknapp could be heard saying along to the theme tune: “Bad game, bad game, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when it’s not 3-2?”

His singing provided mainly silence, however there were some awkward laughter from those sitting next to him, to which it left Redknapp confused.

Hoping to get more of a response from his silliness, Redknapp added: “Come on Kelly, that was meant to be your line,” to which Alex Scott said: “That’s what that game has done to you.”

Cates then replied: “I’m going to get him a little cup of tea and a sit-down for the next break”.

Somehow, the trio were able to provide some sort of analysis on the bore draw, a result that Roy Hodgson said he’d happily take.

He said after the game: “I’m more than satisfied with everything. I thought our defending was good throughout, we had a particularly good spell in the first half when we created some very good opportunities. In the second half, we perhaps wasted one or two opportunities with the final pass after getting ourselves into a position where we could have produced a pass which could have hurt them.

“But throughout, it was an excellent defensive performance and a fantastic piece of discipline and hard work of the players. I’m very proud of how they’ve gone about their work today.

“It’s very good (to keep clean sheets). I think we’re getting back to where we want to be and it’s nice to go into the next stage of the season with at least 23 points. We haven’t given up the chance yet of getting points at Man City as well, but it’s nice to know there’s healthy gap between us and the teams really fighting at the bottom. If we keep playing the way we played today, I think there are points in the bag for us going forward.

“When you look at the games on paper, which is a foolish thing to do, you are facing two potential defeats in a row against two top teams, so it’s very good we’ve avoided that at least and it will give us some confidence going to Man City that if we can keep Arsenal at bay, we might be able to keep them at bay as well.”

A frustrated Mikel Arteta had his say: “Some freshness and some quality in the final third [is what we were missing]. There were situations where we lacked the last pass or the timing, or the last shot. Probably we had to generate more to be able to win that game.

“I would like to see a win today and score a few goals, and it didn’t happen. There were moments as well that fatigue played a big moment, when we started to give very difficult balls away.

“I cannot fault the spirit, the fight that they put in. They tried to the last minute but it wasn’t enough today.”

The results meant that the Gunners sit 11th in the Premier League table, taking 24 points from 18 games played, whilst Crystal Palace are placed 13th with 23 points from the same amount of games.

As mentioned, viewers were left surprised as Jamie Redknapp leaves Sky Sports studio pundits feeling awkward, check out what they said…

@richardjfee: It’s things like this that make me realise why Louise left him

@Brianomac24: Wouldn’t have done that if Roy was sitting opposite him 😭

@DavidCanning24: 😭😭😭 what a guy!

@DavG_86: Hahahaha class

@djsumpter: Awesome 😭😭

@amakanamz_: LOOOL Harry Redknapp needs to come and collect his son.

@ArmchairQuiz: Now if Souness and Keane could do something similar on Sunday….

@LukeDempsey87: Actually found that funny

@c21attridge95: Has Jamie Redknapp been on the waccy baccy or something? Absolutely off it here but without a doubt this was the real highlight of what was a very dull & forgettable game tonight… #ARSCRY

@FPrestigioso: Should be handed his P45 tomorrow morning for this alone

@bellamy_adrian: Jamie’s taking the piss 😭😭😭

@KovacicKontrol: He’s trying so hard to impress her i rate the effort

@michael_nolan12: That’s absolutely woeful from Redknapp

@raabaman: He’s not wrong. That was a super uninspiring performance by Arsenal.

@dannyricho7: 🤣🤣🤣 Redknapp fantastic

@CianTookey on Jamie Redknapp with an awkward moment on Sky Sports: Awful crack from Jamie

@20_foster20: Boring pundits, boring Match and then that. Embarrassing by sky all round. Redknapp and Scott are borefests.

@ThatChris1209: I am – and I don’t want this written off as overstatement – legitimately furious that this is actually good

@CBHUnique: Harry, come get your son please 😭

@Culturecams: Best bit of entertainment tonight tbf

@umairash11: It’s so bad it’s good lmao

@Callum_Moran10: LOOOOOOOL that is awful from Redknapp

@Joresy1: Blondie didn’t get the banter Jamie man we move tho

@GeneraIAbz: it’s so bad it’s jokes

@Frozzy18: Best thing he’s ever done on sky 😭😭

@liam11: Jamie Redknapp is to football punditry what michael Owen is to… erm… football punditry

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