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Video shows Leeds and Huddersfield fans fighting in middle of street

A video has emerged on social media as it shows Leeds United and Huddersfield Town fans fighting in the middle of a street this weekend.

It took place in the early hours of Saturday morning with the shocking incident shows brawling as well as chairs being thrown on the streets of Mirfield, based in West Yorkshire.

Police officers ended up having to be called over, due to reports of around 20 people having a punch up in Huddersfield Road at around 1am.

The video has since gone viral across various sites, Twitter alone has seen the footage, which is just over one minute long, get over 10,000 views along with plenty of ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’.

According to Yorkshire Live, doormen had tried to put an end to the trouble as police officers arrived to deal with the disorder.

A spokesman for Alexander’s Bar said thankfully no-one connected with the bar had been injured.

The spokesman added: “The trouble kicked off outside the barbers across the road – Town fans and Leeds fans.”

He added that he understood that the group of Terriers fans had been singing abusive songs aimed at Leeds supporters while standing outside the Turkish barbers, which can be seen in the video clip. It then spilled out into the road.

“My door staff tried to stop it. The police were thankful for their help.”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police added that officers were called at 1:10am to reports of 20 people fighting.

When officers arrived, those involved had left the scene. There were no reports of injuries and no arrests.

Of course, fans can’t have their usual banter and scraps in and around the ground, so it seems some have lost their patience and decided to take to the streets instead.

A potential date has been set for when fans are allowed back in ground, which was announced in a daily government briefing a few weeks ago.

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, Oliver Dowden, said there had been “productive discussions” over plans for supporters to begin attending games again, as the Premier League returned on Wednesday with matches behind closed doors.

He told the daily coronavirus briefing: “I would really hope that by the return of the new season, we might be in a position whereby some fans could start to return to stadiums.

“I know that would be another important part of restoring the financial positions of clubs.

The start date of the 2020-21 season has not been confirmed but it is reportedly being lined up for September, as opposed to the usual August start time.

Dowden indicated that fans could return to stadiums before audiences would be allowed back into theatres.

He said: “I understand the need for all of these venues to return with people in them and, indeed, eventually without social distancing.

“But that can only be done if the public health allows it to happen.

“I think you see different scenarios – in relation to stadiums where people are outside and they are much bigger and there is more scope for social distancing, it may be that you could do that sooner.

“I know particularly with the performing arts and theatres, when you are doing that in a confined space there are greater risks there.

The culture secretary also warned fans against gathering around stadiums while matches are going on during the current lockdown restrictions.

“Police have appropriate powers and they will be able to use them as necessary,” he added.

“There is nothing to be gained from congregating outside a stadium.

“The only thing that can happen if you congregate outside a stadium is to put at risk public health.”

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has told talkSPORT: “It is going to be different when the Premier League comes back.

“Fans aren’t going to be in the stadiums. The Premier League won’t be back with a capital ‘B’ until they are.

“There are some early discussions going on about how it might happen.

I think it would be inappropriate to talk about when that might happen.

“But obviously we’re confident that at some point next season there will be fans back inside stadiums, whether that’s on a phased basis remains to be seen.

“But we are willing participants in those discussions, willing to offer our expertise, and us as guinea pigs really, to work out how best it can be done in a safe and appropriate way.”

The Football Association are also having discussions about how fans can return to games as early as September, with Cambridge and Charlton’s stadiums being used as a test ground for supporters returning.

In a statement, the EFL sad: “The EFL is working with the SGSA on a joint project looking at the impact of applying social distancing to football stadia.

“As a result, work is ongoing at Charlton Athletic and Cambridge United that involves modelling the crowd dynamics of two very different football grounds. This will help us measure the potential impact on stadium capacity and better understand how clubs will need to adjust their matchday operations so that as many fans as possible can be admitted in a safe environment.

“The help and support provided by both clubs has been invaluable and will inform future guidance that will go to all clubs once the Government gives the green light for crowds to return to matches. At this stage we do not know when that will be but we continue to prepare for such an outcome.”

Fans gave their thoughts after seeing a video shows Leeds and Huddersfield fans fighting in the middle of a street…

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