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Every word Steve Bruce said in shocking explosive rant at Newcastle flops

In this article, we take a look at every word Steve Bruce had said in a shocking explosive rant at Newcastle United flops.

Steve Bruce decided to go on a shocking X-rated rant about some of his squad members following their recent performances of late.

The under-fire head coach admits that his side were ‘Absolute s****’ against Sheffield United, and has given a warning for his “comfortable” players as he plans a big tactical change up.

Steve Bruce hit out at his players, stating that now ‘the gloves are off. I’m going to do it my way’ with the club having one of the worst form in the Premier League.

The Magpies boss issued a surprising response to criticism made towards him after Tuesday night’s 1-0 defeat at Bramall Lane.

The 60 year old says he’s ready to get rid of the defensive back five formation that his squad prefers, and go four at the back to create more attacking threat.


“If I was a supporter, I’d be concerned as well after watching the first half.

“We were absolutely frigging hopeless the other night at Sheffield United, we were absolutely hopeless.

“Absolute *****, we were.”

Unfortunately, in my 18 months here, we’ve thrown that hand grenade in too often for my liking. It all blows up after that.”

In hindsight, I picked the wrong team. I have to accept the performance was nowhere near good enough and take responsibility.”

“In some people’s eyes I was never the right choice. I can understand that”

“But if you look at my record over the years, for being a team that is in the bottom half of the league, then I’ve got enough on my C.V. to make sure I can try and slowly take the club forward. That’s what I’m here for and that’s what I will continually try to achieve.”

“The gloves are off now… I’m going to do it my way now.

“We’re certainly comfortable with the central defenders we’ve got because week in, week out they’re arguably our most consistent players.

“Okay, we’ve played a certain way to try to make sure we get the results that we need.

“It’s pragmatic. But I’ve said from day one the way I wanted to play – more on the front foot. I haven’t done it enough.

“It’s something I’ve toyed with since I’ve been at the club and, for me, to change is sometimes difficult for them.

“We all like being comfortable. I’m going to do it the way I see fit and see where we are.”

He added: “I don’t think all of the criticism is fair, but I understand it.”

“When I took the job from day one it (criticism) has been personal. People out there think I should not be in the job to start with. I have to not get too down with it, I know how quickly it changes.”

“We have been on a difficult run. We’re not alone in that. If you’re in the bottom half you’ll have spells where you don’t win every week.”

“We’re not easy on the eye. I understand that. But have Newcastle United been a good watch for years?”

“They’ve been in the bottom half of the Premier League, that’s the reality. I’m not saying it’s acceptable.”

Fans reacted as every word Steve Bruce said in shocking explosive rant at Newcastle flops is revealed…

@AddingRandomWit: Surely, *surely* he can’t rectify this situation? Position is quickly becoming untenable. What the hell the players must be thinking when they hear him say literally anything.

@DickoNortheast: So after 18months, he’s going to do it his way. whos way have we been doing for the past season & a half then ?? #nufc

@Son_Lyme: Classic Bruce. Whenever he walks into a room Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’ should start playing.

@DayleBarron: He should of done it HIS way from the moment he walked through the door, thats how you instantly grab respect from the players

@davidpick1987: *gulp*. If *that* wasn’t his way then I am frigging petrified what is his way!

@wuds100: The dressing room has definitely been lost.

@ChipperfieldNot: so what’s he being doing the past 18 months?

@Nikos_NUFC: Is this a dig at Rafa? As if he’s been doing it Rafa’s way all this time? If he was able to do it Rafa’s way then we would have looked a hell of a lot better. Fact is Steve, this is your way. As all your previous clubs fans have confirmed too.

@agbnufc_: The gloves are off and he’s doing it his way now…so for 18 months it hasn’t been his way…? Explain? Is it still Rafa’s fault?

@jchaytor16: Been shite for 18 months Steve

@toon_tx: Lmao, “I’m going to do it my way”. After 18 months he’s trying to say he hasn’t been able to like? Ffs the guy has more excuses than a politician

@IanIan11egg: Doesn’t exactly give ya players confidence! Slagging them off to media, when it was your methods they try to follow! Players need hyped up and encouraging! If they haven’t turned on him yet! then they want to now

@nufc42: If he said this his position is untenable. Behind closed doors it might be the time for an honest conversation but to let this out. Hrads gone, dressing room will be gone. About time he was gone. Take responsibility man. Your team, your tactics.

@AnthPatterson: If that isn’t an admission he’s lost the dressing room I don’t know what is. #nufc He needs to go & now.

@chavdinho: Delusional excuse making moron. We’ve had 18 months to get it right, and yet were probably the worst NUFC in living history? Good one Steve, now just f off and jog on

@bobbynufcgibson: He’s showing what he is now. We’ve been this shite since he took over. Can count what can only be classed as decent performances on one hand! ‘The gloves are off’ does that mean we will now get attaching front foot football, shackles off approach. Fuck off 8 at the back again!

@Rob__Shanahan: Chippy tits has lost the plot

@Wayne_Pickard on what Steve Bruce said in shocking explosive rant: “In hindsight, I picked the wrong team. I have to accept the performance was nowhere near good enough”. So which was it? The wrong team or shite players?. Love it.

@nufcoliverr: Ahahaha he’s actually lost the plot

@gazwilla: What an absolute shit house. Imagine what the players feel. Dressing room has gone and relegation is coming. This was obvious when he was appointed. Worst manager I have ever known, ever

@lembo91: Penny’s dropped then #nufc

@C_Johnson26: I’ll believe it when I see it

@_andyyoureastar: What the fuck hahahahahah

@DeanJFord: Unbelievable!! Players want to get together and see the cunt out the door!

@smiley_nufc: Which begs the question, what ‘way’ has it been for the last 18 months then? Absolute fucking charlatan, who’s quite simply robbing a living. Honestly, I put him amongst the most inept, uninspiring, dull and draining managers we’ve had in a long long time. #BruceOut #NUFC

@NufcNufc1: Where’s this come from? He seemed fairly composed in the NUFC TV interview from earlier today. Odd.

@googspops: It’s been the same all fucking season you stupid cunt!!!! FUCK OFF BRUCE JUST FUCK OFF!! Bruce out #nufc

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