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VIDEO: Stockport fans attack Fylde players on pitch and allegedly in dressing room

Stockport County fans have been captured on camera attacking Fylde players on the pitch during their FA Trophy semi final clash at Edgeley Park on Saturday.

The disappointing scenes came as Fylde players – who you could say goaded the home end a few times – celebrated going 3-2 up on the 89th minute, just a minute after County drew level.

Arlen Birch was confronted by an angry fan from the home end before another made it onto the pitch to have a go. One was eventually pushed off the pitch with the other casually walking off.

Watch the heated scenes all unfold in the video below…

That wasn’t the only time a fan invaded the field either as earlier on in the game, yet another Stockport fan legged it on to celebrate one of his side’s goal with the players.

It has also been alleged by The Sun that one of their fans made it into the Fylde dressing room ‘by an internal corridor rather than the main tunnel and was dragged away.’

However a radio host for Stockport County claims he only shouted at the door and that The Sun might be making something up…

AFC Fylde boss Dave Challinor said: “It just shows how big an effect football all over this country has.

“You have one idiot who runs on at Birmingham and all of a sudden now everyone thinks it’s clever to do it.

“It’s wrong, it really is. What you can’t do is say that’s synonymous of all their fans, it’s not it’s just some idiot running on the pitch.

“It’s dangerous, really dangerous, but people just need to self-police. If someone wants to go on the pitch no matter how many police or stewards you have you aren’t going to stop them.

“But we don’t want to go back to where it was 15 or 20 years ago in this country where people are behind fences.”

AFC Fylde chairman David Haythornthwaite was also threatened in the Directors Box, he said: “We were in the lions’ den up there in the directors’ box, we were getting some stick.

“They hate the fact that we are here and we are upstarts and they are an old club and they in theory should be better than us. But in the end we had a smile and shook hands and had a laugh.”


Following the heated scenes of the pitch invaders making it onto the pitch as well as threatening players, social media users took to give their reaction on it, many Stockport fans also felt disappointed with what they witnessed - find out what they had to say on the next page.


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